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    • Wow that is uncomfortable. Shouldn't your sister have warned you before inviting someone like that over for 2 weeks? Ok, take a deep breath. Just don't make a fool of yourself. Don't get too friendly with the cuz. The ball is clearly in her court.  Don't overthink anything; you will wear yourself out. Don't talk yourself into doing anything stupid. I doubt she feels any differently toward you now. I'm not certain that you can "heal" a chemistry that is simply not there as far as she is concerned.  Grab a fishing pole, a shotgun and go camping/hunting next week.
    • Welcome to CC.com, I am in the USA so I don't know the laws of India, but I do know some people in Mumbai India that are married and are cousins. I would tell you to contact a lawyer or someone that deals with legal issue where you are at and ask them.
    • Interesting question you asked there in your topic line... how did it feel the first time you kissed your cousin... Woohoo... there's a fun topic we could sink our "lips" into... hehe. All those years ago, my cousin just grabbed me and kissed me... it was pure heaven.
    • Hey guys it’s been a while since I’ve posted so I created a new account.. I but I gotta talk .. ok well I’ve been in love with my cousin ever since I can remember, at one time we were best friends and she gave me every single that she was interested in me and I was head over heals for her .. I ended up confessing my feeling for her and it was the hardest thing I ever did , She ended up telling me she didn’t see my in that way and I was really confused and heart broken.. long story short I haven’t seen her in 6 years and last week she just showed up for a visit .. I rent a house with my sister and my sister knows how I feel about her , So last week I got home from work opened the door of the house and there she was just chilling on the couch.. and as soon as I saw her and made eye contact I was goner and extremely sad and trying to hide it .. She will be here for 2 weeks everything in my wants her , my soul long for her as my mate and I really wanna heal our friendship we once had .. I haven’t spoken to her but a few words since she came in .. anyways I’m having such a hard time y’all .. I need a miracle and strength.
    • In the beginning, Google Chrome raised the bar on web browsers. They were the first one to come out with svg support and multi-threaded Javascript. I was on board with Chrome for a few years. However, given the nature of Google's business model (much like facebook's), they are the envy of intelligence agencies around the world. Read this.  I have personally been moving away from all things Google for the past few years and I have found an excellent browser, Brave,  (built by the guy who invented Javascript) which is excellent. It give the user precise control over intrusive ads, trackers and fingerprinting. You can also turn off scripts, but don't. If you need to turn off scripts, you are at the wrong website! The Brave Browser is based upon the same framework as Google Chrome or as I like to call it, Gugl Khrom. You can also get paid for browsing the web and even tip some of the websites that you visit often. It allows a few ads to slip through and actually pays you for your time. This is a much better business model than the free software like Google. If the software is free, then you are the product. Please give Brave a try. I've been using it for 3 months and I love it.
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