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    i think it's a wise choice, kc. i support it 100%
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    i have 2 daughters from a previous marriage. they were 11 and 12 when mark and i married, and they were pretty good with it. we went way, way public with our relationship.... not long after we got married we went on a talk show... the first of many media appearances discussing the topic. my girls kinda became little celebrities in our tiny town as a result. they got a little ribbing, but also discovered that a couple of their friends (who were siblings) were the biological children of cousins.... and that my oldest daughter's best friend at the time, whose father performed our wedding, was the granddaughter of first cousins. so really it was not a big negative in their lives. bullies move on when they don't get the desired reaction from their targets, and my girls didn't give the expected reaction. now, however, we tend to stay lower key. we're no longer out to change the world, and the girls (who are now in their 30s with kids of their own) are glad not to have to explain the facts of life to their peers. mark and i tell very few people these days, although every pastor of every church we've belonged to has been aware, and we always share the info with any friends we become close to. but no more media coverage, and we don't advertise it on social media either.
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    Hubby and I, second cousins, are very happy. Married over15 years, retired for over 4, and having a great time traveling wherever we want in our RV! Life is good!

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