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    I was very scared when I found out I was pregnant with my first cousins baby. I was so afraid I would give birth to a baby who had defects. After discussing with my Dr. about why I was concerned about the pregnancy, he told me, I could have a normal & healthy baby like any other woman. He did the normal tests that you get done while being pregnant and everything was fine in my case. I gave birth to a very healthy 8lb 3.5 oz baby boy. To this day, we have a normal, healthy 40 year old. :-) I would suggest you talk with your Dr. first and see what he/she thinks. I am quite sure blood tests can provide the information needed so, you can decide what course of action you and your cousin should take with having a child. Wishing you all the best.
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    We are heading to Arizona tomorrow, weather permitting in Amarillo!! Have a blessed and Happy New Year!! I will check in when I can.
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    Well, my idea of fun is a bit "different": I have filed to be a candidate for a local election! Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think of doing that! LOL HUGS
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    We travel with our 5th wheel trailer. Visit places, family and friends on the way to where ever. Have been in Missouri for about 3 weeks. Visited the Clydesdale horse ranch, the WW1 memorial and museum in Kansas City and several other historical places in the area where we are. Heading back to Texas in a couple of days and will be at a lake for some r&r and some fishing!!
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    hi elie if you two have a child together, only the nearest kinship would be applicable. so he (or she) would simply be your child... and your cousin's child. the answer you're looking for would be first cousin twice removed... but like i said, that relationship is not one that would be counted or considered for any purpose other than curiosity's sake. but your child isn't going to be a freak show in a traveling circus, so that's just useless information! if you two get married, his dad will be your father-in-law. the fact that he's also your first cousin once removed is irrelevant. your family dynamic has changed. for the record, i'm also married to my first cousin once removed. his dad is my first cousin. we've been married for 19 years... i never could wrap my head around calling him "dad", so i just call him by his first name. but then again, i never called my in-laws from my previous (unrelated) marriage mom or dad either. your child would only considered the 'grandchild' of your parents and your cousin's. likewise, your child would only be the niece or nephew to any of your siblings or your cousin's... no need to count the generations and try to sort out the degrees of kinship or who is once, twiced, or not-at-all removed. always remember the nearest degree is the only one that counts. so the relational stuff would be exactly as it would be if the father were not related to you at all. hope that helped!
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    When we got married 16 years ago my wife and I decided we would try to do something we've never done, or go somewhere we've never been at least 3-4 times a year. We've taken vacations in D.C. , Idaho, an Alaskan cruise, and many other places.In February we went snowmobiling for the first time. Next weekend we're going to a Celtic festival. And whether we enjoy it or decide "Never again" the point is we are experiencing and sharing it together. There is so much to see and do in this world I'm sure you'll find something you'll both enjoy.
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    Hi Sir Pooch! Sorry for the late reply hehe kala ko po kasi wala ng active dito kaya di ko siya naccheck daily. Napadpad po ako dito kasi curious po ako kung may mga ibang cases katulad ng akin at syempre gusto ko din po ma inspired sa mga sucessful stories nila. Yes sir bale 5 months na po this december. For your 1st question po, nag break po kami kasi napuno na po ako nun eh bale nahuli ko po siya. Nakakita po ako ng photo na halos magkiss na sila nung bakla niyang ka work na napag-awayan na din namin dito at inaway din ako. Haha di ko alam kung ano meron sa kanila pero i don’t care na po haha tapos kasi since almost years na kami nun parang nagtatagal na lang kami kasi nanghihinayang kami na matagal na kami. Madaming beses niya na din po ako pinagsinungalingan at nahuhuli ko po siya na may kalandian minsan ang masakit pa dun may mga asawa na. Kaya ayun nauntog na ako sabi ko tama na. Di naman po ako nagpaligaw agad agad bale parang nirespeto pa din ni L yung fresh ako from break up basta nandyan lang siya di niya ako pinepressure na maging kami. Tsaka ayoko po maging unfair din sa kanya. Mas naging malalim po yun samahan namin mga Late Feb or March na parang nahuhulog na ako sa kanya nanaman kasi napakabait niya talaga as in lalo na saakin kahit dati pa nung childhood/ puppy love days pa lang kaya di po nakakapagtaka na naging kami agad haha ayaw ko na din po siya pakawalan kasi sobrang mahal ko na siya at alam ko ganun din po siya.
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    This is a difficult subject for me to answer without all up in arms because it gets me a little angry, to be honest. Everywhere you have the gay pride flag waving around...and gay marriage, to my knowledge, has never been legal in US history until a few years ago for everywhere. You have pedophilia that's trying to gain acceptance and there are people/groups that will actually defend pedophilia, saying Pedophiles are just like the LGBT in wanting to love who they love...*eyeroll* Then you have cousins....cousin couples were actually in the bible! Unlike Pedophilia....it's not sexually exploiting and taking advantage of children.....yet it's still looked at as disgusting and vile? Pedophilia's still looked at as disgusting and vile...and it's still against the law, which it always was and always should be. Polygamy and open relationships are celebrated. These are different groups trying to fight for the right and privilege to love and be accepted for who they love(Pedophilia never will, it just can't fly) Why can't that be cousin couples again? At one point in history, it was legal all over the US....but at some point down the line, states started making it illegal...I guess out of concern for how future generations would turn out. It just irks me though....why are is the LGBT being made legal and...well, I don't know what to say about pedophilia....and cousin couples are still looked at by the social circle, the media and legally as 'ick'? To me, this is so unfair....I have trouble comprehending it. So, to answer your question KC...I don't think so. For some reason, the western culture still considers this taboo and seem like they don't even want to acknowledge it or treat it like any other issue. It has to be hush hush and kept under the rug like it's something to be ashamed of.
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    Hi Roze, Unang-una sa lahat, welcome sa forum. Bibihira lang ang mga Pinoy dito kaya natutuwa naman ako na may isa pang naririto. Paano mo nalaman yung forum? Anyhow, to respond: 21 years old ka and siya naman ay 22. Anong ibig mong sabihin sa nagpahinga? Please be honest with us. After all, anonymous naman dito. Walang may kilala sa iyo. Pero isang bagay ang maipapayo ko sa iyo: Wag kang padalos-dalos, Roze. Mag-antay ka. Don't do anything kasi mas lulubha pa yang sitwasyon mo once na may gawin ka pang mali. Lahat ng tao nakatingin sa iyo at lahat ng mga mata nakatingin sa kanya. Sunday itong post mo and Wednesday pa lang sa ngayon. 3 days pa lang ang nakakalipas. Relax. Second point: She is a big girl already. SHE IS 22! Don't worry about her too much as if she cannot take care of herself. Pare wag ganun. Girlfriend mo yun -- hindi batang paslit. Let her shoulder the same burden. Kasama mo siya sa buhay. Pinasok niya rin naman yang sitwasyon niyo eh so 50-50 lang. 50% akuin mo, and 50% naman akuin niya. Yan ang fair. You cannot just put it all on you. Hindi ka si Prince Charming na ililigtas siya sa Nueva Ecija. Por pabor. Now having said that though, IKAW YUNG LALAKE. Brad, ikaw yung may bayag. I know this will be hard pero treat this as a challenge. This will separate you from the boys so talagang pakatatag ka. I am not saying na mag-iiiyak ka papunta sa kanila na "huhuhu..kukunin ko na siya sa kanila.." Parang awa mo na, huwag na huwag mong gagawin yun. Kasi hindi ka irerespeto ng mga magulang niya (tiyuhin at tiyahin mo). Tapos gusto mong kunin (ano yun itatanan mo?) Kailangang ipakita mong lalakeng-lalake ka. Eto para sa iyo. Nawa'y lumakas ang loob mo. Sabi ni Pablo, 1Co 16:13 (13) Magsipagingat kayo, mangagpakatibay kayo sa pananampalataya, kayo'y mangagpakalalake, kayo'y mangagpakalakas. Panghawakan mo yan brad. Kasi ikaw ang magiging padre-de-pamilya eh. Ikaw ang magiging husband. Ikaw ang magiging tatay. Ibang level na ito brad. Hindi na ito laro-laro, if you know what I mean. Entering a relationship for a Christian is a very serious thing...aba mas lalo na kung it's with your cousin! Pooch
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    Nagkausap na po kame, all we have to do now is earn. Thanks mga ka CC, and all couples out there, we can do this! FIght!
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    You don't say a word to him. You're 14 and he's 20. And he's about to be married. And BTW, it was most inappropriate for him to give even a hint of attraction toward you. Wait 4 years and if you still have feelings for him and he is not married, come back here and we will steer you in the right direction.
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    Tell her, "If we were not cousins ..." and see how she responds!
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    @ladyc, they are trying to see if they can post spam. Hey bums, you can't!
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    For those of you who are or have been openly in relationships with cousins: what reactions do people outside your family have when you tell them about your relationship? For us, it isn't something we announce to everyone, but eventually the "so how did you two meet?" question usually comes up with friends, and we're honest. I reply with something like "well, actually, we've known each other all of our lives. We're cousins." The reaction from that point on has been so similar with every exchange that I am curious about what others have experienced. This is my experience, basically word for word every time: Friend: "So, like, first cousins?" Me: "Yes, my father and his mother are siblings." F: "Oh. Do you have the same last name?" M: "No." F: "Well, have you guys thought about if you want to have kids?" M: "Yes, actually the genetic risk is much lower than you would think, only about 2-3% higher than the general population, and from what we know about our family history, there is nothing that should worry us." F: "That's good!" [pause] "I actually used to have a crush on one of my cousins..." At which point they tell me about their crush. Well, the crush part only happens with about two thirds of them, but that's the part that surprised me the most. The rest of it happens every time. All of our friends have been accepting, and no one has been judgemental, at least to our faces. In fact, the more people I've told, the more confident I've felt because of how well they've responded. What about you guys?
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    Thank you so much ☺. Everything else is fine.
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    Thank you very much sir, problem fixed :).
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    DillerDahl: Welcome to cc.com and thanks for your question. I am afraid that LadyC is correct and doesn't need a lesson on genetics. Hey, there is certainly room for all of us to learn more about DNA and kinship. You are so distantly related that I can't determine what your relationship is. You are not double cousins and you certainly are not inbred. You are just uninformed. The Brittish Pakistanis that you referenced are an anomaly -- a fluke resulting from the founder effect. Feel free to look that term up. Your stats are too wacky to correct. Good luck to you and please take a chill pill.
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    it does not make you inbred. your parents are 2nd cousins. that is genetically no more similar than two UNrelated people. as for what relation that makes you to your parents? THEIR CHILD. oh, and your grandparents' kinship to each other doesn't change anything about this equation. get a grip. it sounds like you are trying to find something to resent them for. i get it. it's a teenager's role in life to hate their parents. but you're going to have to find some other excuse, because this one is just plain stupid.
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    Merry Christmas everyone! Thank God for Jesus, who selflessly gave Himself so that the whole World may know God and escape hell's eternal punishment. This Christmas, I would like to thank God for his inexplicable grace that pursued me when I was yet agnostic and on my way to hell. I am still here and God continues to bring me long distances from the man that I once was. May the Lord bless everyone who reads my reflection.
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Best wishes for many blessings on you this season and in the new year.
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    Click mo signature ko. We can talk in Filipino on the other thread. But a quick answer would be this: Aunt-Nephew or Uncle-Niece marriages in the Philippines are 100% null and void from the beginning. Bali illegal po siya. Pooch
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    My first cousin crush was when I was fifteen. Thirty five years later I am still so in love with him. We've never managed to publicly commit, but we are closer now than we've ever been. I won't give up hope that we can eventually overcome his fear of the family response.
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    I wish in had something to contribute here lol..
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    8-10. Hndi ko alam kng bakit naaattract ako sa kapatid niya. Ang gwapo nya ksi mukha syang korean. Haha Hinalikan din nya ako, dati nung natutulog ako. Hndi ko lng alam kng bakit. Chaka hndi ko alam bat lagi niyang hinahawakan yng butt ko. Dati kasi nung natutulog ako katabi ko sya kaming magpipinsan magkatabi kmi lahat. Kapag nakikita na nya tulog na lahat. Bigla nya ako yayakapin. Gsto ko rin malaman bat ganun sya. Pero di kmi masyado close katulad nung isa. Paano ko ba malalaman na may gsto sya skin na hindi sya tatanungin?
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    Wala man. Pero mas gsto ko yng kapatid niya. Haha
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    basahin mo ung mga last comments may possbility naman, but for now, step by step wag padalos dalos...at relax lang keep us posted 9/9/2004
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    well, gawin nyo muna ang PT to know, remember unang ihi sa umaga
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    Welcome to the forum, Hasan! You may find good answers to your question in the "Shoot the Breeze" or "Help/Advice" forums on the page. There are some pinned posts at the top of those forums and many people have also asked this question and received some really good answers. Honestly, it's hard to say for every situation, but at 16, you're a little young to start a relationship with her, especially if she's 20. I'd say you're at least two to four years away. Also, I do not know where you are or your family or religious background, and these definitely play a major part in how you should approach discussing this with her. If I had one piece of advice that's universal, I'd say treat her as your best friend and become her best friend by being a person she can talk to who listens. You have to be willing to listen to anything she talks about (even other guys) without giving any judgment or advice unless she specifically asks for it. I hope that helps give you some direction. God Bless & Best Wishes, CM
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    Hi ate kulasa, pooch and 9/9/2004 ok naman ako. Trying to keep busy. Rebuild my little life. Sinubukan naman niya bumawi. Pero this week wala ulit. Mahirap talaga pag andito parents nya. Ang hirap na pati pag punta ko ng malls kelangan ko magingat. Nanganak pala partner ng kapatid ko ngayon kaya mejo mixed feelings. Masaya kasi may pamangkin na ko. Malungkot kasi naiisip ko baka di ko na maexperience yung having a baby
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    wow ma’am, i wish i can say that statement hoping pag gising ko wala na sya sa sistema ko...everyday i do that...tipong everytime i flush the toilet sana ganun kadali...pero talagang mahal na mahal ko pa sya...i just kept myself busy nalang and, well this move i decided while staying here sa PR, hope would heal me...and, well i am never coming back once nakaalis ako uli, it is just that hard and painful, that i, only choose places where i need to go habang nasa pinas pa ako..,memories and revisiting the places where you once go, make it more DIFFICULT...i dont even sleep in my own bedroom, because all of our times together were inside my room...not just the mature part, but also our child like behaviour when we once were ‘living in for almost 2 years’...i sleep mostly on the living room, drunk and para lang maka sleep ng maige ige...my youngest brother and his wife is helping me recover from it all...they suspected it before and inadmit ko rin para naman maintindihan nila side ko...which to my surprise, they have accepted me, us fully...but sadly she let me go and say she wanted a NORMAL life..like hell...ayun pinag palit nako and here i am, drained, tired, but fighting....just like you ma’am kulasa, and well i wish i can say that daily...when i wake up, i really do hope its out of my system...anyway more power to everyone POOCH, miss you pare hahahaha, nawala na talaga si model LONELYNSAD, i hope you’re ok, not posting ka na for a while, remember andito lang kami, kahit may mga dalang sugat, gagabayin ka namin 9/9/2004
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    Hi Pooch, this is my very first forum, I used Kulasa because of my alma mater ( Scho?..hint..hint). Yes, I leave here in US for more than 20 years, a State known for 10,O00 lakes, close to Canada as well. I want to stay focus for self development ( very active ako sa gym, rediscover myself by taking Jiu-jitsu, Zumba and weight lifting), I focus on my career and start investing some property sa Philippines for future retirement. I use the heart ache to inspire me to be a better version of me. Kaya wala plano sa Love life, I have to learn to love myself and built my happines within myself..I just develop the thing I have control. I’m not perfect, don’t get me wrong ... dumadating pa din yung WHAT IF and WISHFUL THINKING... He will remain part of me and have a special place in my heart. If magkikita pa kami..I just let the tadhan decide that. Joining and reading this forum really helps me to heal and understand yung pinagdaanan ko, Because of the people on this forum, made realized I am not alone.. Pooch, thanks for your input, coming from the guys statement, nasak din siya when he backed off. If you ask me how’s my heart ?? Mahal na mahal ko siya hanggang dun na lang yun. I just let the nature take care of it... hoping pag gising ko sa umaga..Wala na siya sa systema ko.
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    I see.. Thanks for sharing. So sa US ka pala naka-based. Ako naman sa Canada. Same situation tayo ate when it comes sa 'reputation' sa clan. Pero the difference siguro is parehas kami ng cous-gf ko ng sitwasyon reputationwise. Walang discrepancy unlike you na it seems like nasa ulap ka and siya naman nasa lupa. When you said na "...at the end he backed off", kasi masakit din sa kanya yun. But I think na both of you figured it out naman na and so that closure was really needed. I'm glad that you had experienced yung ganung emotional love. I mean, if it worked edi good; but if not, like what happened to you, I mean, it's not like everything else have fallen eh, diba? Those stuff were still real, no.. Kahit papaano.. The fact is, you loved and that felt good and so it's all fair game... Shrug it off na lang ate and "lose like Pacman". I mean, lose 'like a boss' -- and not a sore loser, ika nga. hehe.. diba? Natuwa ako dun sa 'twin flame'. lol. Anyhow, are you still looking ba ate? I know that you are open on dating at this point and stuff.. May manliligaw naman ba as of late? Or sarado pa muna si puso? I just want to ask kung ano na ang state ng puso naten. hehe. Sabi niyo kasi 2 years na eh and so I'm pretty sure, isang dosenang drum na ng luha na ang naiiyak ninyo sa kanya -- aba worth it na yun! hehe.. *peace* Pero seryoso, I feel like kayo yung tao na she knows herself eh and is mature na to handle atomic bombs of emotions like this. And so you can just bank this episode in your experience and then hope for a brighter next one. Whiiiiiiiich brings me to my next point. Napansin ko kasi yung handle ninyo is "Kulasa Manila". Were you in some kind of other forums before if you don't mind me asking? Or itong CC ang una ninyong forum na sinalihan -- ever? Kasi I was a member ng ibang forum din kasi and may nakainteract din akong Kulasa na taga-US noon like way back 9-10 years ago. Lol. I know it's a long shot so more likely na hindi ikaw yun but whatever. hahaha. San ka sa US ate naka-base? BTW, Okey si Barry Manilow ah! hehe.. Pooch
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    believe it was a problem with the SSL certificate. It's very easy to make a mess with them. I think I might have fixed it, I will take a nother look. At the moment I only have my phone and not a computer. If you still see these problems please tell me again and I will make sure they are fixed. Thank you for pointing this out!
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    That must be very frustrating for you, I get that. Do keep in mind though that she's pregnant and working. Also, it's possible you overwhelmed her with the gifts. It's a beautiful gesture, but she may feel awkward about accepting them. She may be unsure what your expectations are, and not in a position emotionally to engage with you, and craving pickles on ice cream with potato chips, and having hot flashes, and terrified of being a mother. My point is just that she has an awful lot going on right now, you know? After the father of her unborn child left her, she might distrust men in general, or she might not want to look at any man romantically, or any of a number of things. What's highly likely is that she doesn't have a lot of time for other people's thoughts and feelings (and she's probably not in the mood for surprises either). I can't imagine anyone who would in that situation. The best you can do is help where she lets you and be there when and if she wants you. It's hard to argue that she's using you, since she didn't ask, you offered. And I do get that it's really tough for you, and that you want so much to be a part of her life and to help her. I spent years watching my cousin with women who didn't value him, who took advantage of him, and didn't even notice his best qualities. It drove me up the wall. At one point, he was getting divorced, and was losing his house (that he and his wife had bought, and then she picked up and left him with the mortgage eight months later). I wanted so badly to fix it for him, and I couldn't. At the time, I was living two states away, and engaged. Point is, I really do understand how tough it is to not be right next to a person you love when they are going through a difficult time. But if you really want to be the better man in her life, all you can do is offer her your support (emotional support is more what I'm talking about than gifts), and then let her decide what she wants to do with that. Good luck!
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    Since 2002 p kami til now bihira Lang mag away halos mabilang sa daliri after graduation ko college year 2000 pumunta ako dito manila maghanap ng work after a year umuwi ako iloilo Kasi naoperahan mama ko eh biyenan ko kagagaling Lang pala iloilo nagbakasyon so Sabi ng mother dear ko gusto mo Makita mga pinsan mo ilocos may iniwan si tita mo cp number dito...eh panahon non 3210 plng cp hahahaa. So hayon since birth di kopa sila nakita Kasi super late Naman kanila..kaya excited ako nagtext ako yon pala number yon ng Asawa ko tinext ko...hayon kumusta dito kwento buhaybuhay hanggang may binigay cyang text mate sakin non eh d pauso unlicall unlitet non sobramg gastos s load...tapos mdyo ok n mother ko bumalik ako ulit dito manila para magwork per bago non nagdecide ako magbakasyon s mga pinsan ko ilocos at Asawa ko mismo nagsundo sakin dito manila...noong una Wala p akong nararamdaman people cya angpinakaclose Kong s kanilang magkakapatid...sa kwrto nila magkakatabi sila don magkakapatid don din ako natulog rum nila at magkatabi kaming apartment ako cya katabi ko. Mayron cyang binigay n katextmate sakin bago ako pumunta kanila pero ko feel nong nagkita n kami eh..eh Yong pinsan ko cya lagi kasama ko...bumubuntot skin lagi...kaya cguro ganun unti unti nahulog loob ko kanya. Yon nga nagalit cya skin sumama ako barkada ng kapatid nya kaya doon nagsimula relasyon namin kasi don nya sinabi n mahal ako tapos sabay halik sakin....nong malaman ng mga kapatid nya yon grabe iyak nya pinaghihiwalay kami...pinapaliwanag samin lahat n bawal daw sa batas natin dito pinas bawal daw family code....pero wala sila nagawa nong hinatid nya ako dito manila tinuloy nin relasyon namin hanggang kumuha ako tirahan don 15_30 uwi nya dito skin hanggang nabuntis ako. Syempre takot din ako Kasi dahil sabisabi nila baka walang kamay baka abnormal.maging anak namin...at takot din ako parents ko d ko masabi kanila hanggang sulat Lang after nalaman nila pumunta mother ko dito manila mdyo malaki n tiyan ko...awang awa ako nanay ko nonnobouper iyak nya tapos gustong gusto nya ako saktan pero d nya magawa. Naranasan namin n walang masaing sardinas noodles itlog ang ulam namin lagi never kami huminge tulong kamaganak namin. Inuwi nya ako ilocos bago ako manganak after ko manganak bumalik ulit dito manila...unti unti n kami bumangon nagkaroon ng magandang trabaho Asawa ko kinasal kami judge said manila. Dahil cguro blessing din kami ngayon dahil buong puso kaming tinanggap both families . Dito manila except s family namin best friends Lang namin nakakaalam tungkol samin. Kahit kapitbahay d Alam tungkol samin.....hehehe....sa ngayon ok n ok lahat...cguro Hindi p time s 3 anak namin para malaman nila...panganay ko mdyo nakakatunog n cya Kasi minsan sinabi nya na hawig daw mukha ng mga Lola nya pati boses hehehe...time will come n masasabi namin kanila yon d muna ngayon... Bakit poooch d b kayo nagkatuluyan ng pinsan mo?
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    Sge try ko sya kausapin sa personal. Pero hndi ko alam kng kailan kami magkikita ksi pareho kming busy. Nsa manila ksi sya ngayon ksi dun yng company nya. Ako nman nandto sa korea bilang isang model kaya ang layo nmin sa isat isa. Thankyou pla sa advice Hndi ba pwede itanong ko nlang sa text? Ksi tingin ko prang di ko magagawang itanong sa personal haha. Iba ba yng pag uusap sa text chaka sa personal?
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    Let me respond. Yes I agree. Too early to tell. Pero Ikaw mismo ang makakaalam niyan. In the meantime though, tanungin ko muna kung anong ineexpect mo sa relationship niyo if ever? Nung hinalikan ka niya, tingin ko gusto (or ginusto) mo rin eh kasi hindi mo naman siya pinigilan. Tama ba ako? Ano muna ba ang nararamdaman mo? Tsaka mo itanong kung ano ang mula sa kanyang point of view... Response? Pooch
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    I agree with all of that. If someone is looking for a fling, or a fun summer, or some drama (yuck), looking for any of that with a cousin is a terrible idea. Not every relationship can (or should) turn into something serious, but a relationship with a cousin is serious from the moment it starts, whether or not that's the plan. A cousin is a connection no matter what. and if someone gets hurt and the romantic relationship is over, that familial bond still exists. That's a lifetime of possible pain and awkward encounters. It's my opinion that anyone who wants a relationship with a cousin needs to be willing to give that relationship their all, and be mature enough to recognize what a real relationship (as opposed to a fantasy or dream of a relationship) is like. Otherwise, the potential pitfalls make it not worth the risk. I knew I had a thing for my cousin years before I said anything. I needed to know how serious my own feelings were, and that they were real, and to be in a situation to make things work if he felt the same (which I didn't think he would, I just decided I needed to tell him anyway). I think that was the right choice, and I encourage anyone in a similar situation to do some serious soul searching before starting something that isn't simple or easy to back out of. As a side note, it took a long time for me to say something to my cousin, but when I did, and when he felt the same, that was it. There was no question for either of us that we'd do whatever we needed to do to be together for the rest of our lives. That, I think, is part of what can make a cousin relationship so special. If you do it right, that cousin dynamic morphing into something deeper, something built on a pre-existing affection and knowledge of each other, the trust and intimacy can be exceptional.
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    Someone new joined and I presume after reading my post, asked me for advice. It gave me the opportunity to write down some of my thoughts concerning all this, so I figured I'd share with you all the reply I gave them. "Since I have never fully and actively before pursued my cousin until now, I doubt I should be the one giving advice. Although, I would believe you should treat your cousin with love, honesty, and respect, always. Let that person know that you will be there for them and will never leave their side. Let them know they can count on you and depend on you too. But do not just say it with words, do what you can in action and deeds too. You have to be serious about pursuing your cousin and be willing to see things through, with the true intentions to commit. -- At least that is where I am coming from. I genuinely want to give her everything I can to make her happy and to see her dreams come true. That includes providing for her expecting child and loving her child as though it were my own. It means putting her needs first, as I recognize that I cannot be selfish about any of this. -- I'm not sure if I've explained enough my true meaning since somethings I do not believe you can put everything into words. But I hope what I have put into words, helps you and I wish you good luck." If I were to add to that reply, I would add that it is something you have to be serious about and have thought about and felt for some time. You have to be serious about your feelings and not just the idea. I did not just wake up one morning and think to myself, "oh gee, let's see if I can have a relationship with my cousin". While it is true, there was an immediate attraction towards her before I knew she was my cousin and it was more than just physical, I liked how she carried herself and could be both mature while having a good sense of humor. That did not change once I found out she was my cousin and overtime, even though we both dated other people over time, I continued to desire her and wanted to know her more. There was always that longing which never left me and the strong desire I had to know she was happy in life and whenever I learned she wasn't, I felt true heartache. You also have to be accepting of who your cousin is, understanding that, no one is perfect, not even you (yourself), and that your cousin too is human and has flaws. As I said previously, you cannot just be in love with the idea, but the reality too of who that person is and how they are as a person. As I said, I didn't just wake up on a random morning and come to this lightly. You have to put yourself out there, be willing to risk it all, and ask yourself, is this worth it? In my case, most definitely, yes. I truly believe, sware to god belief, that the biggest fools on this earth, are the few who screwed up and did not give "AV" the love and respect she deserves. In my opinion, they were given the opportunity of a lifetime, and they are complete fools for not doing right by her. It is a mistake I do not plan on making and given the chance, I plan on doing right by her. I want to help her fulfill her dreams and lighten whatever burdens come her way in life. I want her to know I'm on her side, as I stand by her side. If there are children involved, you have to take that into consideration too. In this case, with a child on the way, even though it is not mine, I know I will man up and step up. You have to be prepared to take on that responsibility and not just "play house". Children are fun, but they are also a lot of work and care. The greatest fool of them all is the fool who walked out on my cousin and claimed he didn't want anything to do with her or the baby. Well, I am no fool, and I'm perfectly content with the idea of late night feedings, diaper changing, restless and sleepless nights, hard work, and much, much more. I am willing to do what is right for her and whatever she needs and whatever it takes. While I believe my cousin is a strong woman, I do not think my cousin should have to do it alone and I do not want her to do it alone and mean for her not to be alone. I will gladly stand by her and be there. There is so much more I could say, but as I said previously, I do not think words alone could ever express everything.
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    If you are there for her and her child, she will get the message, even if you don't tell her directly. Good luck!
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    ang ganda naman ng kwento ni Roze, buti ka pa natanggap ka ng mama mo. nakausap ko mama ko tinakwil na nya ko. patay na daw ako para sakanya. sinubukan ko sya paliwanagan ayaw nya, matanda na daw sya at sarado na daw isip nya. pero masaya ako para sayo Roze, kasi may pamilya ka pa din. aasa ko na balang araw e matatanggap din ng pamilya ko relasyon namin.
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    Yep! Totoo yan. Pangasinan probinsya ng nanay ko. San probinsya mo 9/9?
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    Hmm. I really do hope na it works out for you. 1. Wala pa kayong foundation. 2. LDR kayo 3. 17 months kayong magkahiwalay Yet despite this distance, marami na kayong naging breakups. Sabi mo, Are you sure ba sa kanya? I mean, bukod sa kanya eh sa relationship ninyo? Di naman sa ano, ano...pero binibigyan lang kita ng duda... kasi magiging magaspang talaga ang daan sa hinaharap mo kung ganitong relasyon ang tatahakin mo. Ako eh naninigurado lang naman... My hopes are definitely maging kayo at ako siguro ang isa sa mga magdidiwang kung maging kayo in the end. Pero, ano sa tingin mo? Okay naman ba siya? Eh ikaw, okay ka naman ba? Kasi alam kong mahirap ito ate...Mahirap na mahirap talaga. Nabanggit mo na plano mong sumunod kung nasaan siya. Saan ba siya nagkakaroon ng kontrata and projects? Susunod ka as ano, though? Spousal sponsorship? Work visa? Anong siste? May gameplan na ba kayo? Or you know what? Maybe it's too early to talk about these stuff.. diba? Kung wala pa, wala namang problema. It comes when it comes eh, diba? No big deal. I do not know your relationship and definitely mas kilala mo ang bf mo and mas alam mo ang relationship ninyo and kung ano kayo just between the two of you. Pero in speaking as a guy ah, bilang lalake, as soon as we turn 22 or 24 kasi, these stuff gets rolling na eh... I am glad na seaman siya. Kaya lang, magiging on and off talaga kayo. Ang tita ko ay nakapangasawa ng seaman. 31 years na silang kasal. Pero hanggang ngayon hindi sila magkasama ng at least 1 year na dire-diretso.. Like you, it's 3-4 month at most. Are you willing to have that life? Kaya ba ng sikmura mo yan (knowing na ngayon pa nga lang eh, hirap ka na?) Again, di sa dinidiscourage kita ah.. Pero ang tunog kasi eh isang untrained runner na tatakbo sa marathon eh.. Wala pang 1 block hingal na eh. I guess suggestion ko is that by November, really have some quality time together. Mas maraming time kayo alone, the better. Para makilala ninyo isa't-isa talaga. Anyhow, comments are definitely welcome as to alam kong marami kang sasabihin. hehe. Pooch
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    Haha! Good one! Sa sitwasyon ko naman, ako ang nagmake ng move. Matagal na kaming may feeling sa isa't isa then isang bagi basta hinalikan ko lang. Eh hindi pumalag, I backed off then inulit ko ulit. Then sparks at kuryente, daig pa sinturon ni hudas, hahahaha Then ayun na, first love eh. Pooch
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    As long as na parehas kayong lalaban go. I like that. Ang kaso eh pano pag ang isa ay sumuko? I see. Kung ganun, edi antayin mo na nga lang talaga siguro siya kung kelan siya makahanap ng tapang, if ever na dumating. Either which, nothing is lost. As long as na both of you will be happy. Bakit naman siya natatakot na mangibang-bansa? Ang tanging naiisip ko lang na dahilan ay syempre I assume na siya ang sumusuporta sa pamilya niya, diba? (Siguro panganay siya and/or bread winner? I dunno..) But then if other reason gaya ng natatakot lang, siguro nga antayin natin makakuha siya ng lakas ng loob. Kung ayaw niya ng research, dahil siguro sa social pressure and everything. Natatakot siyang makumpirma na mali nga ang relasyon ninyo dahil sa udyok ng nasa paligid -- which is supposed to be not the case. Yung gf ko naman, ang attitude niya eh, "O sige, kung anong sinabi mo, yun na yun." Pretty much pinagkakatiwalaan niya ako ng buo. So ako ang nagresearch and do my part. Sa akin nakasabit lahat. hahahaha! napatawa mo ko dun brad! naku delikado mapikot. lol. Pero seriously though, nabanggit ko naman kasi yung kasal kasi sabi mo sa first post mo, which sounds to me na syempre gusto niyang sabihin sa buong mundo na nagmamahalan kayo (kind of like what marriage is, alam mo yun?) But then yeah, I understand... I see.. I'm sorry sa ex mo. Musta naman yung anak mo? I hope ikaw ang may hawak.... Tungkol sa gf-cousin mo, antayin na lang natin siya kung ganun.. Kung kailan siya magiging handa as soon as na magkabalikan kayo. hahaha! Pag nagawi ka rito, sagot ko. lol Oh talaga ah? Sinabi niya yun?! Pano nangyari? Kwento mo naman. Natawa ako dun sa sinabi mong, "at wala akong alam. hahahahaha" . Sakit ng tiyan ko kakatawa. Tayong mga lalake kasi, kahit lahat alam natin, lagi tayong walang alam! bwahahaha! Korek. Patience lang talaga. diba? nakakabaliw. Kagabi nga lang eh, nanonood kami ng paborito naming palabas sa Netflix. It just so good to be sa company ng mahal mo. Alam mo yun? Yes, hindi pa tamang panahon for us pero darating din ang tamang panahon kasi we are both willing to go the distance. Pooch
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    My partner/cousin was really reluctant to tell his closest (male) friend when we got together. Eventually he felt like he needed to, because he was driving two hours to see me on the weekends, and wasn't available to hang out like he was before. He was pretty sure his friend wouldn't approve, and he was avoiding him instead of telling him, and his friend didn't get why he suddenly wasn't around. Finally he did tell him, and his friend's response was basically "dude, if it makes you happy great; I thought you were avoiding me because you were mad at me or something". Since then, that friend and I have met several times and gotten along really well. I'm sorry you feel like your friends wouldn't understand, but I hope that if you decide to tell them, they surprise you.
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    Hope this one makes you laugh! There is not one dirty word in it, and it is funny. The Smiths were unable to conceive children and decided to use a surrogate father to start their family. On the day the proxy father was to arrive, Mr. Smith kissed his wife goodbye and said, "Well, I'm off now. The man should be here soon." Half an hour later, just by chance, a door-to-door baby photographer happened to ring the doorbell, hoping to make a sale. "Good morning, Ma'am", he said, "I've come to..." "Oh, no need to explain," Mrs. Smith cut in, embarrassed, "I've been expecting you." "Have you really?" said the photographer. "Well, that's good. Did you know babies are my specialty?" "Well that's what my husband and I had hoped. Please come in and have a seat". After a moment she asked, blushing, "Well, where do we start?" "Leave everything to me. I usually try two in the bathtub, one on the couch, and perhaps a couple on the bed. And sometimes the living room floor is fun. You can really spread out there." "Bathtub, living room floor? No wonder it didn't work out for Harry and me!" "Well, Ma'am, none of us can guarantee a good one every time. But if we try several different positions and I shoot from six or seven angles, I'm sure you'll be pleased with the results." "My, that's a lot!", gasped Mrs. Smith. "Ma'am, in my line of work a man has to take his time. I'd love to be In and out in five minutes, but I'm sure you'd be disappointed with that." "Don't I know it," said Mrs. Smith quietly. The photographer opened his briefcase and pulled out a portfolio of his baby pictures. "This was done on the top of a bus," he said. "Oh, my word!" Mrs. Smith exclaimed, grasping at her throat. "And these twins turned out exceptionally well - when you consider their mother was so difficult to work with." "She was difficult?" asked Mrs. Smith. "Yes, I'm afraid so. I finally had to take her to the park to get the job done right. People were crowding around four and five deep to get a good look" "Four and five deep?" said Mrs. Smith, her eyes wide with amazement. "Yes", the photographer replied. "And for more than three hours, too. The mother was constantly squealing and yelling - I could hardly concentrate, and when darkness approached I had to rush my shots. Finally, when the squirrels began nibbling on my equipment, I just had to pack it all in." Mrs. Smith leaned forward. "Do you mean they actually chewed on your, uh...equipment?" "It's true, Ma'am, yes.. Well, if you're ready, I'll set-up my tripod and we can get to work right away." "Tripod?" "Oh yes, Ma'am. I need to use a tripod to rest my Canon on. It's much too big to be held in the hand very long." Mrs. Smith fainted
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    Hi, share lang ako background, married kami first cousin ilang buwan na, may baby na kami 1month old. Ganyan din ginawa namin inabot, kami ng 4 years hanggang naging ganito. Ako yung guy, tapos sya parati nakikipagbreak pero hindi rin ako matiis, haha. Advise ko alamin mo kung ano talagang rason nya kasi kung ang rason talaga nya na maghiwalay ay dahil magpinsan kayo, magagawan pa yan ng paraan kelangan lang may mag take ng lead. Pagmay love parati yan may paraan. Sayang 5 years of memories kung maghiwalay pero massayang pagdagdagan mo pa ng years tapos mali din reason nya kung bakit kayo magBF/GF. Emphasize ko ha, alamin ang totoong rason, pagmali immediately layuan mo, masasayang oras mo when you could be really happy.
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