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    • It is sad but true, sometimes we end up loving the wrong person. I never in my life had imagined that his intentions towards me were so wrong, for 15 years I kept lying to myself that he loved me.    I was broken already due to past relationship, but now I question the whole "love" thing lol. Never thought that he would back stab me or play dirty mind games with me, well he did.  I hope he is happy after causing so much damage.
    • Maybe and maybe not. Don't let your emotions trick you.  Until now, I was in a dilemma that my cousin loved me. For the first time I shared my feelings with a closed family member and it helped me clear out many misconceptions I had in my mind.  1. I thought my cousin loved me since he visits this website and the way we interact - No he does not, he is in love with someone else even though he gave me mixed signals. 2. I thought he respects me - wrong, he always make fun of me and even called me worthless due to a failed career. 3. Just because they like talking to you, it makes them feel good, please don't get your Hope's too high.  4. If anything goes wrong, please don't blame your situation or circumstances because people who truly respect you and honour your relationship they will always be with you through thick or thin. Today I shared my feelings and I was open about them to a family member and the things that she revealed about how he makes fun of me and how he respects his current gf, that made many things clear.  If he ever really loved me, he would not have left me in the first place and second knowing how much I struggled and still struggling to get my life together, he wouldn't have made fun of me. My relatives disrespect me and people who call me names is all coz of him. If he disrespects me so much and thinks so bad about me and make fun of me, then other people will definitely follow his lead.   All I learned from this 15 years of experience is that love is not what he did or any other person did. Just have patience and their actions will show u whether they love you or they just used you.
    • Nice intro to “the game.”    When Doris (my female first cousin) started, it when we were at a family reunion. We each had entered puberty.  While at the reunion, my dad’s oldest sister (the reunion host) came to us and said “Why don’t you kids go play outside? You don’t want to hang out with old fogies!” We raced outside, finding two outbuildings. One was larger than another, so we chose that one. Once situated, we started cuddling and teasing. That only lasted a very few minutes. Doris then stole a kiss on my lips.  My response was spontaneous, and quick. I kissed her in return, but mine was forceful with wet tongue. She quickly parted her lips. We were licking & sucking like crazy, inexperienced as we were. My rooster began to stiffen immediately. Soon, we were sliding our hands inside each other’s clothing. 
    • Oh dear, its really harsh of them. If i were you, maybe either i will move out directly and live or marry my bf soon. This is also a reason of me keeping ours a secret. We are about to be a year next month. And also, in my country if you make a shame in family name, we can just be expelled from our family.  did you try to speak with your bf's family? They can also help you in certain ways. Either as your bf's parents or as family.
    • Hi, i recall i ever used this website last year, yet i cant find any post that i posted that time with this account. Will they erase some topics within a certain time? Or i made some mistake?  i cant recall my topic's tittle which is hard to search now. But i never know any other website for this thing. Some help please?
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