New server

Sorry for this. My current data center, Digital Ocean, received a half-baked spam complaint against me. Now they have simply cut off all email to this server.

It's not the first time I have been accused of SPAM. It comes with the territory. After 5 years with this company, I had one complaint and now I'm treated like far-left Dr. Sues book burner. I can't believe it.

In 30 years, I have had only 3 complaints to my knowledge. I should be given a metal.

I will update you all when we are up and running solidly.


  • OK, so I finally moved to a new VM host. The email port isn't blocked at least. I am even trying out a third-party mail sender that should get our emails out! Some email services are fussier than others.

    Everything should be able to verify their email now. Be aware that I may not keep this forum. It's easy but doesn't have the features I am accustomed to.

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