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  2. To be honest personally I think I could look past what people think. I just don't know if she can. And I can't blame her for that. People looking down at you and telling you what you doing is wrong and sick is never an easy thing to get past. I try to bring it up sometimes but it usually gets avoided probably because she sees it as an impossibility. If it wasnt for other people this would be a lot different more than likely.
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  4. I am in a some what similar spot, read my recent post. All i can say is come clean with her. My cousin did with me thank heavens, cause i dont think i would have had the guts to do it myself. I am still scared about what family and other people may say when they find out, it scares me, but it scares me more to think of not being at his side as his partner. We are currently in the planning stages to become a family unit, as he also lives states away.... All i can say, really, since i also have my own fears and questions, is it may take you bringing the topic up, to open the gate.. as i know if he did not be so open with me, we may still be doing the i love you more then as a cousin side step.. I hope that helps......
  5. I will try to keep this short :) As you read thru, know that i am looking for advise. We are first cousins, My mother, is his fathers sibling. We are in our early 30's. I have been married but now divorced mother of 2 young children, he is never married no children. We live in 2 different states, 2500+ miles away. We were both very close growing up, spending all our summers together, as we lived in two different states, till we were 14ish. During this time we formed a bond, he was there for me in ways that simply cant be understood by most. We had a very "friendly" grandpa and I was his "favorite" for almost 15 years. Our last summer together, we would stay up late talking about how we wanted to run away together, how we wished we weren't related, yes we were young but there was something there for both us. His parents divorced that summer and with that we slowly drifted apart. Fast forward 20 years. I am sitting on my couch, having a glass of wine, just put my kids down for bed, when i my phone starts to go off. It is messages from him. He found me via social media. We texted that night for over 4 hours. Like no time had passed, filling each other in on the missing 20 years, towards the end, he asks if he can be open with me. I of course say yes, To which, he simple says, for the last 20+ years you have always been my first thought when i wake up in the morning, i picture your smile and how you always seemed to be "my safe place", i no longer think what we have is wrong. I paused for a few minutes re reading this over and over. I simply replied, you took the words right out of my mouth. As, i grew up i would always ask my mom if she knew where he was, how he was doing etc and she had also lost contact with her brother, so she did not know. We continued to text for several weeks, then mid text one night he facetime'd me, he said he had to see my face, my smile, hear my voice, we spent the next 4 hours, smiling, crying, talking about what we have been searching for in life partners, but in the end, no of them compared to each other. His voice, smile, and how we could end each others sentences, how we know each other like no other.... it led to us sharing a intimate moment together via facetime of all things lol We talk and text everyday, He is on my mind even more now then before. Last night he told me, there is no one else for him, but me, And i feel the same. He told me he will give up everything, we can move to a state that will legally let us be a family, start a new together. I cried, that is what i want more then anything. My kids father is completely out of the picture, so me moving is not an issue and our employers will let us work from any location. But i know doing this, i will loose my extended family. That is my only pause. but i feel like this is our chance to finely be happy. we have both been thru so much, no one else can understand. I just booked a trip to spend a week with him at his place, as a first step. Since i am mother first, i need to move slowly my children come first in all things. But at the same time, we feel robed of 20 years and dont want to miss anymore time. Our close friends will understand, we are both very open minded people and so are our close friends. A very, you do what ever makes you happy, social norms or not. He wants me to meet his best friend the first day i am there, not as his cousin, but his partner who just happens to also be his cousin. Part of me still thinks, no one can know we are related we dont look alike at all so this should be easy, what will people say, we both want more kids, what happens if we have children together.. my mind is running thru a million things at once. But when i take a deep breath, i know this is simply not a lust issue, there is something there, something neither one of use can explain. 1) Is it OK to feel as we do? 2) Are we moving too fast? Or should we just let this flow as it will? 3) How can we navigate coming out to family? Knowing we will most likely be shunned. I am scared, scared that this may come out and the backlash from our families and society but even more scared to spend anymore time without him by my side......
  6. I did get the new server up and running! I've had some problems with this forum software for about 6 months now with a few errors. I think I got them. Wait and see. I did lose some of the pictures/images because I was running out of 4G! I was visiting my dad. I'm not sure I'm going back with my roommates anyway, They speak to you like you are subhuman. I can tell you the server is great, and for the next week, everything is on sale --- domains at cost and hosting is 50% off forever if you shoot me an email before Next Tuesday. I even accept Bitcoins! I also have the very expensive SSL certs on the cheap. I have them free too. At least go check out a domain name. They will not last forever. Even if you don't want a website now, you may in the future and you can use the domain name now as a for your email? Everyone in your family could even have one. We have tons of new extensions out now like .xyz, .club, .online, .life, .today, .shop, .store, .solutions, .world, .live ... ... Maybe it is too much to ask, but if anyone has a lightweight laptop I would like to consider it. Even if the power cord is missing or the monitor is busted, I need something mobile sometimes. I am also looking for an intern for the first two weeks. up to a month while I get the hosting biz off the ground. I owe well over 100K to colleges. And what is an internship? It is an avenue that could take you somewhere, but I can't make any firm promises about that. But you would work at home, and if you love tech /customer support you will love it. In your free time, you will have lots of time to shake things up a bit. So drop me a resume and a cover letter. I only ask that you do not drink within 24 of any shift. Some people can get away with being high. Fine and dandy, but do that on your own time. Although I plan on teaching you through long distance, I must be able to trust you. This person must have some programming experience, and/or graphically talented, and understand Wordpress inside and out. I prefer at least a 2-year grad in any field but not necessary for the right candidate.
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    Everything is slipping away

    This isn’t going to be what you want to hear, but my opinion is that you should get out of this relationship. It sounds abusive and harmful. I wonder if the fact that you are cousins is making you accept unacceptable behaviour. In many ways cousin relationships are like any other... you need love and trust. I’m not hearing anything about this in your story... Sorry 😐
  9. I don't mean to be negative, but TBH, from your post, I don'e see anything from her that isn't just cousins? Ok, so maybe the massage request was a bit much... but she is young. If I were you I'd try to stop focussing on it while you're still so young and move on. I've spent 35 years in love with my cousin - I had a lot more to go on in the beginning, but Im still waiting and it's been extremely painful. My advice would be, if you can, move on. Sorry x
  10. Hi guys, I'm new to all this cousin stuff. Im from the UK so im well aware of the legal issues on cousins. To cut a story short, ive always had a hunch that my cousin has liked me since we were young, but these past 4 years i think that shes been dropping hints that she likes me. Im 23 and shes 18, i know thats quite an age gap but the thing is, she is exactly like me when i was that age. We often acknowledge our similarities and we are both always a little shocked at how much we are the same. I should cringe at this but ive never really felt a real connection with anyone until recently. Ive had many girlfriends, but there was never a fulfilling feeling of being with them. but anyway ill cut to the story. On odd occasions my cousin will ask me to go out and i will always say yes, but if i cant i will always rearrange to see her. When we first starting hanging out she would want me to tickle her arms, so basically she was very touchy feely with me. Then a year passed and she got a boyfriend which i was totally fine with but then they split up and we started hanging out abit more, she seemed more shy around me and was alot less touchy feely. Eventually she got another boyfriend and hes a really cool guy we get on, earlier this year she asked me to go round to her house for a massage and she asked to do a full body massage on me, i said no because i didnt want to feel awkward so i ended up just going with a back massage. she was wonderful at it she is amazing at massaging, but i couldnt help but feel a little aroused by it. so anyway i just put that to the back of my head and thought nothing of it because shes my cousin right? Anyway, when we go out as a family to a meal or something, i always catch her looking at me with such a beautiful grin after shes told a joke, even if im sat doing nothing while everyone is talking, i look over at her to catch her staring at me, we lock eyes and oh man does my heart race. It feels like we are the only people in the room. But this week we went to town and we got drunk, while we was out she was telling me that she gets more energy when there's more people and i understand that, so she invited one of her lad mates out. Before he arrived, baring in mind that she has a bf, she was telling me how nice and hot he was, which is what you do at 18 haha. I was looking forward to meeting him, we got on and he mentioned that he wanted a smoke. so i said we could go back to mine because my parents were on holiday and she was really up for that. so this lead me to think that she wanted to get with her friend. When we arrived at mine we had a smoke, watched a few films and just generally had a good night then i said i was going to go to bed. as i was going up she asked me for a t-shirt to wear to bed, i was drunk and i took mine off and just chucked it at her as a joke. She laughed and said thanks, so she went off to get undressed and put my tshirt on. when i was in bed she messaged me and asked where i was sleeping, i said in my room and laughed. then we carried on talking but i cant remember what about, but i remember her saying "Let me have a nap first". at this point i was so tired i just fell asleep. eventually i woke up at 3 and could not get back to sleep, so i got up brushed my teeth and went to the living room. she came downstairs curiously in my tshirt so i presumed she slept in it and i asked her if she had done the deed with her friend. she laughed and said no as if it was gross. i was abit confused by this, but then it hit me. Was she downstairs with me at 3AM to finally admit to what she was feeling? I went so quiet i didnt know what to do and i felt a sense of tension between us, she said she was going upstairs to put her phone on charge and i told her to come back after. She did come back but she only sat with me for about 10 mins before going to wake her friend up so we could all sit downstairs together. anyway this is where it gets confusing, i try to message her and she will talk to me for a short while but its always a short while, i dont know if she feels awkward with me, honestly im so lost. I have no idea what im feeling, what shes feeling i just need your guys opinions on the matter. are these obvious signs shes giving me or am i just getting the wrong end of the stick? If you need more info just ask :). Cheers Guys.
  11. I accidentally used a cuss word and it changed it to holy crapoly. I haven't heard that in awhile.
  12. • We've known each other since I was 5 and she was three. She lives out of state and just happened to be at my great aunt's. We didn't start talking everyday until I was 12 and she was 9. And every day until now we've talked, which now I'm 25 and she's 22. I say talked because she lives in a state over. She is my first and probably only best friend. Out of everyone I know, she comes out on top. I've never had an attachment to anyone this strong, ever. I wish I could give her everything she deserves. I wish I could make her life better. She's been looking for the right person forever and can't seem to land a good person. She is the only girl I have ever and will ever love. My stubbornness and feelings are probably why I never moved on when I thought she changed her mind on us being that way a lot because she's admitted she feels the same way. I have never and will never want anyone else. And to my shame it weighed on me so much and it keep getting brought up that I avoided her some days. It wasn't her fault, it was mine. I just didn't know how to say, I was in love with her and not make it awkward, weird, and sad as hell because at the time I thought she saw me as more of a brother. Not knowing if my feelings would be reciprocated played a factor as well. That last on actually scared the living hell out of me. And when I'm scared, I keep quite. I'm what you would call a useless man, if you could even call me a man. I keep thinking she could do a hell of a lot better, because she really could. I was just trying to look past my wants and needs and focus on hers. She needs a financially supportive partner, I am not that. Me thinking like this is the reason I never spoke out about my feelings often. I would throw a hint here and there, or someone else would bring it up, but the conversation would never go anywhere go anywhere. But that's how it's always been. My life has a way of dangling my dreams in front of me, then slaps me with it and and says I can't have it. I just can't take not having anything anymore. I get enough to suffer, that's about it and that's how I know it will be until I die. But even if it some how miraculously happened would we be happy or just sad? Why...just why did we have to be related? Does life enjoy torturing me to the very end? Constantly giving me hope that maybe we could be, then spitting in my face. I just want her to be happy. This situation is one of the main reasons why I'm always depressed and sad it's because my damn soulmate is my cousin. I've witnessed proof of this time and time again. We like the same things, we think the same things so much we are literally saying the same things at the same time all the time, and we enjoy simply taking to each other for literally hours a day for 13 years. I would chop a certain part off and stick the wound in fire ants just to have a chance to be with her. Doesn't even have to be a sure thing, just a chance. I want to be with her so bad it hurts. I hurt when she hurts, I hate hearing her down there so unhappy, knowing I can't do a damn thing to help her because I'm ao useless. I wish I could be everything she needs and wants. I wish I could give her what she wants, when she wants. I wish we weren't family so we could be a family. But that will probably never happen, because we're cousin's. I can't even think of suicide (I'm a coward when it comes to that so don't worry) because she keeps talking of killing herself if I die, and that scares me worse than my own death. I don't want her to kill herself over me. I just want her happy. But we never are. I just love her so much. Is that really so repulsive to society? That is the only thing stopping us. What people would think. And it does help the fact that people relentlessly remind me of it by teasing us, because even they can see how close were are. I just wish I could have this one piece of happiness but life denied it in the worst way and now I'll never be able to love again. You may say I will but you don't know me. I've been stuck on her for over a decade they rest or my life seems worth it. She says I will too but I know I won't. Trying to find love somewhere else just seems wrong and I don't want to. That's why I've accepted that I'll die alone because if it's not with her I don't want love. Doesn't stop it from hurting like hell though. I've used to cry nightly over this but know I just fall in a depression pit and only cry every so often because I'm used to emotional pain now but I'll be damned if it makes me stop talking to her or anything. I've got too few friends for that and she's the oldest and most precious one. I just wish there was some way to be with her. But keep on dreaming I guess. I don't get along with very many girls. Just her actually. So I'm positive I'll die alone without love. I can't be with anyone else. My mind won't let me. I've had a few encounters with other girls but everytime it gets to the point of them try to flirt with me I feel guilty. Like even them saying stuff like that to me is a betrayal even though we aren't that way with each other. And I can't and don't want to change that. Because to be honest I would rather die lonely than be with someone else. Sorry about the bad, repetitive writing and the 'woe is me' story. I just have literally no one else to talk about this to.
  13. BarelyFunctioning

    Everything is slipping away

    Sooooooo here goes. My 1st cousin (ak) have been sleeping around behind my baby's mom's(bm) back for almost 2 years. I love bm for giving me my daughter. But I knew Before pregnancy that it wasn't meant to be. Ak and I spent so much time around each other that one thing led to another. She is my best friend, the one I wake up thinking about. The one that's amazing with my daughter. She suffers from BPD and is addicted to opiates. Recently. It came out she didn't want to be #2 anymore. But as I pushed bm out. The fighting between ak and I got worse. Bm saw a recording of us and left with my daughter. And ak I had recently learned had posted some info on public websites that made it seem like I'm just a sick incestual pervert. But still has sex with me. But also negatively tells ppl about me. I know she isb embarrassed that her 3 kids or family might find out . Her kids r young adults. And I know she loves me. But some personalities do not. The sex is amazing. The fights are hurtful when we do and it is bliss and awesome when we get along. After my bm left with my kid and ak and I r in a bad fight not 2 days after. I'm a broken man. And don't know what to do
  14. lmknjbhvgc

    Advice about moving on

    I don't know married or not, but them two living together is not any different. I don't bother him at all and I do not expect anything or think about my future. You get hurt only when you keep high hopes (like being together one day). No need to stress over something which is uncertain. If it happens it happens.
  15. mariamm

    Advice about moving on

    Hey thanks for your supportt !! and YES!! my mum ALWAYS updates me about how he is happy and successful he is with his frenchie wife ( she doesnt know what happened) and i have to act liikke idc but inside i have mixed emotions. but atleast its good to know i will never see him again in my life. Gurl at least yours isnt married, i know this will sounds cheesy but it helps keep me with finding self- peace, if its meant to be the universe will work it ways to make it happen. i guess now that i blocked him completely from my life its easier.
  16. lmknjbhvgc

    Advice about moving on

    Is it possible i will move on like he did? yes! Why not? Infact you can be happier than him. He is stuck and maybe feels miserable and he get away with his feelings by blaming you. You don't have to feel bad about yourself, he decided to get married that was his choice. You can still enjoy your feelings for him, you know how it feels. You don't have to share them with anyone or even him. I have a quick question for you and be honest, is there anything like; his messages, a family member talking about them, or just anything, that triggers your feelings? If so, then it's not bad to fancy your cousin. But, when it happens then just keep this in mind that he is married and don't expect anything good from him. My cousin is also in a relationship, my feelings for him are on and off. Feelings are strong only when they are mutual, since he is with someone else so it's not the same. Anyhow, I 've been single for a long time, I m just too scared to trust someone or someone. You can do It, don't give him the power to ruin your mood and feelings. I hope this helped.
  17. mariamm

    Advice about moving on

    Im sorry if this is a long story. Throughout my childhood I always met my cousin every summer vacay and he was like a best friend. During our teens we lost contact then we started talking on facebook for a year and discovered that we had feelings for each other.That summer of that year we were both 18, we reunited in our homeland(we both live in diff countries) and we were both so happy and excited ,he would always message me and ask where I was so he would come see me. Even just talking to each other we were so happy and our convos would never end in family gatherings and eventually our families knew. Both of us are not religious because I was born and raised in canada and he was born and raised in france but our families in our country were, so they wouldnt let us be alone together or even talk. even though we both knew it was forbidden(no relationships before marriage), we still kissed and made out every time we had the chance and we were alone. Summer ended and he went back to france and i came back to canada, we promised we will keep in touch and that he will come to canada and we will get married, he talked about it to his father ( my uncle), that was the plan. When I came back to canada it was my first year in uni, i met guys and dated a few and i partied alot and eventually i broke up with him. He never gave up he would always try to call me , message me and tell me he would give me a second chance. I knew I loved him deep down and was the only guy i loved, my first kiss and everything but i was denying it and i was convinced he would never come and tht he cheated on me cause he was always telling me and sending me screen shot of girls that want him. He kept messaging me for two years to keep in touch and i never messaged him first he always did, but when he did it meant the world to me. Fast forward two years of being apart, we were both 20, he decided to get married and he did to a french girl. I heard from my mum not him. A part of me died when i heard the news because i thought somehow we will eventually end up together.During his marriage he would still message me telling me he still has feelings for me and asked me to never lose contact with him ,to never forget himm, and that he will visit canada (cuz he worked and has enough money saved) and that if i get married he doesnt want to hear it and he wished i was his wife but he would also tell me he is happy with his wife.fast forward 2 yer later, our grandmother passed away, me and him messaged each other and it helped us heal together then he started telling me that he misses me. I am happy for him that he is happy but now i have to look after myself, i still only want him and i havent even kissed or been with a guy for years cuz i only think of him.I decided to block him of all social media, i know it will hurt him but he moved on i didnt, i need to help myself now, is that selfish of me? i hate keeping in touch with him becaause he always starts talking about our past and at times he would get frustrated and tell me its my fault that we didnt work out and we would have been so happy together. i hate and i cant hear that thats why i blocked him. i hope he understands. its been 4 years since i saw him but i love him that as much as that first time and i always think about the maagical moments we had together, is it possible i will move on like he did? i feel like i want to explode because i cant talk to anyone about it
  18. esmeralda79

    Cousin Couples from the Philippines let's unite here

    Hello guys kumusta kayo?
  19. I wanted some tips and wanted to ask if its good or not i am a boy you can ask me questions. if u need more information
  20. lmknjbhvgc

    Should i let go , How to deal with rejection?

    O.o don't worry, everything will be okay. Try not to bother him at all, the more you chase him the more he is going to run away from you. Now it does not mean that if you stop chasing he will come back to you. Well you should be happy that he is honest with you and didn't lead you on. It sucks to be rejected and this is the reason despite knowing my cousins number and email, I don't contact him. It's better to leave certain things unsaid than to repent later on. You should see your doctor for your depression, anemia and vitamin deficiency also causes depression. Primarily find what's causing your depression. Hope it helped!
  21. Please read this, I know it's long and I know I have issues. OK, I like my cousin, she's really cute, a little bit younger than me 6 years but still. I don't care if she likes me back or not because we can't do anything anyways, and I wouldn't want to either but it does bother me not knowing because I don't want her to think things etc etc, kind of hard to explain. Her and her family come visit from way out of town every 1-3 years for a month. She's quite shy, so she rarely ever starts conversations and doesn't speak too much when in a conversation but enough to talk. I'm shy myself, so I don't start conversations either but I do talk a bit when someone else starts the convo. All this meaning, we don't talk much but she does laugh at some jokes and comments I make etc etc. This is where the smallest thing makes me paranoid. This year when they came, the minute they came into our house, we say hi's, long time no see etc. Then after that, she comes up to me and starts asking me (initiating a convo I guess) about what I do now work wise. It was a good 1 and half min conversation. Then after that she never started a conversation with me again. It was always a small "hi" or a laugh at my comment/joke or "where are we going again" kind of thing. That's fine because she's shy. I have started maybe 1 conversion with her throughout the month and 1 other conversation with her with a group of people. Nothing special. When she does talk to me though, it's always smiles and a laugh or 2 or 3 etc everytime I talk specifically to her. I'm not sure if she likes me back or not but a lot of times she looked sad to my knowledge or maybe just tired I don't know, were always out all day. I hope I'm not doing anything to make her sad or she thinks I don't like her, I don't know what the case may be. Then 4 days before they leave we're headed somewhere downtown and she and her mom were kind of far behind walking. It kind of looked like she was sad and talking to her mom about what she is sad (not sure though) about while her arms were around her. Does her mom know I like her? I hope not. I doubt that's what they were talking about obviously right? She gets sad a lot which gets me sad and makes me want to end it because I don't know if it's me or not, I want to make things right with her which I feel is sad because she's me cousin. Then an hour later after the tour we did, she comes up to me again as we were waiting in line for an elevator and asks me what I was reading. (picked a magazine from the stand temporarily). Then talked and laughed about my dog. It ended up being more of a smile and laugh convo then the first one was (which really wasn't too much) for a couple mins. Then we get off the elevator and she is so ecstatic and happy. She goes to her dad and pulls his arm. I have no idea, she gets to the gift shop and is excited about it. What happened to the sad girl? To quote Star Wars "no, that's impossible!!" that she doesn't like me after that convo. I refuse to believe that unless she was being really nice but then again I don't know and that's what is killing me. It's not just that, I get stupid paranoid if she was sitting next to me and then switches seats when I leave for a minute. Is she annoyed by me, do I smell or she just wanted to switch seats. Also she'll say thanks everytime I do something nice out whatever the case of but this one time she didn't say it and again my paranoia made me think she doesn't care. Lately she hasn't been laughing too much at my funny comments. Is she tired of them or they're not funny anymore or she's used to them where they're not funny anymore. This really bothers and it messes with me. She hover handed me in a group photo which really got me badly. At first it was fine, then few seconds later, she hovered it. I had back sweats because it was really hot outside but still. I got paranoid when I forgot her birthday in the morning. I somehow fixed it but not sure if it worked. She sounded like she was fine. She scooted her chair over half a centimeter and I freaked out inside. This is really bad and I can't help it. She is my kissy-faceing cousin, I can't do this anymore. Does she like me or no. It bothers me that I don't know. They leave tomorrow and I'm already crying in bed. I want to say I'm crying because I'm going to miss them. They normally cry because they leave us but I'm really only crying because of her I feel like. I don't know what to do. I can't tell her or talk to her about this. HELL NO! I know they leave tomorrow, so I can begin to forget but it'll take a week or more and I can't wait that long. Is this anything or what? I'm very curious? I know all y'all probably saying "you're thinking too much into this etc etc. But it's killing me inside.
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    7 Big Problems in a Relationship and How to Fix Them

    You are a newbie and you show up and announce how to solve relationship problems without referring to the special problems our members face. Do you have the credentials to back up your advice? Nat
  24. Blackbird

    Should i let go , How to deal with rejection?

    I was very brave recently and confessed to him last month on the 29th , and just like i expected he rejected me. I cried after i read the email of rejection from him , before that point and after i had been eating a lot of ice cream to help with my recovery of being rejected. I've been eating a lot of foods that help with depression as well , though i've been depressed most of my life but my recent depression is because of him. I've been suicidal and depressed since middle school , but my regular depression had gotten easier to deal with though i know it's there and i just sort of hide it and ignore it so it hangs in the background. i've even had suicidal thoughts because of my cousin last month and a few times before that , but i doubt he even feels bad about my confession. All i feel is upset and angry with the rejection but i'm trying to accept it and stop worrying about it. Lately i've been having a lot of revenge dreams , but hopefully they will go away soon.
  25. Rare are the couples, who do not come across problems during the course of their relationship. So if you’ve been into a heated argument with your partner very recently, it is absolutely normal. However, recognizing the few bumps on the road, ahead of time, will help you get past the conflicts at a better rate. Every relationship undergoes ups and down, but successful couples keep their problems aside to retain the harmony in their love life. Attending seminars, reading self- help books, visiting a counselor, witnessing other successful couples or simply applying hit and trial method are some vital approaches adopted by couples to keep their relationship strong and long-lasting. Wondering about the problems that weaken a relationship and the ways to overcome them? Read on to know more about these: ● Poor Communication: Poor communication is a major cause known to stem relationship issues. If you cannot communicate with your partner, how can you expect love and closeness? The relationship at its very start seems exciting and fun, conversations between couples involve getting to know one another. Nevertheless, with passing time, couple talking becomes monotonous leading to increased differences. Makeup time for each other, let voicemails attend your calls, set-up some rules like putting the cell phones on vibrate, ask about how their day had been and never assume you know everything about your partner as with every fleeting day you learn something new about your companion, rejuvenating your love life. ● Keeping Secrets: Relationships are composed of many components and people tend to uphold many twists to keep their relationship going. Relationship conversations do not mean telling your partner everything but hiding something that would lead to making them angry, which gets problematic in the longer run. Keeping secrets, even petty ones or lying to them, you risk losing their trust and end up your relationship in jeopardy. The fix to this is to think twice before you actually keep a secret- even if it leads to a sequence of uncomfortable moments. It is very important for you to be real in your relationship and let your partner know the truth. ● Jealousy, Insecurity and Incompatibility: Insecure couples fall prey to traps of jealousy and anger. Feeling jealous about your partner’s recent promotion or your lover’s growing attention restrains them from becoming a better person. Partners in the strong relation must learn to have faith in one another and in their relationship and enjoying their better half’s accomplishments. Lack of faith leads to increased negativity, which leads to infidelity. To avoid such a situation, initiating a conversation, discovering common interests, ceasing the moment and making the most out of it is what revives the romance and constructs confidence. ● Financial Problems: Anyone in a long-lasting relationship recognizes the importance of money. Financial problems can both be gloomy and frustrating; however, couples who face money woes must take a deep breath and have the stern discussion about finances and the ways to deal with the deficiencies. Conversely, the experts recommend constructing a joint budget that includes savings, deciding the short-term and long-term goals, acknowledging and being honest about the current financial situation which is of great help. ● Change in Priorities: We, humans, evolve and change every time but being in a relationship does not change your personality or your outlook. There is an outraging need to understand your partner too is undergoing a change. Experiencing changes is justifiable but do not let those grow your relationship apart. Make your relationship a focal point to enable your love life growing stronger than ever. Nonetheless, some of the problem-solving strategies are respecting, appreciating, thanking and complimenting each other. Planning date nights, doing the same stuff while you were dating and scheduling time for one another works wonders. ● Unrealistic Expectations: Everyone has expectations while one enters into a relationship. However, it is vital to have realistic expectations. Ensure that you are not forcing your partner onto that fantasy world of yours, which one may not be able or want to live up with. One of the most vital aspects of a relationship is being able to express your thoughts clearly and verbally else, they tend to become a near solve a puzzle for your partner to crack, talk about everything- the schedules, budget, date nights, insights, literally everything which acts as a fix. ● Starting off on the wrong foot: Are you facing relationship problems? The experts’ tactics and efforts are here to your rescue who are the conversation starters for the couples. This is recommended in the earlier stages of marriage whereby newer couples who need to acknowledge the importance of building trust or for couples who are in the ripening stage of their relationship. The experts let the partners talk, ask and address those delicate questions, which are considered a taboo, which one is most afraid to ask. These relationship questions for couples like remembering their first memory, knowing if they were the one for each other etc. are certain questions that help in rejuvenating their old love, recalling the brilliant time they have spent together and made them head over heels in love with one as they always were! You can always overcome problems in your relationship, only when you are willing to work on them. Never have the thought of a better life with someone else. Unless you analyze the root cause of the problems and work on negotiating them, you cannot cater to these, no matter the kind of relationship you are in.
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  27. It's been six years. I don't know if I could ever just put it all out there but I think I'm going to have to... sober...ish, right now isn't the right time though. We talked about it a bit yesterday. We talked about the kinky stuff that happened last weekend. She said she was just drunk... I asked her if she was attracted to me, she said no and that she doesn't want me to feel that way about her either... and said we're just both lonely. But also two hours prior said we'd get married if we weren't related and told me I just wanted a better view of her arse when I suggested she should pull up her shorts... So I came out really not knowing anything different. I think maybe she just can't deal with it that she does kind of feel the same. It doesn't help that people like her crappy insane sister are constantly giving us crap for sleeping together or any kind of attention or affection. She said we have a platonic romance. Which is basically how I've always felt about it also. But it's been a bit less than platonic lately... I cant ever just walk away from this though. She's been my best friend and confidant and she relies on me for a lot... We've been through a tremendous amount of stuff together. I would give the rest of my life on her if I have to. So I guess there's just nothing to say really. Just replying. Were planning to travel the world a bit next year so maybe I'll just talk about it then.
  28. lmknjbhvgc

    Dealing with my cousin's pee fetish

    Well said KC, this does not sound normal. Put your love on one side and consider your own safety first. You guys are too young, he maybe too immature right now. But, then also give it a second thought.
  29. Romalee

    Things have gotten complicated

    What about the BOYFRIEND, Pickledpie???
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