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  • Recent Status Updates

    • Romalee

      Hey Hawk!!  I would join you in chat too!!
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    • Hawk

      I wish we still had chat. I'd get quarter and Nat in there and we'd chat a bit....
      · 2 replies
    • Yakob  »  LadyC

      How are you I hope you are very well. I saw your forum on your site I am so pleased to see this forum I thanked all of you. Would you mind to hear my Sadness Love story and to help me I hope to read and help?
      All started when we were at the age of 21 in the year 2001. It was summer time which the school were closed, my cousin had came to my family house from another province for vacation. During we met we were at the same age. When her vacation was over she went to her family, after she left I am falling her in love and suffer for 2 months all it happens I forget her. As God willing we meet again at the age 22 following this we are going in to deep love and continue our hidden love for 5 years during this period we are so happy and always together for every house work and vacations. We spent all time together, us going through this situation she went again to her family we take apart for 3 years her study in higher education. Lastly, we together after a 3 year absence on her study and continue our love. We have had a hard time with it because we couldn't tell anyone and we couldn't to break up. We have recently going in to deepest love and saw that the feelings never left. We have been a couple for 16 years now but we still haven't had the courage to come out to the family because in our Society they never showed and listened like this situation, No one really suspects a thing. I pray all time and read what the Bible say this. It is not forbidden marrying Cousins; please show us the way how to escape from this bondage? We couldn’t break up; still love each other very much in hide. We hope you could help us. Lastly I apologize for my English writing skills because of Little knowing of English language.
      · 3 replies
    • Storm

      I'd really love feedback I'm terrified of processing and not processing..
      · 0 replies
    • ley_b  »  LadyC

      Hello LadyC,
      Been a while since I was on or chatted with you, but I received an email from someone that I would like to verify and double check with you about. Could you please message me, it won't let me message you for some reason. 
      · 0 replies
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