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    • hi! mark and i stayed home and had rana's family over, but that's pretty much like every other night
    • sounds like so much fun! wish i was enjoying some of nat's mad cooking skills!  
    • Thank you so much ☺. Everything else is fine.   
    • Colorado guy  lol usa mann..what i advised him to do was to not kissy-face his blood cousin..also if she feels the same way he does then it wont be a matter of asking but a matter of doing.also I gave him an example my cousins were horny and ready to kissy-face but with my situation i had an advance made on me but they were underage.I DONT kissy-face KIDS.also I said what your looking for wont be hard to find(high school) and that when they get older idk how I'll respond..well now that they are older i fight the urges to kissy-face by masturbating cause thats better then us having sex as cousins..also now she is trying to kissy-face my other cousin(male) they just met again and they made out and groped each other.but i gave my male cousin(only one year older then my blodd cousin)the heads up of how she was and guess wat they didnt kissy-face but they plan to and she still wants to with me but i love my relationship with my aunt more then kissy-faceing a whore...my excuse was age and that I will not act out the fantasy as ive advised this guy except now there older.........now explain to me how that is disrespectful to women??I had the oppurtunity to the pop the cherry on a coupla virgins but I'm not a pedophile so that didnt happen with my cousins either???I'm lost dude.😂😂😂
    • I’m not sure what country you’re in, Guy45, but I’m gonna guess it’s not in North America or Europe. At least I hope it’s not. In my opinion and world view, those things you advised show disrespect for women. I married my first cousin and think the world of her. I did not marry her sister, obviously, but if any man did to her the things you’ve described here, I would think very little of whatever is left of him after she beat that nonsense out of him.