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  3. I don't know about you but I'm not sure but I'm waiting for my cousin reply So you can do if it feels ok
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  5. You are in a thin line as I am too... The difference is now she is married and she is building her life... I know you are upset but you also got to put everything in a balance... I ommitted many details on my first post and the reasons I feel that everything is mutual, we both are single at the time.... she does nothing but take pics and videos of me and us even when I am not aware of it... I might be mixing things up a bit but I do have a strong feeling she is facing the same situation, she is introverted which also difficults things... From what I read your cousin is extroverted and lives li
  6. You are probably right. She had the option in front of her and declined it so I don’t think it’s wise to pursue aggressively. But based on the vibe i’m getting from her she seems to appreciate my affections. It could have gone a lot worse than that if you ask me. And this somewhat gives me hope. I plan on keeping in touch, but i’m not going to wait for her. Just going to keep living and enjoying life. If she comes around that’s a plus. it feels good to have finally told her though. I have to thank the people on this site for their inspirational stories and guidance. The sense of co
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  8. I might not be the best to give advice here... but I do think she has no interest in hooking up again... I feel that she is a cool person and understood the situation I think you should focus on what she told you and not push it unless she openly tells you to or she is extremely flirty.... If you dont keep distance it might create a fracture on your relationship with her in the future... 😕
  9. Thanks for your response and I am trying to clear my mind I am usually a very busy guy talking on the phone all day due to business and stuff like that... but this damn covid situation has me with plenty of free time to overthink things... I should back off a little but it is so recent and it took me a long time to accept it so thats why I feel a bit off the ground at the moment... I hope some day you could get the closure...
  10. I perfectly understand your point. I did receive a text from her a few hours ago asking me how I was doing and a few more things, first long text since the confession....I did reply and didnt get a response... It is perfectly understandable it was really hard for me to come out clean with her, I even hid this feeling for a long time... I do get to travel all over always and she is my usual travel buddy when she gets time off her job... Thanks for the response, you are absolutely correct in everything...
  11. You’re story sounds somewhat similar to mine. I’m new to this site and don’t know how to create initial posts so consider this to be an original. I’ve been extremely attracted to my half first cousin (our moms are half sisters) since a very young age. Im now 33 and she’s 29. We are both married to different people. We also now live in different countries. We did get touchy Feely with each other when we were really young. This was probably my first such experience ever and I don’t think she have any memory of it. Anyways, other than those 2 times, we’ve not been intimate again. I
  12. Don’t take this harshly but i think you should back off a bit. Clearly she doesnt want to talk about it, maybe shes ashamed, shy, confused?! I know it is hard. Maybe your looking for closure? To really know how she felt? To hear what she thinks about all of that? You just need to let it go for now and start focusing on yourself. You think about this situation too often and probably daydream about it way too much. Instead why don’t you go to the gym, hangout with some buddies, join a sports club or any club that interests you, watch movies. Anything to take your mind off of her. I was i
  13. I have not been in your situation, but I would advise you to not message her UNLESS she messages you first. You have hit her head on with something she is not sure how she feels or how to deal with it. Give her time, lots of time if she needs it . In time you will have your answer. Whether it is what you want to hear or not what you expect it will be clear. You have loved her for a long time, maybe she loves you the same way or not, she hasn't had knowledge that you felt as you do. She needs the time to process the information and search her heart, soul and head for the c
  14. Its been four days and yesterday she did not even open my conversation when I asked how she was doing and how was work. When we are together she keeps recording ourselves and taking pictures she is happy and I love that... Basically she replied right away that she needed some minutes hours or days.... Sent her a good night text which she didnt reply to.... next day she sent me a message telling me,...“ hope you are doing good.... can you do export invoices for your products?” It was a very random question, as she knew the answer... I replied asap and asked how s
  15. Its very hard to accept your feelings. We are told our whole lives its wrong. Its kinda life changing. Ive lived in fear and anxiety of people finding out and it destroying our lives. What was her random message? Has she responded to your message at all?
  16. Any advice... her reply was very vague... I think she is in denial... She did not affirm or deny any feelings she said I might need a few mins hours or days.... Then asked me a random question the next day.... We have given like 4 messages after my message... Please any woman in here that had gone through something similar? How hard is it to accept this feelings when you know that you might lose your immediate family siblings parents for an indefinite time or forever... how big is this fear? Thanks
  17. I released my deepes secret today. I confessed my love to the only person with whom I have been able to be happy with my first cousin. Our story is long, and so has been my denial. I am 4 years older than her and currently in my early thirties with no kids and only failed relationships. I am a businessman and always traveling specially abroad, our story started when she was 18... when she moved on her own to college I went to visit her, we had a good time and I did purchase some alcohol for her roomates and herself. We all had a good time, I was going to sleep on the couch
  18. Also are they giving you any options to get your kids back?
  19. Where do you live?! Thats horrible :(
  20. My kids have been removed because we're cousins. They were honor roll students, lived in a gorgeous home, we own our own business and everyone is against us because we had kids together. Attorneys, judges. The kids are ashamed of us too because everyone keeps telling my kids it's a shameful incestuous relationship. Kids are even ashamed to live with us now. Does anyone know of the lobbying activists that are trying to correct this horrible taboo against first cousins?
  21. Currently depressed, feeling sad everyday, staying up for days, and hurting myself mentally (soon physically). Mostly because I’m hurt romantically. I can say lots more but I’m just going to leave at that for now.

  22. I don't know all the details. Her boyfriend wants to, I'm sure she wants to wait until she has all her school done and her own house. I know about 2 years ago, she was considering breaking up, so there's a chance she doesn't want to marry him. If that day comes, I'm going to become an empty shell. Then having to attend the wedding with a fake smile. I'll be happy that she's happy.. but I know my life is going to be depressing. I know there's plenty of fish in the sea blah blah.. I don't need a fish, I need my Tinkerbell. I'll honestly just stay alone forever, it would be unfair to any potentia
  23. 6 yrs is a long time to not have gotten married. Whats up with that?
  24. Of course. I pretty much knew that's what I have to do. Especially if she's happy. I'd rather she had happiness instead of my own. It definitely will always hurt not being able to express the entirety of my heart 😓 but that's life.
  25. Sidelines unless the 6 yr relationship fails.
  26. Okay. So I definitely wouldn't mind some advice/discussion. I'll start from the beginning of it all. As I write this, Im 27 and she's 22 So the earliest I remember meeting my second cousin, she was 2 and I was 7. We played imaginary games, Peter Pan and she was Tinkerbell. Of course at a young age, I always knew I loved her like I was supposed to, but never imagined I'd fall head over heels in Love. Its hard to recollect exactly how I felt at the time, but I know I felt sad when it was time to go home. I didn't see her again until I was about 9 (She's 4). I was hanging out with
  27. My cousin and I live in different states. Do you think a good way for us to get closer is for us to write letters to each other? It's more personal and formal than texting or emailing, and it might even lead to writing each other love letters.
  28. I understand, but please can we do a secret conversation. Pls Contact on my WhatsApp number 9772952476. Its urgent
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