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    dating website

    I registered on my first dating website. Yay go me! I was looking for some hot honeys. The site was Badoo now I have no idea what that means in Spanish but I suspect it means ugly Hussey's. I asked this one girl if I could cage her up. She said no! She thought I was being metaphorical. I was not. I think she needs to be in a cage on her way down to the dog pound for testing I don't have high standards just look at my soon-to-be ex-wife. I was just looking for some company. After looking at their profile pictures I tried to pull my head off.
  3. color coordination? oops. Yes! You are right. LadyC did the verbose table and I did the map. We combined two websites so I had never noticed this before.
  4. Yes, but it appears to be color coordinated with purple indicating first cousin once removed which says Indiana and Wisconsin. Yes I do need to ask a lawyer but just wanted to ask if someone on here already talked to one and got married in Illinois.
  5. We have a saying in NC -- maybe it's an adage: "Let well enough alone." That is my best advice. She is a roller coaster and she will, given time, roll over your soul like a runaway roller coaster going 1000 miles per hour. Trouble trouble. Do yourself a favor. Find a wild gypsy women, like I'm looking for. We do not need these crazy women in lives. We are beautiful, strong men. Damit. Why do we seek self-destruction in this way? It's quicker to force yourself off of a bridge. Hey! Just a word to the wise!
  6. We have it as "First cousins and first cousins once removed prohibited only if they can bear children or are over a certain age." If you find out any different, please let us know. I want to provide the most accurate information on the web.
  7. Best advice is contact a lawyer to make sure. The state laws page may not always be completely up to date as things can change since they were last updated.
  8. I just checked again and on this site it doesn’t say it’s prohibited.
  9. Last week
  10. Hi guys ! I guess I'm in LDR, with my cousin. It all started this winter. We never talked about it before that and for past 7 years we've been living two oceans apart. She contacted me first and then essentially confessed her love to me, but when I was trying to tell her that I felt the same way all my life, she rejected me! Then again in couple of weeks or so she confessed to me again and then again after sometime she told me that she had confused her feelings for me. These short-term "break-ups" are usually quite dramatic, she calls me names and tells how we can't be a couple because of our differences or that she doesn't like guys like me, stuff like that. She never addresses the fact that we are cousins directly. I don't really know what to think of it... I think she freaks out because we are cousins. How do I tell her that there is nothing wrong with us being cousins ?
  11. It contingent upon whatever "first degree cousins are." Ahhh. These outmoded terms are unbearable. I'm left scratching my head. We have it listed as prohibited in IL but I am questioning that.
  12. Has anyone on here got married to their first cousin once removed in Illinois? I looked at the state laws page and it does say it’s allowed but again you guys do say to ask a lawyer. Just want to know if anyone on here has got married here or talked to a lawyer and knows for sure. Thanks!
  13. It depends on what Louisiana's definition of 4th degree relatives are. They may define the definition in their state law. The definition may vary from religious, legal, and historic definitions like the old Roman civil law. I can't answer your question with 110% confidence. You should contact a lawyer who would know or know how to quickly find out. If you do that please let us know what you find out. Sometimes it is easier to leave the state, get married and return.
  14. HI Cinderella2019, welcome to cc! If you haven't already, check out the page on the site that spells out the state laws as we know them. The best advice I could give you is contact a lawyer in your state. We do not give legal advice here, but urge you to seek same in your state. Best wishes on your journey.
  15. We really don't care about your smoking habits. I'm tempted to delete those parts of this post because we have minors peruse this site and we in no way do we want to be seen as condoning that kind of behavior. You like her. She likes you. I don't see the problem. Proceed slowly and you should find out soon enough if the two of you are a good match.
  16. Does anyone know (or have done it) if a 1st Cousin Once Removed can get married in Louisiana? I am seeing conflicting information. One sites says yes, another site says no. Thanks!!!
  17. Hi Chanel, Ilang tanong: Di ko kasi nabasa yung posts mo sa unahan so patanong lang ah: 1. Ilang taon na kayo both ni cous-bf mo? 2. Taga-saan ka sa Pinas? (Luzon (Manila or province), Visayas, Mindanao)? 3. May plano ba kayong 2 umalis ng bansa? Anong long term plan ni bf mo? Uwian lang siya no? 4. Anong ilang tanong mo? If ang tanong mo is about the baby mo, depende kasi yan sa edad mo eh tsaka sa genetic makeup. Pure pinay ka ba? How about si Bf -- di naman siya mestiso? Nagaalala ka ba sa posibleng issue sa pinagbubuntis mo? 5. Update mo ko sa sitwasyon ng pamilya (sa side mo -- ng mama mo, and sa kanya) 6. Saan ka (kayo) nakatira ngayon? Nakabukod na ba kayo? 7. Marami pa sana akong tanong eh, pero yan muna. Hehe. Pooch
  18. Yep. First cousin ko. Matagal na kami ni cous-gf..and isa yan sa mga dahilan kung bakit ako naging aktibo dito sa forum na ito since my college days. Hehe Pero believe it or not, di naman ako madalas dito eh. Pasulpot-sulpot lang from time to time pag may nagpost na bago like you.. Or pag may tanong tungkol sa batas sa Pinas..or pag may problema sa pamilya na medyo interesado ako. ✌ Admin din ako dito dati (tanong mo kay KC and kay LadyC), pero hinugot na nila ko sa rotation nila. Dito lang naman kasi ako sa thread na itong mga pinoy ako aktibo eh. Hehe.. Pooch
  19. ummm, i thought media was now banned from posting requests? princesofthelma, i strongly encourage you to retract your offer. we have not vetted this person. and most media opportunities are not helpful at all. they're exploitive. even the dr. phil show that aired recently was deceptive in their "purpose", and instead put out more bias and misinformation instead of facts, and it was a very stressful experience for the couple.
  20. KC

    Dear Diary

    I saw this in one of the major newspapers and thought it was so cool. But in the paper, the names were withheld. I could do that with a little custom programming. This forum software is updated so often that it would be difficult to maintain the changes. I like to work within the framework that I am given; it is so much easier. As a free website, we do not make money so there is no incentive to add to my responsibilities. But let's have fun with it!
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  22. My cousin is so talented, I'm so lucky too have him as my Husband!!!💋

  23. My cuz is so amazing, he always knows how to cheer me up when I'm feeling down. 20190512_233325.mp4
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