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    No no no... It will only be awkward if YOU make it awkward. Guys approach/not approach while girls accept/reject. Thats our job. Lol So it is just NORMAL that you told her your feelings.. No regrets man! You just did what yiu have to do rather than have those regrets in the future. Own it like a man and chuck it to your arsenal of experience. You did the right thing. Seriously! 😊 Approach the next cute girl you meet man, make friends with her and interact and be social and it will do you wonders, man. 😊 Pooch
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    It is important to find out whether he has a girlfriend or not. That's the first step. After you find that out, come back here to update us and let us know. Pooch
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    I see her every few months. Thank you, Pooch.
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    Hi Ben Thanks for the responses. Here's my take. I think that you should try to get information in this situation by not asking her. Meaning to say, observe her from a distance and gauge if she hss feelings for you or not. If she does, then sure go for it. I suggest going subtle around her because of the close proximity. She only lives less than an hour away... so how often do you guys see each other monthly/yearly? Use these interactions to ask a bit about the things going on in her life -- not necessarily on what she thinks about you. You see, what she thinks about other stuff actually determines how she views you. You know what I'm saying, bro? So I suggest that you keep her on your radar and observe how she reacts on things. Do not accept her quirkiness right away especially the fact thay she just got off from a recent relationship. So just make sure that you are there for her and keep your eyes and ears open, bro. Pooch
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    I see. How long have you had this feeling though? Pooch
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    I see. 3 years older you say? I think that's an ideal age gap. U guys are in your mid-20s, or what? How old are you guys? Anyways, half an hour distance is not too far... Pooch
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    Question: Does she have a boyfriend? If you say no, how do you know? Pooch
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    Okay so i have feelings for my cousin. Shes 17 (about to turn 18 after 3 months) and i just turned 19. I felt that way for a long time but my feelings got pretty intense in the last few months so i planned to finally let her know about how i feel when she turns 18. But idk what happened to me and i just picked up my phone this night at 4 am lol and told her about how i feel. But she said that she doesn't feel that way and for the worse, she even said that she doesn't think it'll ever be possible. Getting this clear-cut reply obviously ended every hope in me. But the thing is, i always had a thought that she may have that feeling for me even if only in the smallest corner of her heart. Like when you interact with someone frequently, you sometimes get the idea about how they feel about you, or whatever. What do you think would be the reason? Personally after reading that she doesn't think it'll ever happen, i think she hates me or already likes someone else and thus she put the clear idea that she doesn't even want me to think it'll ever happen, which is worse than i ever expected. The problem right now is that my family's gonna meet hers after a week and we're gonna stay at their home for at least one night. Now i have no idea how i m gonna face her. Huhh now i realize that i shouldn't have told her, considering that we meet a lot and it'll make things really awkward now. I feel soo broken and terrible now. I wish i could control it just like i had been for a long time.. wish me luck 😥
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    please note that the last post was entered over ONE YEAR ago
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    The military will never know or will they ask. There are no laws (USA) that we are aware of that would prohibit 3rd cousin marriage. The only people that will know are the ones you choose to tell. It is your business. Married to my second cousin for 15 years now. He is retired military.
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    You wrote: "At a recent family reunion, I asked about the first wife and the coincidence in her having the same name as I do. This sent him off the rails , in a spitting nails fit of cruelty and rage, directed at me." I would be concerned about his reaction. I've known people who go nuts over a simple question. He may be a very abusive person, who does not communicate effectively. That should be your main concern. The rest of what you've written, just sounds like this is all your perspective, and none of it his perspective towards you. Going by what you've written, I would NOT pursue a relationship with him.
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