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islam allows cousin marriage?

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i have read in the yahoo answers forum that Islam religion allows cousin marriage. i would like to ask, will it be ok if the couples were not an Islam? is it needed that they should be converted into Islam? PLZ REPLY :(

I'm not really sure what you are asking.  Yes, Islam permits cousin marriage.  In fact, cousin marriage is fairly common in many Islamic countries, especially Pakistan and Afghanistan.  But you are asking if the couple is not Muslim?  Well, that's hard to say because most Muslim countries are theocracies, meaning that the religious laws are THE laws of the nation.  That means that any couple can marry their cousin, but can just any couple who does not profess Mohammed as God's prophet, etc., get married there?  That probably depends on the country.  If I had to guess, and this is ONLY a guess, Pakistan officially takes a dim view of Christian marriages (but there are Christians in Pakistan and they do get married).  I would also guess that the Maldives is far more liberal in allowing non-Muslims and foreign nationals to marry on its territory.  I have no idea about their marriage laws as far as cousins are concerned but I would be surprised if they did not permit it (their government is now democratic, which will tend to also make its policies more progressive).

yes. exactly, that's what i mean, if the couples are christians, not muslims. oh i see, thanks a lot for that information.

hey august,
your real question seems to be, where can we go to get married that it will still be recognised when we return to our home country.  I'm sorry I can't answer that as I have zero knowledge of the legal structure in your country.  However, many people go to resorts abroad to get married, maybe you could look into that?  As I've never done it I can't guide you in that process, but to my mind, it seems more feasible than trying to find a religion that you can convert to purely for the purposes of getting married. 
Lori :)

yes.definitely. yeah you're right, i think its really not a good idea. anyway, thanks for trying to help me Lori. this problem almost makes me depressed. huhu.  :cry:


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