Cousin Marriage Resources: The world’s primary resource for romantic relationships among cousins.

Albert and Elsa Einstein
Albert and Elsa Einstein, first cousins

Those romantically involved with their cousin now have an interactive site that is dedicated to providing support and factual information, as well as fostering friendships from around the world. Kissing cousins now have their own site, where they may come to exchange information and advice.

Thus, If you have found this website seeking information about cousin marriages, you have come to the right place. Take a deep breath if you are in the awkward initial stage of it all and grab your favorite beverage. Read through the info section of this website: follow the menu links at the top. Take your time; there is a lot to learn. You may quickly get the impression that this website is biased and even too pro-cousin marriage. This is untrue. This website isn’t even pro-marriage necessarily. With the current obscene divorce rate, a good case could be made that too many people are “tying-the-knot” before they are ready for such a life-changing commitment. Adding a cousin to the already complicated equation of a relationship can make “living happily ever after” even more elusive.

Notwithstanding the additional challenges cousins may face from the outset, this website is full of positive stories of cousins who have long-term, healthy, successful marriages. Although this website’s purpose isn’t to promote cousin marriages, we can’t find a good reason to discourage kissing cousins from taking the next logical step. Finally, please note the chat room and calendar have been moved to our message board. Please join the discussion.