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    Trevor, I'm only going to tell you this once. Leave this site, do not contact our members, and never return here. No member here has ever had any sort of a good experience in the last 10 years, and they will not have a good experience with you. You will exploit them. You will never present the facts on religion, genetics, or legalities factually. I have encouraged members to NOT get involved with the likes of you in the past. Some of them have. To a couple, they have ALL been exploited in sensationalized BS programs making them out to be some sort of stereotypical hicks. You may claim your intent to do otherwise, but your corporate ratings managers will overrule what little, if any, good intention you may have. I will be sending a PM to Peaches myself to discourage her as vehemently as I can from any interaction with you. If you persist, I will smack you with the banhammer. My other mods may chastise me over this harsh public rebuke, and that is fine, as I really don't care. You will see my tag as being the resident junkyard dog. I will bite, and take my lumps later from Boss if I have to. I have promised myself that I will never allow our members to be used in such fashion EVER again. And I mean it. I don't want to hear 'Oh this will be different. We want to break the stigma, blah, blah, Bullsh*t" I can link you to damn near verbatim posts such as yours, in which members have bought the line, and been abused. Everyone from Tyra to Dr. Phil have done it. And yet "You're different". BS. Not going to happen. Sorry if I, (and dare I say WE) don't believe you. Stossel was the last unbiased look at the topic, and that's been a while. You are not Stossel. He knows who and how to contact this place. Again, leave this site, and do not come back. Our members will not be fodder for your ratings. Forget it. Go to Reddit. I have no privileges there, and they would fit your bill better than our good members here.
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    I will try to pop in more often. I miss the site's camaraderie too.

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