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We are kinda sorta back up. So, talk to me.


  • Where did y’all go??? I’m glad you’re back up.

  • While the site was down, I did a Google search for kissing cousins. Without this website, I was getting only negative search results. So, I felt that I had to put back up.

    And I feel good about it. I have missed this place.

    If anyone has trouble registering or just wants to shoot me a line, my email is kc @ cousincouples com

  • I’m glad. Apparently anything still goes....except our kind.

  • Yeah! And getting worse. You and I, along with many others are taking our place on the planet right now. God has given us wisdom and a platform to speak truth to power.

  • I also had been wondering why everything went down for months.

  • It was part financial, part burnout and part I just needed a break. Actually, I never intended to bring the site back.

    I'm glad to be back.

  • Thank you for bringing it back up! Hopefully more people will join soon

  • Well we have over 200 members. Why don't they post? I have no idea.

  • Hello. Just signed up. New to this whole situation.

  • I am so madly in love with my cousin. I don't know what to do without her but she doesn't want to be married to her cousin because she thinks it's wrong, even though we've been having a relationship keeping it a secret for the past 8 years. I think she is my first cousin once removed, whatever she is she's my mom's cousin so yeah I think that's what she is. And it's not illegal where we live, can anyone give me any advice to sway her

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    Kizz, I may be the worst person to ask about precise relationship but I'll take a shot at it. she appears to be your second cousin once removed. we have a chart on the website somewhere.

    Relatively speaking (ha!) you are very distantly related to this woman. her hesitancy is just plain silliness. your marriage would not be illegal anywhere in the world or the universe. okay, maybe some parallel universe but I'm not omniscient lol

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