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      • I didn't mean to make you cry. Maybe you just needed a good one to get past some of the frustration you are feeling.🥰 We travel most of the time, well did until the virus stuff hit. We may have been near you then at some time! I hope you find some peace within yourself and continue to do well. Whoknows maybe we will meet up some day!  
      • You have me crying. Those words really resonate with me. You probably dont understand how much i needed some sound advice. Thank you so much. I live in North East Texas! 
      • We are in the Panhandle area of Texas! What area are you in?  When I feel things are getting to me and I'm overthinking  the situation, I distance myself from the negative. You are ok!  Your younger children with not grow up with negative feelings about your relationship if you don't make it a big deal.  Don't make the fact of your relationship be a big secret, but don't neglect to honor you relationship.  It's best not to keep it from them but no need to broadcast it publicly either.  I guess what I am trying to say is, if they grow up always knowing about the cousin-ness of the relationship, it will better arm them to deal with the future, rather than finding out when older and maybe then feel shame or disgust.     Remember that the people spouting the negative are uneducated about our situations.  I think if they took the time to really research and learn they would a) change their mind and b) maybe be embarrassed about their former thoughts and statements.   Be kind to yourself. Your family needs you there 100%, don't let the negative get to you.     
      • His kids are ok with it and our 2 are younger and havent said anything. 7 and 12. We are half first cousin also in texas but married way before the law. Anyone I have told says oh its only half so its no big deal. I havent had anyine say anything negative to me but i cant get past it mentally lately. And seeing all the comments on videos bothers me. That only human video has everyone saying it should be illegal and thinking its so dangerous to have kids when its not. Im glad its easy for yall! Which part of texas? North, south, east? Thanks for the reply
      • Our kids were grown and out on their own when we got married. None of them, even at that age,  seemed to have a problem with it. They all (6) are fine with it. My oldest (son) made a light joke of it  at first. He lives in Georgia, and said "Mom if you were in Georgia I could understand, but you are in  TEXAS!!" He is good with us and really enjoys being around my hubby. And asks him for advice on lots of stuff. My daughters are good and his kids are good.   I understand you are asking from the standpoint of younger children but though the perspective of grown children might help too.   As far as getting past it, we are second cousins and that usually doesn't hold as much stigma as first cousins do. We have fun with it. Don't need to tell everyone we meet of our situation. But will tell if someone asks how we met.  
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