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    • I would honestly just be yourself. You are a tad bit older than her so that could be the reason its awkward in that she's still in her "college mindset" (western ideology). You guys have a love that is deeper than any. Keep your humility and be light hearted. I know that's easier said than done but it will help. 
    • I told my cousin that I had feelings for her and we'll she told me she had never seen me in that way and never will. And that's ok I don't regret telling her how i felt but now there is an awkwardness between us. I told her that I wanted to work through this awkwardness and she agreed to it. I need help overcoming this bump because I care about what we do have. Can someone give me any tips? Has anyone else gone through this and are still able to talk to their cousin and it not be awkward after telling them how you felt? I would really like someone to plz help me because I really need to fix this. Any type of advice is good advice.
    • Oh my you sound like such a sweet empathetic soul. There is a naive innocence about you as I am the same. I'm not sure if that's the case, but you sound much like me in regards to how hard you love. As a woman who makes it a duty of mine to be humble she sounds terribly broken. I really hope you're doing well since you wrote all of these things earlier this year. You have to regain confidence within yourself. You're worthy of unyielding love. There is NO room for unrequited love to such a sweet soul like yourself. continue to move forward. Exercise. Find a Hobby. Love yourself unconditionally and the love that the universe feels you deserve will come
    • My advice would be to have a talk with him about it. You guys seem to mesh well so a light hearted time that turns into a heart to heart could be a good approach. Hope this helps 💗
    • So I to am in love with my cousin. I am 28 and she is 21. I love spending time with her even if it's just talking to her thro messages. She is about to go thro a divorce with her first marriage and honestly I am sad for her bc I saw how much she loved him. When they were going thro difficult times she wanted for them to go see a marriage counselor and I thought that she was so mature for wanting to go that route. I could tell she was fighting with everything she had to keep her marriage together and for whatever reason he would not agree to go. I had feelings for her while she was married but i never brought it up bc she was happy and thats all i care about is for her to live a happy life. Plus i did not want to be considered a home wrecker and it wouldnt have been fair to both of them. But now they have split and i want to tell her how i feel towards her. I want to believe she has feelings towards me too but I have to know for sure. Thats why i want to talk to her in person one on one tomorrow and tell her how i feel towards her. Doing it in a message just wouldnt give it justice. And a part of me is scared and afraid things will change for the worse but that's just my mind trying to play tricks on me. I love her and care for her so much and whether she has feelings for me or not all i want is for her to at least find someone who loves her and cherishes her as much as I do and never take her for granted. She has been so strong during all of this and I am beyond proud of her. Well wish me luck and I will give an update on what happens after.
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