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    Texas laws

    I wouldn't put much trust in wiki. Best to contact an attorney.
  4. So I hung out with a mutual friend of ours. She confirmed my cousin has been telling everyone in our friend circle I'm crazy and obsessed about her and there was nothing between us. I literally haven't spoken to anyone in our circle about this until now so she's just been trash talking me and spreading rumors about me and also my friend said basically what everyone else in this thread has been saying that she's a heartless bitch who uses men with no self respect or respect for anyone. Our friend also said everyone in our group basically thought we were dating anyways... I've lost my relationship with my aunt and all my family. Everything just hurts so much. I think I'm just going to move across country and change my name. She's taken everyone and everything from me. This place was my home. The only one I've ever made.
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  7. I believe it’s important for you to figure out what you’re deriving from your cousin, and from your bf. It may be you’re not ready to be committed to a true adult relationship. Perhaps you savor the thrill of sex and/or other motivation. When Doris and I began, we were 12 y/o. We found, as we got older, we truly felt love for each other. It was more than sex, though we grew much in our respective sexual selves. At 21, we decided to test the waters in an non-incestuous way. We became mainstream. I still savor the memories, and still masturbate to the memories.
  8. We finally kissed. And then we did more. I last posted here in 2012. And after that we didnt talk anymore. But in november of 2019 we became friends again. And i wanted us to be actual friends so i wanted us to talk about what we went through before. To get over it. But it sparked up again. He first would touch my leg and then we would rub each others hands and arms. It was harmless at first. But then we drank too much one night. And he kissed me. It was like fireworks. I couldnt breathe because it was so intense. And one thing led to another and we ended up doing it in the back of his car. And now its been up and down. Weve done it a couple of times and every time, like clockwork in the morning, hell say we need to stop. Ill give him space and hell end up messaging me again. Then well hang out again and then itll happen all over again. Im gonna be living alone soon bcuz my bf found out. Yes i was cheating. Im not proud of it but it was so hard to keep away from my cousin. Im pulled towards him. Hes so interesting. Its like i experience something new everytime im around him. And he said now that im single we can do it again. Freely with no fear. But now im scared if it was only exciting because i was cheating or if it was actually real.
  9. According to Wiki they accept out of state marriages but who knows for sure.
  10. Are you married in another state? Just curious. Im in TX too but we married before the law changed.
  11. Sorry i wish i could help. Not many people are responding lately either. :(
  12. It is sad but true, sometimes we end up loving the wrong person. I never in my life had imagined that his intentions towards me were so wrong, for 15 years I kept lying to myself that he loved me. I was broken already due to past relationship, but now I question the whole "love" thing lol. Never thought that he would back stab me or play dirty mind games with me, well he did. I hope he is happy after causing so much damage.
  13. Maybe and maybe not. Don't let your emotions trick you. Until now, I was in a dilemma that my cousin loved me. For the first time I shared my feelings with a closed family member and it helped me clear out many misconceptions I had in my mind. 1. I thought my cousin loved me since he visits this website and the way we interact - No he does not, he is in love with someone else even though he gave me mixed signals. 2. I thought he respects me - wrong, he always make fun of me and even called me worthless due to a failed career. 3. Just because they like talking to you, it makes them feel good, please don't get your Hope's too high. 4. If anything goes wrong, please don't blame your situation or circumstances because people who truly respect you and honour your relationship they will always be with you through thick or thin. Today I shared my feelings and I was open about them to a family member and the things that she revealed about how he makes fun of me and how he respects his current gf, that made many things clear. If he ever really loved me, he would not have left me in the first place and second knowing how much I struggled and still struggling to get my life together, he wouldn't have made fun of me. My relatives disrespect me and people who call me names is all coz of him. If he disrespects me so much and thinks so bad about me and make fun of me, then other people will definitely follow his lead. All I learned from this 15 years of experience is that love is not what he did or any other person did. Just have patience and their actions will show u whether they love you or they just used you.
  14. Nice intro to “the game.” When Doris (my female first cousin) started, it when we were at a family reunion. We each had entered puberty. While at the reunion, my dad’s oldest sister (the reunion host) came to us and said “Why don’t you kids go play outside? You don’t want to hang out with old fogies!” We raced outside, finding two outbuildings. One was larger than another, so we chose that one. Once situated, we started cuddling and teasing. That only lasted a very few minutes. Doris then stole a kiss on my lips. My response was spontaneous, and quick. I kissed her in return, but mine was forceful with wet tongue. She quickly parted her lips. We were licking & sucking like crazy, inexperienced as we were. My rooster began to stiffen immediately. Soon, we were sliding our hands inside each other’s clothing.
  15. Oh dear, its really harsh of them. If i were you, maybe either i will move out directly and live or marry my bf soon. This is also a reason of me keeping ours a secret. We are about to be a year next month. And also, in my country if you make a shame in family name, we can just be expelled from our family. did you try to speak with your bf's family? They can also help you in certain ways. Either as your bf's parents or as family.
  16. Hi, i recall i ever used this website last year, yet i cant find any post that i posted that time with this account. Will they erase some topics within a certain time? Or i made some mistake? i cant recall my topic's tittle which is hard to search now. But i never know any other website for this thing. Some help please?
  17. Well when my man and me kissed for the first time, i felt him as a stranger. Since he is half dutch, we rarely see each other. The time before we got in touch, we rarely speak. Since i wasnt interested in his subject(mostly games), I only realized his presence for these 4 years. And got closer every year. And last year, we did our first kiss. So i used pocky game to dare him. And i just did a short kiss, and then he ask for another pocky lol and on the 2nd pocky, when i tried to get away from him, he tried to catch me with his lips opening and closing on the air 😂 and asking me "do you want to?". But i just act innocently and ended the game.
  18. I'm sorry to hear that you felt your life was not worth living anymore at one point, but I am also happy that you are here now to figure it out. How old are both of you? Do you live near each other? The feeling of being afraid that it will ruin what you have recently gotten back is a very valid feeling and I can understand not wanting to do that. Have you ever made a comment or teased her in a sort of non cousin way just to test the waters? If so, how did she react? When you talk, what do you talk about? Do you talk about your day or your week or is it more stuff like the weather?? Anyway, I am glad you are here and I'm sure you'll gather a lot of stories and good advice if you look through the threads. There are people that have been here a very long time and know a lot and have a lot of good thoughts.
  19. Hi, I have a love for my first cousin for years and years which made me stay away from her and let it create this border between me and her because I was too nervous to even talk to her. This went on for years and it started bothering me back in November where on 1st December, I nearly took my own live because I couldn't live with the feeling anymore. Doing this has encouraged me to fix our cousin relationship and we talked regularly on Facebook and have met once on 13th December and meeting again next week, but I can't remove how I feel about her and it's getting me down a lot and always on my mind. We are christians so first cousin marriages isn't against it but I don't know if she feels the same and if she doesn't, how she will react because I don't want to ruin what we've already built in these recent months and I don't know what to do about it and I am always jealous when she is with other people wishing that was me and her and it's too hard and I need advice on what I should do, I want to tell her but I am too afraid that will ruin what we have and make things very awkward. Please help
  20. Yeah it would be so much easier to move out of Texas! However, I think you are overthinking everything. You could certainly get a family law attorney and he can guide you through the right steps. This I do know: Your kid's relationship to you are son and daughter -- it supersedes anything else. Wife/cousin is just a spouse. Head of household will typically be the way a family would file vs filing separate. Being cousins doesn't change this! If you don't feel comfortable with this, it is time to move to a cousin-friendly state. Who says you have to buy your first home in Texas? If you do stay in Tx, your family needs to sit down and understand some legal terms.............
  21. It became a major issue for many people including me.Its hard to live without our beloved one.Cross cousins can be married in india not parallel cousins. Cousin marriage is valid in muslim and Christian not in Hindu.What a fate!! I can't live without marrying my first cousin..It's a problem to many people..pls frnds it's not late pls unite to take good decisions
  22. It became a major issue for many people including me.Its hard to live without our beloved one.Cross cousins can be married in india not parallel cousins. Cousin marriage is valid in muslim and Christian not in Hindu.What a fate!! I can't live without marrying my first cousin..It's a problem to many people..pls frnds it's not late pls unite to a good decisions
  23. Hi all. Its been awhile since we have posted but wanted to give an update. We have been together for 10 years now have 2 beautiful children and 1 on the way (Last one wife says lol). Its been a hard road getting to this point and, living in Texas, i still have some fears. I want to move out of state to not have to worry but we do have family and friends here we are close to so the decision has been tough. We are now into our "Adulting Years" and are now planning on buying our first home and have been investing and saving as much as possible to make that dream a reality. There are so many questions i have that are hard to have answered in my state. How can i put my kids on the life insurance policy as beneficiaries when it asks for the beneficiaries relationship to me? What about my wife (Not legally married since we live in Texas)? How can i add either my children or my wife to my employers health insurance as again we arent legally married and i couldnt sign my name on the birth certificate for my children? Tax returns have also been stressful filling out here as we arent ever 100% sure how to claim dependents and head of household credits. All in all things have been great but there are several things that make it difficult especially in this state. I more wanted to post an update but welcome any advice or questions anyone has.
  24. I feel like maybe I should apologize or try and make things right but that would just set me back. I don't know. Thinking about it now, how messed up she is, I shouldn't have tried to rely on her or expected her to be there for me - regardless of how much I was there for her. I just idolized her so much and had her on such a pedestal I didn't see how messed up and broken she actually is until I think about it now.
  25. It looks like you are well on the way on the road to recovery. As time goes on, her spell over you will wane and you'll begin to think clearly again. You sound like a good person Leathat, one day you will find someone who appreciates and reciprocates those qualities. You need to learn to love yourself before you can expect anyone else to love you. Coming off as obsessive, co-dependent, clingy etc. are not attractive traits, especially to a woman. Once you are able to live with yourself, your fear of being alone will disappear along with these negative traits. These scars will fade, but they never really go away. Although I'm not near as angry and cynical as I used to be, it's still there. Something about these 'relationships' permanently changes you... you deal with such extreme emotional pain, that as a last act of self preservation your mind builds these barriers. You no longer feel sadness, or happiness, or anger.. your're just... numb. You're guard will always be up from now on... once bit, twice shy. This is the final emotion in the healing process, when the dust settles all you'll feel towards her is pity. Her life is a train wreck, you just happened to be riding along...be glad you jumped off before she took you with her. You can't stop it, you can only observe as her life slowly deteriorates. People like that do not build you up, they take you down with them and anyone else along for the ride. You can't change the past, but you can learn from it and change your future. Take this as a hard lesson learned. Use this traumatic experience as a catalyst for change..for the better.
  26. I never thought we were together but I did think we had our own separate relationship. A romantic friendship more or less. We talked a lot about our feelings for each other. She told me she was in love with me, but she'd never go for it because we were cousins. She told me we were special,that we were soul mates, that we had past lives together. That she didn't care what people thought of us - including her boyfriend. We were physically intimate for eight years. She became increasingly sexual with me over the past year. I didn't believe we were together but I believed we were something.
  27. SeatleSeven hit the situation head on! She has never loved you, at least like you wanted her to., she has only used you and it has affected you greatly. Best to cut her out and off completely. It amazes me though that you thought you two were together and yet you said she had a boyfriend. I would say that was a VERY BIG clue that there wasn't a relationship between the two of you. Cut your losses and the potential for any further hurt and move on. Easy?? No but you will get through this if you are determined. Best wishes.
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