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    • you're married. that means your cousin is off limits. you need to find a way to reconnect with the man you vowed to share your life with, and that means you're going to have to walk away from the sexy cousin.
    • Guest FreeSpirit
      Well...I work 40 plus hours in town and I along with my husband also farm 200 head of beef cattle, my husband just throws low blows constantly. We live in a little town where everyone knows us and our families, etc. that also includes my cousin. "Rugged" to me is a sexy thing. To me  it means long hair,  scruffy, tattoos, i don't really know other then that's how I would explain it. For the kids, the farm, divorce is not an option at the moment. Honestly my kids will be out of the house (hopefully) by the time I'm 40 so I initially wanted to hold out until then but the last 2 months have really thrown a wrench in that. Until i found this website, honestly, i thought i was a freak but clearly this is more "normal" then I could have imagined and that does put my heart at some ease. ***I live close to Arkansas so unfortunately have always heard the "cousin" jokes my whole life* I am not botheted by KC, I'm a very smarta**ed person myself and Nat, thank you, I may just take you up on that.  Also, sorry for the double post. It wasn't loading (or that's what I thought anyways)
    • You are in the same boat I am in. 
    • Hello There, never thought I would used this but it's worth a try. I have a big crush on my older cousin, I am 21 year's old and Idk how old she is. She's looking to become a nurse she's in college. We've always had a deep connection together and I would always check up on her very sweet girl. We live in the state but different cities we only get to see each other in funerals and special events so every 4 year's we stay connected and I told her she was my favorite cousin and she told me she love me but I doubt she love me more than family but in my eye's I think she is the greatest girl ever. She don't be going on dates and don't be sluting around she have way more class than that and idk what to do. I would love to be with her but with my luck if I confess she probably won't talk to me no more. 
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