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    • Hi! I will soon be needing a few good men and women. First, I need a resilient, go-getting, polished, tenacious, self-starter. Your title would be "affiliate manager."  You would need to learn about my hosting and IT businesses and promote them.  You do not need to be an expert in my business, but you should be able to articulate the services that I offer. I believe in KISS (Keep it simple stupid). Tell people how we can benefit them! How much money could you make? This job would be based on commission. You would make nothing in the beginning, but within a year, I believe and hope, the sky could be the limit if you work hard. How much money exactly? I have already told you! :) Affiliate managers would be based upon territory initially and would be compensated generously. This job will start in about 3 - 6 months. Competition is fierce. We have to punch them in the nose and take their money; There is no room for sissies. It is a take-no-prisoners war out there. Prerequisites: expert high school English and a dogged determination to win at any cost. Also, the ability to be mentored and the willingness to learn something new every day.
    • Jterds, please do not abuse the pain pills. It is one of the nastiest addictions around. Start vaping, find Mary Jane, or drink you a cold beer on the weekends -- all which are very bad ideas. But much much much better than the pain pills. Your first love loss will be the hardest. The girls can make us crazy, can't they? Hey man -- you can't let them. Your cousin is not married and she has no commitments. She is just living life. Lighten up. You sound profoundly depressed; don't be self-medicating. If you seriously can't function, maybe you should talk to someone like a counselor. When you come through this, you will have learned a lot about yourself, life, and your cousin too. You will be much tougher and have the wisdom that only life can bring. And stop whining. You may very well marry this girl someday. And then you can lament! Hahaha! Now that is funny right there. Good luck man!
    • Hmm its hard to conclude anything without knowing the details and it will not be a wise thing to give you advice based on my own experience. But, make sure that you are not just assuming that she has a bf just because she talks to a male friend. For an example, I know nothing about my cousin's life and I have strong urge to contact him (assuming he also feels the same way for me), but based on my previous experience I control my feelings, not because I don't like him or anything but, I feel like I have no right to intervene his personal life unless he wants to talk to me. Similarly, if your cousin shows you that she is happy with someone then respect her decision and love at a distance if you can lol. When I look back at my life and previous relationship, I laugh. I am aware of the kind of feelings I have for my cousin, but I will not say a thing to him because I know I tried and he didn't like it, so if he wants to then he will contact me. If its meant to be it will happen at the right time, only God knows. Anyway, good luck! If you truly love each other, it will happen when you two are ready for it. At that time, everything will fall in place. Till then have a fun ride 😉.
    • https://www.cousincouples.com/?page=states You may marry in AZ provided that you can't have children. I assume that basically you would have documentation from an M.D. and present that to the judge who signs-off on the marriage license. You may find out when you apply for a marriage license application. Just ask the clerk what you need to bring. Good luck my friend!
    • The best advice I can give for you is to make a phone call to the marriage licensing office of the county you live in and ask. Be prepared for the person to not be familiar with the marriage laws of the state pertaining to  cousin marriage.  Don't be afraid to ask for someone further up the chain of command to get the right answer. Disclaimer: We do not give ANY legal advice on this site. Always seek legal advice when in doubt.   Best wishes on your journey and keep us posted on what you learn.
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