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    • I feel for your predicament.  I know from God's word, at least the first cousin deal isn't contrary to Scripture. The whole being married thing, of course, is different, but He's a forgiving God and you can turn that around.  We all sin but continuing in it is the problem.  My kids are grown. My cousin and I spent decades not talking about it. Didn't make it go away, though. I sure wish you the best. 
    • Serendipity, I see. I believe in the shock treatment sometimes. Knowing when to use it is the trick.  I remember seeing a counselor suggested by a judge (made me an offer I couldn't refuse). This counselor hit the roof! Red-faced crazy yet somewhat aloof and professional. "YOU SIR ARE IN THE TOP ONE PERCENT OF DRINKERS WORLDWIDE!" ... "HOW LONG DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE?" Oh boy! I was so mad I can't remember if I cursed him our or not, but I probably did. The F-Bomb!  This was a huge turning point in my life and the guy may very well have saved my life. He had a way of driving a point across. Let's just say!
    • KC - if Gthings had not said that she wanted to vent and not be judged, I probably would've responded differently.  
    • Gthings, BOOM! You are exactly right. And who says it would work out with your cousin anyway? I hope your marriage survives and I hope you thrive. 
    • All, I appreciate your thoughts and comments. You're not wrong at all. I have already decided to not go there with my cousin. My relationship with God trumps and I am work in my daily on getting back on track. I was weak and put myself in a position I should've. 
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