Overcoming the awkwardness

My cousin and I have always had a close special connection. He's always kind of hinted at more than just a familial love, and recently he came out and said that he loves me as a romantic view.

At first I pushed him off and laughed off his subtle advances because we're cousins. However, not long ago, he moved a lot closer to me and we have been able to spend more time together, and now I have given in to my own feelings.

I'm not sorry about it and find that I really enjoy being with him. He hasn't changed since it's become more or anything I thought would happen, but I was raised to think so different, that this is wrong, and I sometimes keep going back to feeling awkward that we're cousins, blood.

Of course he doesn't feel awkward about it, he's always shown that he loves me since we were younger. And if I'm honest, I've always felt something special with him and I have just been denying it because of my upbringing.

Does the awkwardness fade over time? How do you handle/overcome it?


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    Slow down. Date for awhile. If the feeling doesn't go away, you may have a problem. Cultural taboos can be hard to overcome.

    I have personally experienced the, "Wait a minute. What the hell am I doing?" Dilemma. I think that is natural and it takes a little time. Just go slow and work through it.

  • Thank you. This is completely new territory for me and I am an information seeker. I like to know all aspects of a situation before I fully commit to something, anything. I was so glad to have found this page. 😁

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