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  2. I love my second cousin. What do i do

    How do I handle the situation
  3. I love my second cousin. What do i do

    Hey my cousin is 3 months older then me I've had a crush on him since I was like 7. While we where taking a lunch brake on Sunday from taking pictures we was outside cuddling on our nana's patio swing and he kept kissing my forehead and my cheeks. What does that meen? Note we're like 13.
  4. I love my second cousin. What do i do

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  6. What an incredibly supportive and amazing group! Please forgive my intrusion. My name is Beth and I'm a features writer with That's Life - a national magazine that tells real-life stories in Australia and New Zealand. We share unique love stories in the first person and in a completely non-judgemental way. All of our interviewees receive full copy approval. I'm posting as I'd love to find an Aussie or Kiwi couple who'd be willing to speak to me. I think that it's really important that we tackle the stigma associated with dating/marrying your cousin. It is, after all, completely legal! The only way we can do that, though, is by people coming forward to share their stories, openly and candidly. If you are interested, please drop me an email at bethany.young@pacificmags.com.au. Thanks very much, Beth
  7. How Do I Tell My Family?

    Hi there, Knowing that you are still in high school and your cousin-bf is in college is already sufficient. Anyhow, how come your mom is out of the picture? Is it because she approves or is it because you think that she is not going to be a 'problem'? You see, I think it's should be that both your mom and your dad should approve. However, I do think that that's the least of your concern at this point. You know why I said that? It's because him being your cousin is not a huge factor at this point. If I am not going to be mistaken, he is your first boyfriend. Am I right? You mentioned that you told him that you guys should never speak again. What did he say? How did he respond? And most important of all -- what is your current status now? Like, are you guys still together or have you guys broken up...? What's the situation? You guys are 9 months and still going? Or did you guys cool off? Let me know. Wishing you the best, Pooch
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  9. How Do I Tell My Family?

    Yeah.. It is really cool to be anonymous and stuff.. We all are, yeah... I will say he is in college and I am in high school.. I really want my father's blessing (my mother's out of the picture) and I really want to have relatives for my future family but I'm just so scared they'll hate us.. At one point I told my cousin we should never speak again just because I know how much his family means to him.. They've mentioned many times that cousins marrying cousins are disobedient and disgusting.. To which I have spent many nights wondering if we really should be together.. It's hard ya know? Sorry I kinda just spit all that out lol..
  10. How Do I Tell My Family?

    Hey, don't worry about it! You are anonymous here. I don't know you... and you don't know me. That's the beauty of this forum. Unless you reveal yourself, there's no way anybody will know who you are.. Know what I'm saying? But even with the anonimity, I do hope that I can relate to your situation and to whatever that you guys are going through.. After all, we are in this kind of unique relationship.. You know? But then, if you really don't want to say how old you guys are, then it's up to you.... I just thought I should ask.. When I asked if you guys are still studying, I asked that because the sound of your post seems like you guys are still under your parents roof -- in which from that I deduced that either you guys are still in high school or college. But then of course that's a long shot! lol. To a culture like mine for example, I highly value my parents blessing regarding my relationship and so I really take good consideration of them. Pooch
  11. How Do I Tell My Family?

    Hi Pooch, Uhm I don't know how comfortable I am with that, although I will say there is quite an age difference between him and I.. May I ask what you mean by "still studying"? Thank you very much Pooch. ~Rave.~
  12. How Do I Tell My Family?

    Hi Young and Afraid, Welcome to the forum. My situation is the same....except that I am the guy. May I ask how old is he and how old are you two? Are you guys still studying? Hopefully it gets better on your end, Pooch
  13. How Do I Tell My Family?

    My name is Rave.. I don't feel comfortable sharing my age nor my real name.. I'm a girl.. And I'm in love with my 1st cousin. He knows and he reciprocates the feeling. All is well.. Him and I have been together for about 9 months and we're doing really okay. We've talked about our future and where to move and where to marry.. Our only problem is our family. My father is his mother's brother.. My aunt is his mom and his uncle is my dad. Anyways, we disagree a lot on how/when to tell our family. I say we straight up tell them and hope for the best but prepare for the worst. He says we should just run and drop contact. I don't know what to do because now it's a sore subject for both of us. I wish I knew our family would be accepting. But honestly I think they'll hate us, I just don't want to live in fear and constant curiosity of how it would go.. Am I wrong? Any advice on what I should tell them when the time comes? Thank you, ~ Rave.~
  14. Important pt II

    I think LadyC may be on to something when it comes to the media. I'm definitely not that guy (for a lot of reasons, especially #s 2-4 - I'm over 40, overweight, Ginger, and don't care for television - done it and didn't like it... looked stupid). But in any case, yes, some meaningful media may be useful. To that end, perhaps we should take a different approach altogether... I'd be willing to invest some time building a WordPress for the "static" content and then we could use that same platform for a couple of articulate "bloggers" to write some real articles and publish them right here. As for the maintenance of the site going forward, I've considered whether we should/could start a non-profit foundation that would fund the site and other related educational activities, but those usually require a public-facing spokesperson and I'm not sure such a thing can legally exist with a totally pseudonymous board of directors. KC, the car mechanic analogy is a good one. This site is a labor of love but from my side of it, I think it's more like those really nice bushes that grow up in front of the windows of the house; they can look really nice if pruned and maintained but even when they get really shaggy and grow higher than the top of the windows, they're still alive. We're breathing, boss!
  15. Legal question for the state of Texas

    Wow! I really need to get out there and get to know more of my family. LOL!
  16. Important pt II

    this would be a good time to become more media friendly... but who is willing to be the spokesperson? i've done my time on that end LOL. i'm too old, fat and ugly to fit the demographic they look for anymore. what the media wants is someone who: is in a romantic relationship or a marriage with their cousin is under 40 slim and attractive willing to appear on national television sometimes the media is willing to bend a little on those, but those are the basic guidelines for what they look for. as for membership, there could be an annual option too, with maybe a price break. but what we need to know first is a ballpark figure of how much it costs per month to keep the site running... so if you can tally up the annual fees and divide it by 12 and add a couple extra dollars in there for your TIME, it will give us a starting point.
  17. Legal question for the state of Texas

    depends on the size of the ancestral family! i've got some first cousins twice removed that are pretty close to my age! but my mom was the youngest of 12 kids... wait, now that i'm trying to pinpoint a few of them, i'm re-thinking that. most of my contemporaries are first cousins once removed. but all the twice removed are adults with kids of their own now so it just doesn't seem like that big of an age difference i guess.
  18. Important pt II

    Thanks for all of the suggestions for keeping this site financially sound. When I started, I was dead against charging members a penny, but over the years the costs and upkeep just keep mounting. I am putting on my "Boss" hat for a moment. I must be decisive sometimes. I have nearly ran the site in the ground by putting it on the back burner while I was in school. In keeping with the original spirit of cc.com, I am trying to find a way not to charge those that may not have the expendable monies. That means two things : 1} we that pay will pay a hair more. 2} there will be an imposed subscription fee starting soon I'm sure we can keep 80 percent of the site fee and open. We will see how many support us before I can give a firm answer. It's still possible that we will not get the needed support and end up with a read-only site. We are funded through the next year thanks to a generous administrator. I will not be waiting, however, to implement changes to shore up our beloved website. I have a few questions that will be very helpful when going forward. "Cousincouples.com" should never be on your receipt. Many of you have expressed concern about this. How many refuse to use PayPal? Would "kc education group" be acceptable on your receipt? Remember you can get these disposable visa gift cards so if it's not critical. finally, what is the max you would pay for a monthly membership? What if you could get "forbidden relatives" at a discount with with your membership? Sorry I am writing this with my phone. The problem is that sites are never finished with. This website needs a good 40 - 60 hours of work at the moment. Sometimes I feel like a car mechanic who refuses to change his oil because he's not getting paid. Lol. It is nice to get paid. I would not mind getting a few wooden nickels just to keep this website updated. And now maybe I am dreaming, but it would also be nice to have finding to keep the wiki updated. we need to leverage this website to the Max and maybe reconsider how we interact with the media. Ideas?
  19. I am a lesbian and love my female cousin

    Willeke, which part do you believe is harder for your parents and family? That you're cousins or that your lesbians? I ask this with all sincerity because I honestly am curious about the dynamic and whether one "taboo" has greater influence than the other.
  20. Legal question for the state of Texas

    First cousin twice removed? I'm curious if that's a correctly calculated relationship since it usually implies a significant age difference (first cousin of a grandparent/grandchild of a first cousin).
  21. can parallel cousin Couples have a Healthy child

    The answer, as with all couples, is, "it depends". Do either of you, your siblings, or parents, display any negative recessive traits? As mentioned above, there is a slightly elevated statistical risk but the actual risk depends entirely on what's "under the hood". My wife and I are also parallel cousins to sisters and have two perfectly healthy children, but that's anecdotal. No matter who you marry or have children with, there are risks. That's part of life. How you choose to evaluate and mitigate those is up to you but you can never eliminate them all, no matter what. Best wishes, CM
  22. NAT!!!!

    Are you still on facebook? You can message me there. I will message you my phone number.
  23. NAT!!!!

    Hi Roma - yes, I'm still here I can't figure out how to send a pm from this site - me and my computer are no longer very compatible LOL KC and Hawk know how to reach me. HUGS Nat
  24. Cousin Couples from the Philippines let's unite here

    Hi Pooch... he does not adapt my culture at all. I have to adjust... I just think what is best for my kid..that’s all matter to me.. actually he is not makulit.. his very helpful around the house and we both enjoy outdoor. I am a soccer mom too.. I’m his cheerleader. Lol!! Happy Valentines everyone in this forum!! ❤️❤️ I could still bitter about the V day..but heyyy! It’s just another day that will pass.. Kulasa Manila
  25. I see.. If that's the case, then just work on what you have... Mabait naman ba si Mister mo (kahit papaano)? Kamo hindi Pinoy, does he adopt naman ba sa Filipino culture (or at least try to adopt)? Or mahirap? 3rd/4th grade na pala anak mo. Naguumpisa na maging makulet iyan. lol. 4 years na lang, teen-ager na.. Mabilis lang ang panahon.. Pooch
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  27. My cousin matt

    Well, for starters is your cousin also gay? Wheather or not you are gay or straight is not something you can change. If your cousin is not gay, nothing you feel for him will make much of a difference. However, if you know your cousin is gay or bi-sexual, only then do you have a potential path to what you desire. But as @LadyC said, you really have not provided us with enough information to give you any advice.
  28. Cousin Couples from the Philippines let's unite here

    Hi Pooch, 9 yrs old ang anak ko. Yung tatay matagal na kami civil lang. Di siya Pinoy. Yeah, agree ako sa yo..I rest my case dun sa pinsan ko. Kaya nga naghiwalay na kami agad.. I don’t regret at all, there is always a reason why we crossed our path..his part of me even just for a while..and things never the same anymore..that experience change me.... “love to blame “??? But I know I will get over it.. very soon. Manila Kulasa
  29. NAT!!!!

    Nat, you around here?? I got a new computer and don't have the messenger we used to chat on. Send me a pm on here or I can b reached on facebook. I assume you are still on there. Hope this finds you doing well!
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