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  3. ummm, i thought media was now banned from posting requests? princesofthelma, i strongly encourage you to retract your offer. we have not vetted this person. and most media opportunities are not helpful at all. they're exploitive. even the dr. phil show that aired recently was deceptive in their "purpose", and instead put out more bias and misinformation instead of facts, and it was a very stressful experience for the couple.
  4. KC

    Dear Diary

    I saw this in one of the major newspapers and thought it was so cool. But in the paper, the names were withheld. I could do that with a little custom programming. This forum software is updated so often that it would be difficult to maintain the changes. I like to work within the framework that I am given; it is so much easier. As a free website, we do not make money so there is no incentive to add to my responsibilities. But let's have fun with it!
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  6. My cousin is so talented, I'm so lucky too have him as my Husband!!!💋

  7. My cuz is so amazing, he always knows how to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. 20190512_233325.mp4
  8. KC: Your response is exactly why I responded the way I did. I really think she is just trying to get under our skin
  9. KC


    Don't overthink anything ever. Everything will be fine.
  10. 18 years is a long time to throw away. What if you could get your husband off of drugs, would that make a difference? Maybe that is the direction you should be going? Of course we get these types of questions all the time. There is no hard-and-fast answer. Only questions like the ones I have posed to you. Ultimately you have to make the decision yourself. I am just here to help you make an informed decision with all of my rhetorical questions.
  11. if his dad and your mom are first cousins then I do do not know. 2nd cousins I guess. they would not be your 1st cousins. You are so distantly related that there is no issue unless you make it one.
  12. What is he to me 2 or 3 cousin. If my dad and his mom our 1 cousin what are we need help people
  13. To KC I been with my husband for 18 years . All my husband wants to do is sleep and do drugs. My and my husband doesn't have kids together but I do have kids they are grown and have there own family's now .
  14. I'm not sure from what perspective you are seeking an answer from. You have found a good way to sabotage your marriage and I wonder if it could go on even if you wanting to stay with your husband. Do you have kids involved? How long have you been married? What if it doesn't work out with your cousin and you end up with nothing? Why are you not happy with your husband and what makes you think you will always be happy with your cousin? Marriages are not always puppy dogs and rainbows. If you can't get through tough times with your husband what makes you think you can get through those better with your cousin?
  15. Hello everybody's yes im in love with my cousin and his in love with me . But I'm married and I'm not happy with my husband. So should I get a divorce if I'm not happy no more with my husband. And me and my cousin are dating now too . We are both in are 40 and have not seen him 30 years . What should I do?
  16. I am confused. Didn't you just post that your parents were first cousins? How then are they also your uncle and aunt? Deadbeat dads are not limited to kissing cousins. You dad needs his khoolas snipped. How old are you?
  17. This is Shoes12. @Serendipity you’re right. I do/did want to vent. The problem is it’s not as easy as just stopping communication. It is sometimes. I mean we don’t communicate every day like we did a couple of years ago but the dynamics of being family members (albeit distant ones) means we won’t be be leaving each other’s lives anytime soon. We may go years without talking but I suspect we’ll always feel sparks. I was frustrated in previous messages trying to communicate that because I came to a cousin couple’s site for a reason. It’s not a typical scenario with the usual dynamics. It’s easy to walk away when you’re not family! The way in which I met him a couple of years ago means I will only continue to be in his life and him in mine, at least peripherally. I am developing relationships with other family members we share so it’s not a case of just exiting each other’s lives. We will hear each other’s names come up on a semi regular basis. When he reaches out it feels like he likes me. I already know he does but the fact he’s still doing it after all this time is flattering. Last time he reached out it was to ask a sweet question about some family research I’m doing. It’s been a few months since we talked but I will be seeing him at a family get together soon. @Ambra_FlowsI don’t communicate with him. I will respond to his questions though and chat with him for a bit at least if he reaches out. I don’t engage unless the conversation requires it (he asks a question for instance). He’s not an ex boyfriend. We do have an attraction but we are also family members about the same age who just met for the first time a few years ago.
  18. Heather - Your parents are your parents NOT your aunt and uncle. The primary relationship is biological parent. the fact that they are also related is not YOUR problem but theirs. How they handle it is a reflection on them, NOT YOU. Again, if the father is ashamed of the offspring - he is the problem. I feel your pain and I know you have been abused. You had no choice and are stuck with his dumb attitude. You are the victim, NOT the cause of the problem. I cannot grasp how deeply your pain goes. I know it does and I just wish I could give you a major hug and some desperately needed comfort. Send me a pm if you want to talk more. I want to help you feel there is hope and happiness in the world. HUGS Nat
  19. Does anybody else get confused with people asking stupid questions like this?
  20. Do anybody else get confused when your dad is your uncle and you mom is your aunt and your sister is your cousins. How do you help your children with this. What if the father is ashamed of the offspring and just abandons the child?
  21. Hmmm. I don't know. Maybe she does, maybe she doesn't. I can't tell. She was quick to jump to the family tie. She turned down your offer to wait for her. I'm thinking, no. She has kids and that is her priority. Coming out of my divorce, even though I went out on dates my first year following, I didn't want a serious relationship and she may be in that exact situation following her breakup. I presume she broke up with her long term boyfriend? The father of her children?
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