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    • Thanks 😁   She is a fine, good woman,and we want to walk together. The only real potential pitfall is the rest of the family. In this, she has more at stake perhaps than I do. I have no living immediate family, my parents and siblings having all passed, where ALL of my living family are her immediate family. But ultimately, we wish to live our lives in the way that is right and good for us, and we know we have no control over what others think or say. I hope though, that we can have their blessing. We will see.
    • Hello everyone, Im giving an update onto this whole situation. So basically, I finally got over the fact that she was dating someone else, but more importantly, she has shown that she does indeed have feelings for me. I chickened out of telling her my true feelings, but sooner or later, she will know,. I want to thank everyone who tried to help, I really appreciate it. I have since stopped taking the pain pills and feel great. Thanks everyone!
    • <KC clapping> 👏 Good for you my friend. Good news seems so hard to come by here lately. Your post renews my hope in humanity and the possibility that great things can still happen in this crazy world. I wish you the very best. Having no sex yet is a good thing. It shows that she respects herself and that you respect her. You are off to a great start.
    • I just want to make sure that everyone understands that I am not promoting doing drugs in any way. I am trying to say, do anything but abuse pain pills unless becoming a homeless heroin addict appeals to you. 
    • I recently went upfront with my first cousin about the feelings I've carried for her for many, many years. A brief state of stunned silence, followed by her acknowledging that she, too, feels the same way towards me, and has for a very long time. She was rather freaked out about the idea of us being cousins, that somehow that made our attraction wrong, so I backed off to give her breathing room to arrive at her own conclusions without pressure from me. After a couple of weeks, she invited me over to spend some time. I just returned from spending a couple of days at her place (she currently lives 150 miles from me), and we were able to talk to each other sincerely from the heart face to face. We both agree that we are going to take things slow, without expectation of a particular outcome, and be open to whatever develops. We haven't been sexual with each other, yet, although that attraction is very strong between us, we sense something very special here, and neither of us want to screw things up by being hasty. It's unlike any relationship I've ever entered, someone I know so very well for virtually my whole life, yet still a mystery in many ways. I feel like an incredibly fortunate man.
          I've really appreciated the posts I've read here, hearing the experiences of you folks has given me valuable information to help me make informed decisions, as well as educating me that this relationship isn't wrong, or weird, or unnatural.
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