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    • Where do I find the article?
    • Please message me too! Talking to you helps me feel less alone. 
    • Omg I'm so sorry. I definitely understand those hurtful words and how bad it can sting to hear them. But again I'll speak from what I would do. He seems to just be honestly scared. Especially if you've guys are inlove and at one point really happy, these words are probably rooted and coming from fear of judgement! It's hard to accept having to understand why they put the family's judgment before our genuine love but it's a really scary feeling. They're afraid and nervous and I really think that causes them to act a certain way. I'm hoping that somehow you guys can rekindle and he comes to some kind of realization and acceptance. Because you guys deserve to be happy, you shouldn't sacrifice the strong feelings you have for eachother for the comfort of others. It's really not fair and I just wish I had more advice to give. But then again I'm still trying to keep things together in my own situation. I'm really hoping that things look up for you guys really soon. And again please feel free to message me, it would be nice to talk to someone dealing with similar issues☺️!
    • Thank you for replying.  After I told him we were pregnant it has gotten pretty bad.😢 At this point I have no idea if we even have a future.  His initial reaction was get rid of it. What if it’s Special Needs? I can’t do this. Then he started freaking out about everyone knowing the baby is ours.  It went so deep that we even talked about me raising the baby on my own and telling everyone I had a one night stand. I melted down after that. How can he allow his fears to justify our baby growing up without knowing her father?  There has to be a way to get through this stigma and for us to just find happiness. This is killing my Soul.😢
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