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Canadian Marriage Act: (Federal)
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Degrees of consanguinity which, under the Marriage (Prohibited Degrees) Act (Canada), bar the lawful solemnization of marriage.

A man may not marry his:
1. Grandmother
2. Mother
3. Daughter
4. Sister
5. Granddaughter

A woman may not marry her
1. Grandfather
2. Father
3. Son
4. Brother
5. Grandson

The relationships set forth in this table include all such relationships, whether by the whole or half blood or by order of adoption.

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Article. 37.  Marriages between the following are incestuous and void from the beginning, whether the relationship between the parties be legitimate or illegitimate:

Between ascendants and descendants of any degree; and
Between brothers and sisters, whether of the full or half blood. (81a)

Article. 38.  The following marriages shall be void from the beginning for reasons of public policy:

Between collateral blood relatives, whether legitimate or illegitimate, up to the fourth civil degree;
Between step-parents and step-children;
Between parents-in-law and children-in-law;
Between the adopting parent and the adopted child;
Between the surviving spouse of the adopting parent and the adopted child;
Between the surviving spouse of the adopted child and the adopter;
Between an adopted child and a legitimate child of the adopter;
Between adopted children of the same adopter; and
Between parties where one, with the intention to marry the other, killed hat other person's spouse, or his or her own spouse. (82a)

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Relationships by consanguinity
A man may not marry his: A woman may not marry her:
Mother Father
Daughter Son
Grandmother Grandfather 
Granddaughter Grandson
Sister Brother 
Aunt Uncle 
Niece Nephew 
Great-grandmother Great-grandfather 
Great-granddaughter Great-grandson 

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(in Norwegian)

§3. Forbidden marriages between close relatives.

Marriage between ascendants and descendants in straight line or between siblings are forbidden.
Marriage between adopting parent and adopted child is also forbidden, unless the child is adopted by someone else later, and permission is given by a civil servant to marry the former adopting parent or his or hers relative.

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