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    • saan nyo po nakita ung nabasa nyo tungkol sa cousin couple na hindi pinag babawal ng dios ang gantong relasyon?baka po ung nabasa nyo lumang batas ni lord ganun daw po un ng panahon na konti palang tao.hindi mona nga alam kung ano ba talaga ang totoo...
    • sana ibless ni lord na maging ok o matanggal nila na mahal talaga namin isat isa.
    • I will apologize for the length of this in advance. So I am extremely new to this and am looking for advice or even stories from people who have been in similar situations. So I have had a crush on my second cousin from the time I was a teenager (now 35). (His dad and my dad are first cousins and bffs)  I never thought it was ever a possibility and even felt disgusting and wrong for even thinking it. However I still did do the whole daydreaming thing anyway. He works for my fathers company. We worked together for years. Not anymore though. PopHe is actually my dads protégé and everyone loves him. His father has even said to both of us that he wishes his son could find a girl like me. Anyway I have been married and divorced. He was away for a few years and he got home recently. And since he has been back I can FEEL it I’m my bones that he feels a little something, at the very least attracted. So we’ve just acted normal the past few months. But I noticed when he sees me he can’t hold my gaze for too long and gets a little even shy maybe. So I recently quit smoking and one night about three weeks ago I was having a particularly hard craving and I texted him to see if he was around to talk me down from my crazy (he is super calm and chill to my spaz). So I wound up going over and hanging out with him and his dad. It was awesome, we all had a blast over some wine. He insisted I sleep in his bed and he on the couch. I barely slept that night. It was like I could feel an invisible mist floating between us. I could almost feel that he wished he was in the room with me. But nothing happened. So after that we have been texting a good bit. And he is always so complimentary of me and always trying to get me to see myself better.  Finally I could not hold out anymore and I had to know. So when I saw an opening I took it. We were texting and he was at someone house for dinner and I said oh sorry I didn’t mean to interrupt your night out. He said it’s fine I always have time for you. So I took it. I said man I wish me and you could be a thing. And he said aw if you weren’t my cousin I would. So I said “I mean barely. But I get what you’re saying. “ to which he replied “are you just trying to see what I would say or are you serious” I said I’m kind of serious why is that creepy and he said no just let me know and don’t second guess. So it winds up he he also attracted. He is hesitant cause of what people would think and I said that’s not even a thought right now. No one has to know. So we hung out that night. Had an amazing night with some adult time included. So I find myself texting him first a lot. But he ALWAYS responds right away and is very engaged in the conversation. So I went over Friday night and we had a good night again but we were drinking so there was some trouble in that area. Which was fine for me cause I still loved every second. I felt like something shifted though when right before we went to bed and I asked how he felt about this and he said good it just sucks cause again of what people would think. So I got a little feisty and said I don’t care what people think. If the time comes to that who cares. I’m 35 and will do what makes me happy. Anyway it was just. It as comfortable as that first night so I left while he was still sleeping cause I just felt a weird vibe and I wanted to get out of there. So I texted him that I didn’t want to wake him and had to get in work early. He didn’t reply even though he always does. So like an hour later I texted back asking if he was up and sorry for dipping out but didn’t want to wake him. He just said cool. Which is kind of short. So then I say are we good and he just goes yea. Now it’s been radio silence. I am an over thinker to the max and I don’t want to ruin this before it even starts. I never even thought I’d get this far. But I SWEAR he has feelings for me, not just attraction. I want to find out but don’t want to push or rush. He was very let’s go with the flow. I haven’t texted and he hasn’t texted. I’ll if I should wait it out or say we need to talk and be clear on where I stand cause I don’t think I communicated it very clearly. I think he more thinks I was putting it out there like a friends with benefits thing and doesn’t realized I have serious  feeling for him.   I guess I just am looking for people who have been through this. If we weren’t family it wouldn’t be a thing. I just have a gut feeling this is supposed to be but I’m petrified he isn’t feeling that. Anyway any comments would be appreciated. I feel like I am going crazy!! Thanks in advance. 
    • hi po...isa po ako sa nkakaranas bawal na pag ibig...hindi po ako nahihiyang sabihin na nag mahal ako sa first cousin ko dahil ang alam ko lahat naman tayo may kanya-kanyang pinagdadaanan pagdating sa love.pagod narin akong itago kung ano ang tunay kong nararamdaman ako kase ung taong open kung ano ang feelings sa loob ko natuto lang ako maging totoo sa sarili ko ng nag mahal ako sa pinsan ko...basta ipnray kona lahat kay lord at hiningi ko ng mataimtim na dasal sa kanya na kung mali talaga ang rrlasyon namin imulat nya ang mga mata ko sa kung ano ang dapat para sa knya at sana iguide nya ako at matanggap ko ang lahat...ang alam ko sa ngaun mahal na mahal ko sya!😖
    • Yes, have a great Christmas my friend.
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