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    • for the record, pooch needs a head goring even worse than i do. ask anybody. wait. i just threw pooch under the bus. Sorry man.
    • hey pooch, glad you can see what i can see.  The OP says she can handle her own. Let's see if she comes out swinging 😂😂😂
    • I can see a contradiction here. Either you are wrong or your husband. So, are you lazy or not?? If I ask your husband why does he think that you are lazy, I expect him to say to me that he expects you to be like a lawyer working for 60+ hours a week. Am I correct? 😅   Pooch
    • You are too young to be thinking about relationships and love! Your best bet is to become good friends with her as Ambra and Commander said and see if you both feel same way when you both reach high school. Trust me when I say that you two will be very different people in just a couple years. I don't know of any couple from my circle or other classmates who were together together since middle school and lasted into adulthood. It's very rare because you change so much in your teenage years. For now focus on developing friendships and your world view. Everything else will take care of itself in time, my friend!
    • In a few weeks, I will be back in school. I am going to finish my masters if it kills me. I only have about a year left. A year of grunt work! I will be paying for the last year of tuition out of pocket. I may stick a few unobtrusive ads on here until I finish school. You guys can help me buy ramen noodles and tea. I think I need to upgrade to coffee for real. I can't find any legit 2nd flush Darjeeling anyway. I would even be satisfied with some good Nepal teas. I digress.  I am trying to convert the main pages into Wordpress format before I run out of time.
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