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    Perhaps seek counselling Zachary, to help you sort thru all of this. Also read the website and things posted at the top of forums, which will give you advice on how to cope. If you and your cousin want to marry, you can make it happen, it's not impossible. There are people on here that have been married to their cousins for years. Take Care and God Bless
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    I am in a some what similar spot, read my recent post. All i can say is come clean with her. My cousin did with me thank heavens, cause i dont think i would have had the guts to do it myself. I am still scared about what family and other people may say when they find out, it scares me, but it scares me more to think of not being at his side as his partner. We are currently in the planning stages to become a family unit, as he also lives states away.... All i can say, really, since i also have my own fears and questions, is it may take you bringing the topic up, to open the gate.. as i know if he did not be so open with me, we may still be doing the i love you more then as a cousin side step.. I hope that helps......
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    I don't mean to be negative, but TBH, from your post, I don'e see anything from her that isn't just cousins? Ok, so maybe the massage request was a bit much... but she is young. If I were you I'd try to stop focussing on it while you're still so young and move on. I've spent 35 years in love with my cousin - I had a lot more to go on in the beginning, but Im still waiting and it's been extremely painful. My advice would be, if you can, move on. Sorry x
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    Is it possible i will move on like he did? yes! Why not? Infact you can be happier than him. He is stuck and maybe feels miserable and he get away with his feelings by blaming you. You don't have to feel bad about yourself, he decided to get married that was his choice. You can still enjoy your feelings for him, you know how it feels. You don't have to share them with anyone or even him. I have a quick question for you and be honest, is there anything like; his messages, a family member talking about them, or just anything, that triggers your feelings? If so, then it's not bad to fancy your cousin. But, when it happens then just keep this in mind that he is married and don't expect anything good from him. My cousin is also in a relationship, my feelings for him are on and off. Feelings are strong only when they are mutual, since he is with someone else so it's not the same. Anyhow, I 've been single for a long time, I m just too scared to trust someone or someone. You can do It, don't give him the power to ruin your mood and feelings. I hope this helped.
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    He is married. Off limits. It is wrong to have a relationship with anyone who is married. Good luck. You are going to need it. HUGS Nat
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    Sometimes these abnormal fetishes are just the tip of the iceberg.
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    My first cousin crush was when I was fifteen. Thirty five years later I am still so in love with him. We've never managed to publicly commit, but we are closer now than we've ever been. I won't give up hope that we can eventually overcome his fear of the family response.
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    he is ten years older than you - his behavior was wrong to pull you into his bed and kiss you. Your mm is right. He has been disrespectful to you AND to your parents. A thoughtful caring Man would not treat a much younger girl in that way. You should be able to complete your education and mature gracefully. not to be prematurely introduced to adult responsibilities. Kisses and touches are exciting but true love is much more than that. In some places his behavior could result in him being arrested and put in jail as well as being marked as a sexual predator for life. I hope he is on a long, long, long voyage. I am glad you have a Mom who is going to protect her.child. It may be that someday you will have a relationship with your cousin. This site does support adult cousin relationships. We do NOT condone abuse of children which is what has, unfortunately, happened to you. Please do keep coming back and tell us how things are going. We really, really want to support and encourage you. HUGS Nat
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    well, not entirely offline, but off cc anyway. i'll be making a road trip north to visit my youngest and her family. see ya in august!
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    Nagbalik ako ulit dito para ishare ang story ko. Sana natatandaan nyo pa yng kwento ko. March 05, 2018 tinanong ko na talaga yng cousin ko kng bakit nya ginagawa sakin na pra lang dapat sa mag syota yng gnagawa nya skin. Diko sya tinigilan hanggang napaamin ko sya. Inamin nya sa akin na. First year high school plang daw sya may nararamdaman na daw sya sa akin. Hindi nya alam kng paano. Basta nung daw natutulog ako at bigla daw akong humarap sakanya bigla daw syang kinabahan haha. Dun daw nag umpisa na halikan nya ako habang natutulog. Yng gf nya pla ginamit nya lang daw para magselos ako kaso wala man daw sa akin kay nafall din daw sya dun sa babae. Pero ngayong engineer na sya may gusto pa daw sya sa akin. Akala ko kapag umamin sya magiging masaya ako. Kasi nung naguguluhan ako at hindi pa sya umaamin. Mahal ko sya. Pero bakit nung umamin sya. Nawala yng pagmamahal ko sa kanya?
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    I married my 1st cousin in a State that allows first cousin marriages. I did not grow up with my cousin but met her later in my teens. I had recently gone through a divorce and needed help raising my child and she needed help raising her two children. We married and have two children together (NO birth defects).We have now been married for 18 years this spring. I find being married to my first cousin as somewhat of a relief, mainly due to we both have a vested interest in the uplifting of our family. We are what you may call the nucleus of our extended family. Family members Come to us for help and advise because we are stable in our marriage and careers. At this point in our marriage, I honestly dont think about the fact that we are related. My wife is my special person, and I am hers. We keep our family business to ourselves due to protection for our children that are now teenagers, Both children do well in school and receive decent grades. This website helped me explain to my children that they are no different from any other children. I would not encourage or discourage anyone from marrying their first cousin, I believe it’s a matter of personal preference and understanding the repercussions with family if it doesn’t work out. Thanks again to this website for presenting needed facts about cousin marriage early in our relationship.