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  2. It is important to find out whether he has a girlfriend or not. That's the first step. After you find that out, come back here to update us and let us know. Pooch
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  4. i am now 19 years old . my cousin's age is same as mine.i am in love with him nearly 10 years . but i don't no whether he has the same feeling with me .i recently found that he is in facebook and i was so excited that i finally got a chance of seeing his photo . he is living in torquay,uk and i am living in india . i get a chance of meeting him only once in 4 or 5 years.i dont know whether he is in love with someone else.i am afraid whether he will accept my love or not . i am right now studying MBBS and he is studying engineering . i joined MBBS because i thought he would also pursue MBBS as his father is an orthopedic surgeon . should i propose to him?give me some idea guys......
  5. Hello all! Newbie here. Just for the record I have read almost every single thread and its so awesome to see not one person judge another. Ive read some really far stories that seem to blend the line of fact and fantasy but still not one judgmental remark, so please dont start with me lol. A lot of stories are similar while some are extremely original. Either way, Ive enjoyed them all. Now its time for me to tell my story. I imagine its gonna be a long one so grab some popcorn and your favorite beverage and lets dive in shall we?? To start with, Im 33 engaged man living on the East coast of the United States. Never married, no kids. Just an ordinary man living an ordinary life. The cousin that I will be speaking about ... well... I dont know a whole lot about. I can tell you that she is my moms sisters daughter and thats really about it. Flashback to 1986-1989 where my mother spent most of her time in some sort of hazy life of drug abuse and alcoholism. My extremely wonder dad finally had enough of her holy crapoly! so he packed my sister and I up and off to grandmas(dads mom) we go! And from that time, we've had very little to do with the "other side" of the family.. Which is why I dont really know my cousin. Dad worked a full time job, my grandpa worked a full time job and my grandma worked when she could but for the most part she stayed home and took care of home things. My sister is a little older than me and in school so me and my grandma spent a lot of time together. Its a different time now than it was in the early 90s . Theres things you cant do with kids now that were probably ok then. and if they werent ok, I didnt know or didnt care. But I can remember my grandma giving me baths and an occasional shower together when I was around 5-7 years old. I never thought anything of it. To me it was just how it was. At the time my grandma was a beautiful woman in her early 40s and She was the first woman I seen nude.. and as strange as it may sound.. it was a beautiful sight and still to this day I have "preferences" bc of the things that I liked about her body. I wont go into detail bc I know admins dont like that I can remember one time, we were home alone and she was laying on the couch and I was standing beside her and the next thing I knew she was completely topless. Bare breasted. She put lotion in my hands and had me rub lotion on her. I liked it. I REALLY liked it and I think she did too but I dont think anything like that ever happened again. I know some would consider that some sort of child abuse, but I simply dont see it that way and never will. But youre probably wondering why Im talking about my grandma and not my cousin... Im talking about my grandma bc I believe thats where it all started for me. On days my grandma would work and I didnt go to school bc I was sick or whatever, my grandmothers sister would watch me. What a gorgeous woman she was. I know it seems strange to me that even at a young age, I had a sexual desire. Maybe I didnt know what to do but I knew I liked things. I remember sneaking into my aunts bathroom while she was in the shower or bath to try to catch a peak. Sometimes I was successful and would catch a full frontal shot before getting caught. And I liked it.. I liked it A LOT. As I got a little older obviously the showers and baths with my grandma stopped but Ive never forgotten it. Then as a boy turning into a teenager, I started using those memories to masturbate. It was almost every single time. I used to go out to my aunts house and sit there with imagination running wild thinking about her naked soaking wet body that I seen not too many years before and wanted so bad to tell her how much I wanted her right then and there. I came close a couple times but ended up chickening. One time she was sitting in her chair with her hand down her pants and I could see her hand moving rhythmically. Was she masturbating?? I dont know. But I knew I wanted her. These thoughts about my grandmother and aunt finally started to dwindle about the time I turned 16 and now its all just a memory. Enter cousin "Amanda" As I stated before, I know nothing about her. I know her name, I know what city she lives in and thats it. We've spent very little time around each other and most of that time was when I was roughly 7-12 years old. I dont know if we got a long or fought like cats and dogs. The one and only time Ive seen her as an adult was around the time of my moms funeral about 10 years ago. I remember seeing her and thinking how beautiful she was. She still is! I dont know how old she is but I believe she is about 38-40. So back then she wouldve roughly been 30. I was so nervous. Partly bc Im around a bunch of people that "love" me and I dont know who the hell they are and partly bc the most beautiful girl Ive ever seen is standing next to me. And now.... I want her. At hospice with my mom taking what would be her lasts breaths on this earth and all I can think about is "I want her now." So im a pretty much the shy quiet type so you know I didnt say anything. Just tried to fight the arousal. Several years later she sends me a friend request on fb and naturally I accept. We dont and never have gotten into any real chit chat whatsoever. She lives at the beach and I live in the mountains so shes asked me to come visit and that I can stay with her and yada yada yada but I never went.... Until now. Next week I am going to be in her town. In her presence. I know from what Ive read on here people get a little agitated when its just physical attraction and they just want to get into bed.. But thats what it is. Its 100% a physical and sexual attraction. I cant hardly look at her pics on fb without getting turned on and start fantasizing about staying with her and maybe weve had a few drinks and we start to open up to one another about our attraction to one another and one thing leads to another and another and another. I want her near me, on me... it dont matter. I just want her bad. Im worried this is one of those things that dont go away until you get what you want and I will never tell her my secret. My hopes in this little vacation is that she'll ask me to come back and stay with her. Im not staying with her this time since im not going alone. But maybe she'll throw another invitation out there. I would like to see how that stay would work out. Sometimes I feel like If i could just hold her it would soothe the ache, but sometimes I believe it would only stoke the fire. Im gonna try to spend at least a little alone time with her next week but I imagine it wont be much due to her work schedule. I didnt write this for advice or anything like that but please feel free to jump on in.. just telling my story. It feels good to get it off my chest. If you made this far, thank you for your attention!
  6. I say reach out to him and see what happens. It may work out, maybe not, but you need to let yourself explore this and if it doesn't work out, THEN you can finally move on. If it does, then you can either deal with the famoly fallout or keep it secret. My 1st cousin and I are in a relationship together and our family doesn't know. I don't care and nor does he. It's not any of their business.
  7. Actually our Father's are second cousins to each other, so I believe he and I are third cousins. I live in the states so its not illegal to date or marry, but we don't even talk anymore because everyone made a big deal out of it (laughing about it, reminding me that it's incestuous etc.) when my mother found the information out (she also believes he already knew). I wanna talk to him so badly about how I feel but I'm scared. I've tried getting over him for the past two years. Even dated others but I don't connect with them as I do him. I don't know if they're real feelings or just chemistry from the blood relation. It hurts ..
  8. If you're using a nick name, you shouldn't need to worry about your friends. Most people here want to talk on the forum. Post a specific question, and see if you get an answer.
  9. I think that makes you 2nd cousins. If I remember correctly, 2nd cousins are not biologically related. You would need to find out if you can marry where you live. If your family and culture are against it, that can be difficult to overcome. You might want to read more on that topic on this board. If there is a will, there is a way.
  10. Ask a family member that you can trust, who is familiar with the situation of your cousin not being related, and ask that person what you should do.
  11. I'm fairly new to this forum. I've needed help trying to seek advice on this because its a bit embarrassing to try and talk to peers. 2015 I was out one night with my sisters and we were sitting talking with a group of guys and I noticed one of their friends. We were exchanging looks so my friend got his number for me. It didn't really go anywhere, but fast forward to 2017 messaged me on Facebook then that's when we began really conversing. He had a legal commitment at the time so we could only see each other on weekends. One weekend during Graduation season for highschool students (We are not in highschool. I had friends Graduating) he came down and we all went out. As we were talking (same group of guys) it came about that a few were related to me, but I had alcohol in my system so it didn't really dawn on me that he could've been as well. The next time I talked with him I brought up that we should find out if there is relation. He got really defensive and asked where I got that info from (even though I had never asked in the first place, I was just speaking in regards to the info I found out at the bar). I told him nowhere and that I just wanted to be sure. We never discussed it again, and began to grow closer, until one day my mother happened to come to my house and he was there. She asked who his people were and he mentioned a last name that my mother immediately recognized but its my Paternal side of the family. She basically let us know that we're related. (My great grandmother and one if his great grandparents were siblings) We are in very close proximity in regards to cities we lived in and i was literally always with my Great grandmother as a child. I adored her, but i just have no recollection of him even though his grandmother is my great grand's niece. We were never physically involved but I was still so heartbroken. I really don't know what to do. He subliminally posted on Snapchat a few months later that read "There is this beautiful red girl I want, but our history won't let us." My sister said she saw him one night back in June and he asked about me. I saw him last weekend after not seeing or talking to him for months but we went back to the first time ever seeing other. No words, just exchanging looks. I'm not sure what to do. I've broken down in tears from this because I have no one to talk to about it. I don't know if we fell in love or just feel a deeper connection because of relation. I am also African American and that's extremely taboo for my race. If anyone has any advice or need more information on our history please message me or reply to this board. I would appreciate any advice right now ❤
  12. The thought has been planted in her mind. If you were to keep trying to get her to see you as a couple could backfire on you. Let it be, no pressure on her, no mention of it, and just be her friend, If she should begin to see you in the way you want, she will let you know. It might be by actions or maybe by words, but you will know. BUT you must also be prepared to accept that she may never see you in the same way. When she next visits, play it cool, just be a friend and enjoy the visit with no other expectations.
  13. I wish I saw this sooner, I enlisted Victoria's gay sister to bring up the idea that I could possibly have a crush on her. Long story short she knows and accepts it she said she loves me too but I don't know if it's the same way. Any tips I could get her to accept the idea of us a couple of any other helpful advise. This time I'll check before I tell my first cousin I'm in love with her... PS we're both 18, we talk everyday and everynight and send snaps saying how much we wish each other a wonderful sleep, she's also a hour away but coming to visit this Sunday. Big time freaking out.
  14. Ummmmm, what should you do? Go away. Far, far away
  15. Advice would be sort of dependent on your ages. But if you see each other often, are around each other and know each other pretty well, if the situation arises you could always use the line " if you weren't my cousin I would date you" or "you possess the qualities I look for in a girlfriend." If she gives you the EWW factor or shows shock or disinterest, you always have the out of telling her " I said IF" Gives you an out, lets you know if there is any interest, and/ or plants the seed of possibilities with her. Don't mention it again, let her take the lead on this after you have told her. Whatever you do, DON'T declare your love for her----- yet anyway!! Build a solid friendship, one a potential relationship could be built on. Best wishes.
  16. I'm in love with my cousin Victoria, and I wake up in the morning hoping I'll hear from her. And spend my nights worried if she's happy rn. We have humor, music, and so much more in common. But my biggest issue is, if I tell her how I would even bring it up. I don't want it to hurt or relationship because I know the pain would crush me. But she's family, I'm so confused and feel like I could crumble from these feelings. I need answers 😢
  17. I have a relationship with my cousin and I am so happy with him. If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.
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  19. I totally don't think so,,My aurt married her cousin,,they been together 20 yrs or so with two kids a girl and a boy,the boy is my age,,and he awesome handsome,,,i could fall in love with him,,and be happy about it,,,When he hugs me,,,i get crazy hot,,he even kisses my lips now and then,,,We spend a lot of summer together,,and so handsome and masculine in a swim trunks,,,my inmagination go bonkers,,think how I wish we could make love,,,he one hot guy,,,If he ever ask me,,I,m sure I'd say Yes and go all in with him,,,so I can see why cousins fall in love. DorathyJayne
  20. Is it wrong to be in love with your cousin.
  21. Hello me and my cousin wants to get married 2021 . I hope we don't have any problem. His mom is my dad first cousin .why do we fall in love with or cousin
  22. 1 When the next time Moslem Fanatics kill and maim innocent people, our Govt will "hang out to dry" the remainder of the Moslem population as they have to innocent legal firearm owners, I think not.
  23. I was wondering what the music that plays in the dance scene of this short is?. Is it a popular piece of the time or just something unknown?. Whatever it is, it has a nice bop to it
  24. I also have a question: Does he have a girlfriend? Pooch
  25. how old are you NOW? you said you moved into their house when you were 11. how long ago was that?
  26. I still have a hard time texting on my Touch. Too many mistouches. I have been forcing myself to use the touch screen, but maybe its time to break out the qwerty board.
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