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  2. LadyC

    Favorite browser addons?

    avira web safety, which blocks ads and trackers, and copymethat, which allows me to copy any recipe from any website, including blogs. i also use Grammarly.
  3. KC

    Any vapers here?

    First I must warn any kids reading this that nicotine is pure poison and you should stay away from it! My doctor told me I had to quit smoking a few years back and suggested that I get an e-cigarette. So I have been vaping for a few years now with my "DNA 250" -- the top of the line. I can literally smoke up a room in less than 5 minutes. I have never gotten enough nicotine from the device to be able to completely stop smoking. However ... Today I bought a new cheap low-powered device that I now have charging. It is designed for "nicotine salts" which is supposed to be much more potent. They have reformulated the nic like the drug dealers reformulated powered cocaine into crack. On the plus side, it may be strong enough to actually let me stop buying cigarettes. On the negative side, I'm afraid these will prove to be much more addictive than the old-school style of vaping. I'll see if I can post a few pics of my devices. The one on the right was my first one. It is missing the tank that you see on the DNA-200 in the middle ($150). The middle one is a real smoke machine. They take liquid nicotine. The one on the left is the one charging (I haven't used it yet). It is a cheap $30 device which is just perfect, I hear, for the new "salt nicotine." I will give an update.
  4. What are your favorite browser addons/extensions? Here is a list of some of my favs. uBlock Origin - Blocks ads and is great if you must save bandwidth HTTPS everywhere - adds some security by using https instead of http where possible Grammarly - Gone be typos and bad grammer!! LOL Zotero - I would have failed college for sure without it. It saves references.
  5. I have it installed too. I generally like it but it does break some websites. I use uBlock Origin and it's easy to turn it off for a domain. I think a lot of people are using blockers.
  6. Yesterday
  7. This is just a heads-up. I will be moving the server soon. There will be some downtime; it should last less than a day. I will put the forum in ready only mode during the transition.
  8. Anyone getting this error: The CSRF protection key did not match ???
  9. RedKirin

    Poetic Expression

    Hello. I'm falling in love with my cousin and I want to share a poem I wrote for her 😅 not sure where else I can share this where the community would be accepting and possibly relate to it on some degree, at least when knowing the context. If anyone else has poems/lyrics they want to share, I would love to read them. Of all these stars in my silver screen One burns brighter than I've ever seen A radiant glow, blissful energy Impossible to express in this reality A love beyond flesh, or fathom of thought A being I'd love after I'm torn apart Concealed within me, spurning truth A soul I'll coddle til death, since my youth. Her Aura charges my muse Though I cannot imbue hers An easy refuse Given the Affinity Shackled and judged should my covet be The entire desire, though exiled I'd see In histories course, the repetitions exist Am I lesser for clenching the same fist? In each aeon that star is encountered The pressure grows exponentially Heavy burden follows entombment Silence sheathes whispering chimera. A confession, a feeling, that in public eye Is jagged to the moral of a common time Behold, to me, a utopian dream. Peruse, to them, interdiction it seems. My star, my moon, my sky, my sun They keep me intact, without her I'm done Encumbered gloom as distance unveils So divine, this Belle. Worth my eternity in hell.
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  11. Maemae

    Cousin Couples from the Philippines let's unite here

    Same Sky. Ganyan din feeling ko. Pero yung akin naman is di namin alam kung pang ilang pinsan na kami kasi sabi ng papa ko kamag anak daw namin sila. Ayun natatakot ako na malaman ng ibang kamag anak namin na may relasyon kami kasi diba nakakahiya. Pero mahal namin isa’t isa. Ayaw naman natin biguin yung mga magulang natin. Siguro ang mabuting gawin nalang is makapag tapos ng pag aaral. Mag hanap ng magandang trabaho. After nun doon nyo na ipag laban yung nararamdaman nyo sa isa’t isa.
  12. cadbury

    What do you guys do to have fun

    It's hard to move on without closure! Even if he does decide to call me, I don't know how I am going to proceed lol. So much confusion.
  13. cadbury

    What do you guys do to have fun

    Nice.. it must be hard to hide feelings for ur cousin from your wife? Dual life really scare me (sorry if it offends you), I am scared to betray anyone's trust. I have stopped thinking about my future and I am ready for any thing that future holds for me (not going to push anything). I do have feelings for my cousin, I don't know if they are mutual or if we are soul mates or whatever it is. It is really confusing.
  14. LadyC

    Help support our advertisers :)

    oh! so i do! sorry, guess it works!
  15. Earlier
  16. You have that ublock running! Rascall! 😀
  17. LadyC

    Help support our advertisers :)

    i don't see any ads.... what are you smoking, boss?
  18. If you will kindly support our advertisers by clicking on the ad at the bottom. I can't get the funds until they hit a whole $100! I've given Google an interest-free loan. Afterward, I will decide what to do about funding this website. The ads may do it if I add a few more. I need to do the math. We may get by with showing ads to only guests. We will see! So if you see an ad you like, click it and find out more about the advertiser. Thanks.
  19. Ken

    What do you guys do to have fun

    HaHa! I guess I should clarify: I am not married to my cousin. When her & I were developing a closer relationship; we were completely content with grabbing some deli sandwiches from QT, and some fresh fruit & water, and having lunch on a park bench. We had a couple of concerts that werw just over the top amazing time together. Now we have a distant relationship, consisting of FaceBook, and an occassional lunch (the wife & I) with her and her youngest daughter, to catch up on family stuff.
  20. Cadbury. Let me recommend that you read a book: NASTY PEOPLE: HOW TO STOP BEING HURT BY THEM WITHOUT STOOPING TO THEIR LEVEL by Dr. Jay Carter. I found that book years ago and used it to change me into a happy, positive person. In spite of the fact that my cousin is married to someone else. When I found that book I kept reading it again and again. It took some time but it worked, I have been telling people about that book - I'm trying to straighten the world out - one person at a time. LOL Good luck. HUGS Nat
  21. Whatever my family made me do was years ago, since I can't change my past but I have expectations from them. They know I will get hurt if them bring up anything about his gf and my expectation from them is to shut up when I am around. I don't have problem with his gf but you know it's that kind of feeling 'that which was mine can't be someone else's' lol. So yeah it kind of sucks!
  22. Yep. But then what do you think they should do? Know what I mean? Act not normal? They have their own lives too and issues and stuff. Or do you want them to just shut up basically and just leave you alone? What would you rather have them do? It goes both ways. The point is that either which, relationships are strained and it is difficult for huge lacerations to be cured by mere band-aids. lol. I suggest to get outta a toxic environment and start fresh somewhere else. The world is small nowadays and it is not like the past wherein you are born, raised, live, retire and die on the same place. Of course it is not easy to move as there are lots of considerations. But you gotta do that as a goal that within 9-12 months, you are outta there. Know what I mean? Pooch
  23. You just described almost all of the family I am around. It gets very frustrating. My heart goes out to you, and I hope you find a fresh perspective, and a fresh start to happiness.
  24. Yes you should... and that's what I will do if I were you. Otherwise, it will be difficult for my end to move on and have a fresh start. Reset button comes from the new environment around you. Pooch
  25. Nevertheless, I do not feel guilty anymore. But, I have so much anger and frustration for the people I cared about the most. I don't like it when they act like they didn't do anything and everything is normal. I find it hard to fake around.
  26. Just wondering, how would you feel if your cousin marries someone else and you end up staying single? What would u really do? I feel like a failure or a loser already. It is a terrible feeling. I have to move away from everyone and adopt kids and live my life. I am unable to forgive my family and parents for forcing me to stay out of cousin relationship and after that a bad relationship.
  27. Jillian_Renegade83

    Docu-series - looking for couples!

    Hi everyone! I'm still looking for couples who have a private relationship! Please feel free to reach out to me. Even if you are concerned and just want to know more about us, our company and our show! I would love to be able to fill you in and hear your love story. Thanks!
  28. cadbury

    What do you guys do to have fun

    I do lol, but not with my cousins. I go out with friends, make random plans and when we all meet we normally talk about spooky stuff lol. Sometimes we don't plan but we just go on trip and jam in the parking lots until police come to stop us lol (No alcohols or drugs, we just play loud music nd enjoy). Normally well planned trips do not turn out as great as the random ones do.
  29. Ken

    What do you guys do to have fun

    @cadbury do you not do anything fun? lol
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