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    • If I lived in a big city, I would start such a group. There is not a cousin couple support group anywhere that I am aware of. We have kicked around the idea of having a big event in Vegas (annually?) but it would require wherewithal that I do not have. Also, I don't think we have enough people. Maybe on the website's 30th anniversary we could do something special.
    • Update MY cousin and I now have an apartment together and are VERY happy. We haven't gotten married yet. Arizona law is both parties have to be over 65. He has 3 years. 
    • https://24hourwristbands.com/ I was thinking of getting some wristbands for cc.com folks. I like the "Color coat" two-toned one. We could just use the CC logo without the text -- just the circle with the two C's. The problem is that I can't think of the right tagline. I'm not sure I want the domain name on the band, but something classy. So, I need everyone's help! What would be the perfect saying be? I will start it off, adapting from the great Thoreau : "To love deliberately" Y'all can see that I need some help LOL.
    • Thanks 😁   She is a fine, good woman,and we want to walk together. The only real potential pitfall is the rest of the family. In this, she has more at stake perhaps than I do. I have no living immediate family, my parents and siblings having all passed, where ALL of my living family are her immediate family. But ultimately, we wish to live our lives in the way that is right and good for us, and we know we have no control over what others think or say. I hope though, that we can have their blessing. We will see.
    • Hello everyone, Im giving an update onto this whole situation. So basically, I finally got over the fact that she was dating someone else, but more importantly, she has shown that she does indeed have feelings for me. I chickened out of telling her my true feelings, but sooner or later, she will know,. I want to thank everyone who tried to help, I really appreciate it. I have since stopped taking the pain pills and feel great. Thanks everyone!