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    • I'm sorry to hear that you felt your life was not worth living anymore at one point, but I am also happy that you are here now to figure it out. How old are both of you? Do you live near each other? The feeling of being afraid that it will ruin what you have recently gotten back is a very valid feeling and I can understand not wanting to do that. Have you ever made a comment or teased her in a sort of non cousin way just to test the waters? If so, how did she react? When you talk, what do you talk about? Do you talk about your day or your week or is it more stuff like the weather?? Anyway, I am glad you are here and I'm sure you'll gather a lot of stories and good advice if you look through the threads. There are people that have been here a very long time and know a lot and have a lot of good thoughts.
    • Hi, I have a love for my first cousin for years and years which made me stay away from her and let it create this border between me and her because I was too nervous to even talk to her. This went on for years and it started bothering me back in November where on 1st December, I nearly took my own live because I couldn't live with the feeling anymore. Doing this has encouraged me to fix our cousin relationship and we talked regularly on Facebook and have met once on 13th December and meeting again next week, but I can't remove how I feel about her and it's getting me down a lot and always on my mind. We are christians so first cousin marriages isn't against it but I don't know if she feels the same and if she doesn't, how she will react because I don't want to ruin what we've already built in these recent months and I don't know what to do about it and I am always jealous when she is with other people wishing that was me and her and it's too hard and I need advice on what I should do, I want to tell her but I am too afraid that will ruin what we have and make things very awkward. Please help
    • Yeah it would be so much easier to move out of Texas! However, I think you are overthinking everything. You could certainly get a family law attorney and he can guide you through the right steps. This I do know: Your kid's relationship to you are son and daughter -- it supersedes anything else. Wife/cousin is just a spouse.  Head of household will typically be the way a family would file vs filing separate. Being cousins doesn't change this! If you don't feel comfortable with this, it is time to move to a cousin-friendly state. Who says you have to buy your first home in Texas? If you do stay in Tx, your family needs to sit down and understand some legal terms.............
    • It became a major issue for many people including me.Its hard to live without our beloved one.Cross cousins can be married in india not parallel cousins. Cousin marriage is valid in muslim and Christian not in Hindu.What a fate!! I can't live without marrying my first cousin..It's a problem to many people..pls frnds it's not late pls unite to take good decisions
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