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  2. Thank you so much for responding! I really do appreciate it. And yea I think a big talk is in the horizon for us!!
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  4. I am wanting a product that is only sold in Canada because of politics. https://www.zpharm.ca/ Cravv is what I am looking for to help me stop smoking. I think I would do better on it than the antidepressants they have in the USA (Zyban, Chantex ...) But the mean 'ol Canadians will not ship them to Americans. What I want to do is paypal someone enough to cover the cost and shipping to me. And you may very well save my life. The cigarettes are literally killing me. I'm going in the morning for an xray, shot of steroids and possibly my 4th round of antibiotics. Smok 'em if ya got 'em, I guess. Oh and these pills are not scheduled so there isn't shit the feds could do except possibility confiscate them.
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  6. I just ordered a Ting hotspot which gets me 30GB of data for $25/mo. I don't live in rural Montana but I do live in the sticks. The cable company says they do not server my house, but they do three houses in either direction! What? I hate DLS and the phone companies really want to stick it to you for 5Mb. I can get by on 5Mb but not at $50/mo! So I am always following the mobile data market and I found Ting. It runs off the Sprint towers and I am pulling 4 - 40 Mb /second over here, averaging 12 down 3 up. It is more stable than my unlimited phone (the unlimited Cricket plan I have been pushing). I really only got the device for Spyping and occasionally the tele-medicine thing. (Anyone tried that -- that is the future. Full stop.) So here is the real deal, for a $25 device, you get 30GB each month for $25. You can't purchase more data at that price (or any price). It is a special deal between Sprint and Ting. If you want 60GB, you have to purchase two hotspots. For a reality-check Cricket charges $35 for 10GB! Also their hotspot costs $99, not $25 like Tings. At this point, do I really have to say that I am impressed with Ting. I just can't figure out if I want to buy one more unit or two... The reason I wrote this is to promote Ting for my own benefit, but also to prove that I use/have tried a lot of the products that I advertise. Be in the lookout for more mens' stuff! The soap. Razors. Boots and western wear. Hmmm. Would Courvoisier be going too far?
  7. sam

    hi po im new here

    di ko na po kaya yong nararamdaman ko,at kelangan ko na po ng advice..

    turning 9yrs po kami lumaban at itinago ang pagmamahalan nmen,hanggang isang umaga na lang po na stress na kami lalo na siya nagsisimula na po kasi mapansin lahat smen,nanghihinala na din akala ko kakayanin pa niya,hangang sa yong mother na niya naconfront sa kanya at merong masasakit na salit although wala pa nman pong sinabe na may alam na,yong mga kapatid po niya alam na pero wala sila makita na kami talaga..one day po nagdecide na siya na itama na nmen lahat na taposin na nmen😢😢😢ang sakit po kala ko lalaban pa kami,then dumating po na pmunta ako sa kanila nahuli ko na may katabi ng babae😭😭pero sinabe niya na wala pa nangyayari sa knila magkatabi lang!tapos till now po ying babae sa kanya na minsan natutulog!sobra pong hirap😭😭😭pakiramdam ko napaduwag niya hinde niya inisip kung ano yong mararamdamn ko sa mga pinag gagawa niya..pede nman muna nmen umistop paunti unti hinde yong biglaan na ganun..please advice po😢

  8. i am so delighted to meet with you today. i will like to have a private discussion with you. please i want you to write me to my email address here ([email protected]) so that i will tell you more about me. i shall be expecting your respond to my email address ([email protected]) thanks and remain Bless.

    Yours Favour

  9. Our store has one NEW copy of the paperback, Forbidden Relatives. It is getting expensive! Even some used copies are selling more than new/originals! That is a weird market. If you want the book, I will give you a year of membership OR an extra year, whichever is appropriate with the copy. I can't get you a discount on the store products, but students and newlyweds (less than a year) get memberships for 1/2 price (today is just $2.50). Just explain this fact to: [email protected] Please sign up first and give me your username and use the same email that you registered with.
  10. Well you always said you were a Christian and this proves. God doesn't let us get by with everything; Hebrews 12:6-11 was a paraphrase of a verse in Proverbs. With my bigmouth and my bad attitude, it's happened to me. I know it's hard to believe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was once invited to a "revival" where it looked like anything but revival was going on. Some guy walks up to the mic with a ball shirt, jeans and a cap. I said to myself, "Why is this clown?" He was just the preacher. The lead singer of the "band" was sick to the preacher filled in and screamed the words -- it was some sort of hard-rock genre and it was awful. I let them have it. I let them have it with both barrels. I think my reaction wasn't too far off base actually, but my attitude was from hell. I fancied myself as a quasi-liberal, [kinda] inclusive, open-minded Christian. I kept nudging my wife asking her if she was ready to go. Now I was getting angry because she wouldn't leave. Before I left, I begin to hear God speak to me, "Who are you KC?" (God doesn't really call me KC! :D) It was a play from the book of Job (Who are you..) My heart broke because I knew there was something terribly wrong with my heart. God held up a mirror in front of my face and I didn't know the man looking back. Why was this self righteous jack-arse gawking at me? I guess in a way, revival did come that night. I do remember fighting-back tears all the way back home. It is my intention to change that man I saw in the mirror as much as I can. I never want to hear those words again, "And who are you KC?" "Where were you when I put this group together?" "What makes your Christianity superior?" "Where were you when I had to hold this congregation together like glue?" "Where were you when I shed every drop of my blood so that they could be saved?" The power is not in the answers, but the questions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like writing like this. I think I will make my blog more like this and less academic. God has done some pretty amazing things in my life and all I can figure out is that He done them so that I can share them with others. God bless! I am sooo sorry guys! I was in a rush while I as was posting and was saying things "stream of consciously" from the top of my head! 😣😣 No proofread at all. I was careless and it's from my casual talk. Again, my apologies everybody. It won't happen again. Pooch Ps. LadyC, thanks for pointing that out though. I needed that. I didnt even remember I posted that slang this morning until you mentioned it. Then later tonight Im like, "Oops. Oh yeah. Right. That."
  11. Guess it's been a while since I've logged on here.... I think this is a good idea; you do a lot of work to keep this site up and running
  12. You will tire of the secrecy. Get it out in the open to your family if the two of you are serious about trying to make this work. There is a pinned article about talking to your family about your cousin relationship; read it and modify it for your own needs.
  13. Oh Ma Gerd. Do whatever you want. He is in the bathroom with you when you shower and when you relieve yourself? Seriously? I have opinions about boundaries here, but perhaps I should keep them to myself. You do know that you don't have to wrestle with him for Pete's sake? Just do whateverthehell ya wanna do.
  14. After 4 years it's time to draw the line in the sand and find out what he wants. If he wants you, great: bring him to this site and start educating him on the facts. If he doesn't want you, then you can feel free to move on. His behavior of flirting with another woman is a giant red flag. So is the fact that he won't listen to you when it comes to the reality of cousin relationships. Have a serious sit down with him and find out where you stand.
  15. I am confused by your post. Do you like him or not? You talk about puberty as if it were far in the past, but you are probably both still in the midst of it. If you like him, be discreet but don't rush things. If you don't like him romantically, then gently let him know. I am much more concerned about the abusive home situation you are in. You can do something about that, you know? Talk to a teacher, school counselor, principal. clergy, police officer.... talk to someone to get it stopped. You don't have to live like that my dear!
  16. Also were on and off lol. We're together as of right now, he expressed that he loved me ans also got me a few little thoughtful gifts for my birthday (something he doesn't usually do without me leading him to it lol) but I definitely feel the connection and it's making my heart warm. I just hope he sticks with this!
  17. I was like him. I was scared silly when I was young and my cousin expressed his feelings. I did not have the facts back then, so that's in your favor. I still am not sure I could have handled the jokes and ridicule and looks I feared, because my family is not privy to it now, and I'm "seasoned in years" shall we say, but it's still scary. Just express how deeply you feel for him but the ball is in his court now. I like the comment above about the actual facts. I agree. Show him those and then all you can do is back off until he decides. I wish you the very best. ❤
  18. This has nothing to do with cousin relationships though, right? Just because they are similar does not mean that the rules will apply; for there may be other mitigating reasons why we cannot ban old age marrying. The pro-cousin marriage must be the one who should set forth their case, lest it be a red herring. Pooch
  19. I feel Dr. Phil was very rude to this couple. I hope they are keeping strong, and anyone else Dr.phil discouraged.
  20. I am atheist and so is my cousin and I can confirm, I think more religious people (especially Jews and Muslims) are accepting. Atheists and other secular types are not. Incest is seen as primitive and "just wrong". For me personally, I don't believe in regulating what 2 adult people do in the bedroom and with each other. Yes, the risk of disability in offspring is higher and should be considered. If genetic testing were considered/required in all states, I'd be okay with it as long as the state ponied up for it. Personally I will never procreate with my cousin but that's my choice. But lots of people choose to have kids with other risky conditions, like older age, essential medications, bad family history. Will we ban those too?
  21. If neither of you want children, then why not have him go get a vasectomy or you can go and get a tubal ligation? This would fulfill the sterile requirement and you wouldn't have to wait until you're 55.
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  23. Hi Sabrina, I know you posted this some time ago. Any updates? I'm also looking to marry my first cousin in Georgia (where it's legal). However, I am just looking into the dispense online and can't seem to find much information... LadyC, did you say it would take a long time because of the state or because of the church? Thank you! Lali
  24. Thanks KC. I'm sorry your marriage to your cousin didn't work out. Maybe he's loved me longer than I have him, at least in this way, but now that I've gotten to really know him as an adult, he's definitely won my heart. I just wish cousins could divorce as cousins, not in the way you're experiencing. Hindsight is 20/20, right? Anyway, I've done research into this site for a while now, and even though you're going through a difficult time nearing divorce, please know you've helped many by launching this site. I dont feel like I'm doing something immoral anymore, having reviewed all the research provided on this site as well as biblically, and I hope you know how much that means to me and, I'm sure, so many others. Thank you!!
  25. I think that is fine and dandy to keep it from your mom. It's your life, InSearch4Truth. It kinda seems clear to me that you do not have the same feelings that he espouses for your. Don't feel guilty about that. You don't owe your cousin anything. Having been married and now nearing-divorce, I wish I hadn't put my family through it. Hindsight affects me like that. Without it, I would do the same darn thing all over again, because, like I said to you, it's my life. One thing I have learned is that the people who end up not supporting you are the same people who did not like you in the first place, nor would they ever like you lest you won Lotto. Cheap prostitutes! Who wants then anyway? Momma and daddy will always love their little girl.
  26. I'm brand new to this site. I'm just so glad it's here because I don't know about you guys, but I felt like there was something wrong with me being attracted to and falling in love with my cousin. He expressed his love for me when I was 17. Then I freaked and ran. After I divorced, he did the "full court press" to win my heart, telling me he's been waiting for me for 35 years. I cannot let my family know because I refuse to cause them any embarrassment or pain. So we have agreed to keep our feelings to ourselves. Its extremely difficult, but I feel it's the only way. I love him so much, but in order to honor them and afford them the peace they deserve, mum's the word. Anyone else living this way and looks like they will be for the near, and maybe not so near, future? Any advice? ❤
  27. The thing is if you PM, you're really more vulnerable if you're talking about FB. Then a stranger who you talk to knows about your FB profile. I'd be more worried to do that than talk on this forum. But I understand it's difficult. I'm brand new to this site. I have found the stories comforting, just knowing we're not alone.
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