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    • Guest Lopa
      Yeah that's common when people are indecisive and don't know what they should be doing.  Each one of us functions differently, some people are able to emotionally detatch themselves right away, whereas some people take their time. Like myself, I don't really care about what the other person is doing, I take my time (many many years) to make life changing big decisions. Once, I make mind there is no turning back and I have no regrets because I invested my time and efforts and gave them enough time to work things out.  Some people move on quickly and some take years and don't like being rushed. 
    • Please, please, please: separate your post into paragraphs and use proper punctuation and capitalization; I refuse to even try and read through that mess
    • I have no advice concerning the Asian aspect of your situation, since I am not Asian. If you nose around here you will find plenty of stories that echo your situation.  Personally, we waited 3 or 4 months before telling family and started with those we knew would be the most receptive.  My cousin's family, minus his dad, have been great.  But even his dad respects the two of us, even if he doesn't approve.  My family was indifferent at first and have grown cold over time.  I don't care. There's a post pinned to one of the forums titled "How To Tell Your Mom".  Read it and adapt it for your particular situation; it contains some good advice Long distance relationships are hard; we did it for a year.  Keeping in frequent contact by phone and seeing each other every 6-8 weeks helped us weather through the separation.
    • Gotta 100% agree with ragingdesire61 on this! Hands off until there is no BF.
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