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  2. My cousin is a year older than me and he stays at my grandmas over the summer. He’s kinda a player and I don’t know if he likes me or not. He’s totally comfortable with touching me and will often do so. He also likes to play fight with me, and whenever he makes a joke he looks at my reaction first. To me it seems like he likes me, but this is where the problem comes in. I have no idea weather it’s just a cousin thing or not. Part of me also thinks he just likes toying with me. I do really like him a lot though so I need some help.
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  4. Hello, Truthfully I can’t believe I have made an account...or am even making a post. Maybe cause it’s almost 4 am? Or maybe cause I’m finally tired of bottling it up. This may be long, just a warning. I’ve had a crush on my cousin since the day I came into this world, believe it or not. The majority of pictures from my childhood are by his side. It actually became a joke between the adults in the family that the two of us were “in love”. And a part of me believes that’s true. But maybe I’m crazy. The problem was that we live in different countries and although I used to visit every summer, the older I got, the less my parents took me to visit. Granted, that’s only due to the increase of risk in traveling to that country. The less frequently I visited, the harder it was for him and I to pick up where we left off on our friendship. Currently he’s 23 and I recently turned 18. I know I’m young, so people automatically take what I say as a joke. But every time we wind up in each others presences, theres some sort of tension- like when in movies there’s a separated couple that still have feelings for each-other. As strange as it may seem, my grandmother supports this and wants my cousin and I to be together, as she tells my mother. My parents, however, either get very angry or exaggeratedly laugh at the sound of it. Him and I remain social media friends, and I don’t want to ruin anything in the family- but I can’t help but feel like a part of me will always be wanting to know if he really did and still does feel the same. Or if there’s a chance we could be together. I constantly find myself unconsciously comparing all my “boyfriends” and flings to him, as if I know no one will ever be enough. I just can’t imagine how I would tell him. if you actually took the time to read this- thank you. If you have any advice- thanks in advance.
  5. Just tell him how you feel. If he rejected you at least you can shrug it off. And thankfully u just like him not love. Am i right? Because unloving someone is the worst feeling.
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  7. Breakup is referred to as a termination of a relationship. Even if you're the partner to orchestrate a break up, it can still be really awful. Not only have you now got to adjust your life accordingly but chances are some pretty rubbish things happened in the run up to the end of your relationship. Break up conversations can get nasty, and are usually utterly emotionally exhausting. Hi, I am from canada, BC. I want to share my experience here. I am in a relationship from the last four years with someone else. relations are going very well and we both are so happy suddenly last year he was ignoring me and be loudly on little things. I was confused about why is happening like that. I am scared about our relationship. and one day I caught him with another guy. I could not sleep or eat for weeks or days. I want her back. but the mind was not working properly. I can't understand what I can do or not?? then I heard about lovelearnings. here I got the best guidance regarding what I can do or not. here provide me a step-by-step solution to the common problems between our relationships, and other common issues which have created a problem. here great ideas available to overcome any dreaded relationships
  8. So there is gonna be 3 people that are important to this question. That being me, my female cousin, and my male cousin. We are all around the same age except the female cousin is a year younger them us two. So the thing is I used to be close to my male cousin but since we all moved it didn't stay that way and both of my cousins got close. I guess she had a crush on him like I did and I think he found out that she liked him and he started to put more distance between them. I am mad that she liked him because I do too but unlike her I'm not that obvious about it. I thought maybe I should tell him how I feel but now he rejected her, I think he will do the same to me. What do y'all think?
  9. I broke up with my cousin because she had to leave for México. We don’t want a long distance relationship. I don’t know what to do.
  10. It’s ok to have sex with a loving cousin, it’s safe and very special. I have done it many times and it was the best thing I have ever done
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  12. Thank you po sa reply niyo po, my marriage may not be as happy as we we’re before but due to circumstances hindi ko rin naman sila kaya iwanan. Maybe kung nangyari pa noon tapos nalaman ko din tong group na to baka lumakas loob namin pareho. But now, maybe he’s not worth the trouble after all.
  13. May long message siya sakin tapos after a year na ko naka sagot kasi ready na ko mag move on then ayun kinamusta ko siya and siya din kinamusta ako tapos humihingi na ko sakanya ng closure tapos siya parang ayaw niya kasi hindi siya makasagot etc. So ayun fast forward after 4 years may separate lives na kami tapos eto ngayon kinukulit niya ko, i tried to push him away pero yun sabi niya may depression siya suicidal na siya gusto daw niya ko makita or makasama before niya gawin. Tama po kayo sir pooch buti nga nalaman ng jowa niya at least ngayon hindi na niya ko ginugulo so hindi ko na cargo kung may mangyari sakanya. Maraming salamat po sa mga reply niyo po.
  14. 143, time heals... just focus to what matter most to you.. your family. Love and protect yourself so you won’t be in a bad situation. I understand the excitement and kilig... this is just a temporary felling... is this worth of trouble???
  15. Hi 143. Welcome sa CC To respond, Why!??? Bakit mo kelangan pa siyang icheck? Tapos na to ate ehhh! Wala ng dapat pang pagusapan.. this step is definitelt not good for you --- yung tipong "kakamustahin mo ang ex mo" (whether cousin relationship or not). Bat ka kakausap ng ex? Eh ex na nga eh! We can never be friends with our ex. No no no... no way. Hindi mo siya mahal. Sabi mo lang yan. Ang totoo niyan, pagkatapos mong kumustahin, medyo bumalik lang yung ilang isyu...mga matatandang issue.. wala kayong pagmamahalan, ang meron kayo eh "kasaysayan"...history lang ang meron kayo and thats about it! Kuha mo? Tapos na kasi yung episode mo sa kanya eh. Aba oh eh kung hindi pa pala siya nahuli edi magtututuloy-tuloy kayo sa kalokohan niyo? Ate wag mong gawin sa sarili mo yan. You have to move on from this guy. Tapos na tong cousin mong to e... naniniwala akong alam mo rin naman na tama itong sinasabi ko. Tama? Blessing in disguise to. Buti kamo iniwan ka ulit! It will put you actually sa matuwid na landas. Mas mayos ang buhay mo ngayon maniwala ka. Yes masakit, pero at least mas matuwid naman! Pooch
  16. Hello may tao pa ba dito hehehe. May kwento po ako sana tapos ask ko na rin po sa dulo. Here it is, 6 years ago po nag ka relasyon kami ng cousin-bf 3 years kami lagi kaming masaya noon, ups and downs but mostly masaya kami pareho, pero nag hiwalay kami kasi nahuli kami pero kahit nahuli kami nun hindi pa rin kami kagad agad nag hiwalay mga 2-3 months pa ata pa graduate na ko nun sa college tapos iniwan niya ko siyempre sobrang sagad sagadan ang lungkot ko nun mga kuys so ayun siya nag ka ron na ng bagong, ako din then after a year nakipag chat ako sakanya to check kung masaya na ba talaga siya or kaya na ba niya ipaglaban ung relasyon namin but siyempre kasi nga may bago na siya iniwan na niya kong tuluyan. so ngayon meron na kami parehong tag isang baby( sa iba), ewan ko ba bumalik siya bigla. Kasal na ko pero( not sa church but by law) siya pa din talaga ung mahal ko. Sobrang gulong gulo na ako ngayon nahuli siya ng wife (though hindi sila kasal) so ayun ito nanaman ako iniwan nanaman ang dami dami niyang sinabi iiwan din naman 💔 .
  17. Salamay kuya Jimmy.. keep us posted po pag may oras kayo. Pooch
  18. Mahabang istorya po sir. saka ko na po ikukwento. May mga ups and downs din po. Sa ngaun po masasabi ko na di pa kami gaanong successful. May mga bagay pa kasi kaming inaayos. I will keep posted here po. Thank you.
  19. Magandang buhay po sa lahat.. Newbie lng po ako dito. Makiki-loop in po sana kung ok lng?Katulad din po ako sa inyu in love sa pinsan. , i've been living with my cousin almost 9 years na at may 2 anak na kmi..8years old & 4 years old.. Natutuwa ako sa wakas dinala ako ni google sa site ng cc.com.
  20. I met my cousin first cousin once removed around 15 years ago.
  21. An interesting narration about love and attraction towards a cousin. It is not to be ashamed of.
  22. Your cousin is like any other girl. You have greater acquaintance with her due to your family relationship. Be sensitive to her wishes and don't force yourself into friendship as it can backfire. Give her time and space but let her know clearly your deep interest in her as a person.
  23. hey guys . I think i am in love with my cousin (maternal side) and she is also attracted to me i think she gives all the signals which indicate that she likes me.She knows that there is something going on but still she does not say anything .I asked her to go out for a cup of coffee with me but she refused,and then when i asked that is that a decent no for a casual meetup she said no when ever i will get time i will let you know.One more thing she behaves differntly with me compared to my other cousins.What should i do???
  24. Grabe, nakakatuwa po ang istorya niyo. Pwede po bang sabihin niyo rin sa amin kung anu-anong mga challenges ang nakaharap ninyo mula nung huli kayong nagpost? Ano pong nangyari mula nung 5 years? Musta naman po yung side ng pamilya ni cousin-wife niyo? Aba kung may family picture pa nga po sana kayo, pwede ko pong isubmit ito sa moderator.. i will put it sa success stories na cousin couples, if you dont mind po ang konting publicity? Hahaha Pooch
  25. Hi Sangio, How are you na ni cousin mo? If di mo mamasamain, ano ang ikinamatay ng panganay nyo? Thank you..
  26. ehehe.. Ok naman Sir pooch.. ganun pa din. Wala naman ipinagbago mula nung huli akong nagpost.. 5 years old na yung anak namin. nasa Kindergarten na sya...
  27. browneyedgirl, i have to agree wholeheartedly with serendipity. i think it's wonderful that you have found such a wonderful young man with such admirable qualities! but the next four years are going to bring a lot of changes. those feelings that seem so strong right now may fade when the two of you are so far apart! jeapardizing the financial aid your parents can provide during your college years for your relationship may not be the most prudent thing. there will be plenty of time to stand your ground and tell your parents you intend to marry him once you have finished college and know for certain that your love will stand the test of time (and distance!)
  28. relevant links, yes. no spam though! you wouldn't believe how many people post spammy links to dating services around here. we have a low tolerance for things like that :/
  29. You are so right. He could have choosen to handle it properly instead of pushing his iwn agenda! Are we allowed to post links here?
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