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    We are heading to Arizona tomorrow, weather permitting in Amarillo!! Have a blessed and Happy New Year!! I will check in when I can.
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    Well, my idea of fun is a bit "different": I have filed to be a candidate for a local election! Never, in my wildest dreams, did I ever think of doing that! LOL HUGS
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    We travel with our 5th wheel trailer. Visit places, family and friends on the way to where ever. Have been in Missouri for about 3 weeks. Visited the Clydesdale horse ranch, the WW1 memorial and museum in Kansas City and several other historical places in the area where we are. Heading back to Texas in a couple of days and will be at a lake for some r&r and some fishing!!
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    hi elie if you two have a child together, only the nearest kinship would be applicable. so he (or she) would simply be your child... and your cousin's child. the answer you're looking for would be first cousin twice removed... but like i said, that relationship is not one that would be counted or considered for any purpose other than curiosity's sake. but your child isn't going to be a freak show in a traveling circus, so that's just useless information! if you two get married, his dad will be your father-in-law. the fact that he's also your first cousin once removed is irrelevant. your family dynamic has changed. for the record, i'm also married to my first cousin once removed. his dad is my first cousin. we've been married for 19 years... i never could wrap my head around calling him "dad", so i just call him by his first name. but then again, i never called my in-laws from my previous (unrelated) marriage mom or dad either. your child would only considered the 'grandchild' of your parents and your cousin's. likewise, your child would only be the niece or nephew to any of your siblings or your cousin's... no need to count the generations and try to sort out the degrees of kinship or who is once, twiced, or not-at-all removed. always remember the nearest degree is the only one that counts. so the relational stuff would be exactly as it would be if the father were not related to you at all. hope that helped!
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    When we got married 16 years ago my wife and I decided we would try to do something we've never done, or go somewhere we've never been at least 3-4 times a year. We've taken vacations in D.C. , Idaho, an Alaskan cruise, and many other places.In February we went snowmobiling for the first time. Next weekend we're going to a Celtic festival. And whether we enjoy it or decide "Never again" the point is we are experiencing and sharing it together. There is so much to see and do in this world I'm sure you'll find something you'll both enjoy.
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    you're married. that means your cousin is off limits. you need to find a way to reconnect with the man you vowed to share your life with, and that means you're going to have to walk away from the sexy cousin.
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    There's about three accounts in the Bible the show God's approval of cousincouples as long as it doesn't violate state law. Just find those scriptures and show them to your mom or other family, or whoever ask about your relationship. Regardless of what they say, remind them that this shows God's view toward cousin couples. If they still insist that it's wrong remind them that, as far as you're concerned, the Bible has the final say so and is the final Authority on all matters of life and it is the Standard that you use to determine what is right and wrong. Then ask them what do they use as a standard for determining right and wrong? Again, regardless of their answer, no standard is higher or more accurate then God's word.
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    @ladyc, they are trying to see if they can post spam. Hey bums, you can't!
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    For those of you who are or have been openly in relationships with cousins: what reactions do people outside your family have when you tell them about your relationship? For us, it isn't something we announce to everyone, but eventually the "so how did you two meet?" question usually comes up with friends, and we're honest. I reply with something like "well, actually, we've known each other all of our lives. We're cousins." The reaction from that point on has been so similar with every exchange that I am curious about what others have experienced. This is my experience, basically word for word every time: Friend: "So, like, first cousins?" Me: "Yes, my father and his mother are siblings." F: "Oh. Do you have the same last name?" M: "No." F: "Well, have you guys thought about if you want to have kids?" M: "Yes, actually the genetic risk is much lower than you would think, only about 2-3% higher than the general population, and from what we know about our family history, there is nothing that should worry us." F: "That's good!" [pause] "I actually used to have a crush on one of my cousins..." At which point they tell me about their crush. Well, the crush part only happens with about two thirds of them, but that's the part that surprised me the most. The rest of it happens every time. All of our friends have been accepting, and no one has been judgemental, at least to our faces. In fact, the more people I've told, the more confident I've felt because of how well they've responded. What about you guys?
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    Thank you so much ☺. Everything else is fine.
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    Thank you very much sir, problem fixed :).
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    Please try again and let me know if the problem is resolved. The problem is on my end. Sorry for the trouble!
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    I have allergies and bad eyesight yet my parents were not related. Sometimes we can get hysterical about being related for no good reason. Years ago, when I was drinking too much, my blood pressure was extremely high and my doc was perplexed because he could not get it down. We tried for 6 months. One day I asked if I should monitor my blood pressure at home. My doc said, "Why do you want to do that? It's just going to tell you if it is high or not, and what are you going to do if it is high?" I thought my doctor saw everything backasswards but his logic was irresistible. Let's say that a cousin couple went to a geneticist and the doc said, well, because of your family history, you have a 5 percent increased chance of having a baby with a birth defect. Maybe the couple is already pregnant. So what is the knowledge of these stats going to change? To me, it is a time waster. Another example - I go to church with a medical doctor. He has two kids with some sort of profound genetic disorder (they can hardly walk). The doctor is not related to his spouse. Now, after the first child was born with the disease, the doctor had to know very well that having another child would be extremely risky. Well he did have another child and he lost the genetic lottery, unfortunately. I'm sure his colleagues berate him behind his back. I don't hold it against him, although I am sure I would have made different decisions. I guess I see things differently.
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    DillerDahl: Welcome to cc.com and thanks for your question. I am afraid that LadyC is correct and doesn't need a lesson on genetics. Hey, there is certainly room for all of us to learn more about DNA and kinship. You are so distantly related that I can't determine what your relationship is. You are not double cousins and you certainly are not inbred. You are just uninformed. The Brittish Pakistanis that you referenced are an anomaly -- a fluke resulting from the founder effect. Feel free to look that term up. Your stats are too wacky to correct. Good luck to you and please take a chill pill.
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    it does not make you inbred. your parents are 2nd cousins. that is genetically no more similar than two UNrelated people. as for what relation that makes you to your parents? THEIR CHILD. oh, and your grandparents' kinship to each other doesn't change anything about this equation. get a grip. it sounds like you are trying to find something to resent them for. i get it. it's a teenager's role in life to hate their parents. but you're going to have to find some other excuse, because this one is just plain stupid.
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    Merry Christmas everyone! Thank God for Jesus, who selflessly gave Himself so that the whole World may know God and escape hell's eternal punishment. This Christmas, I would like to thank God for his inexplicable grace that pursued me when I was yet agnostic and on my way to hell. I am still here and God continues to bring me long distances from the man that I once was. May the Lord bless everyone who reads my reflection.
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    wow, that was beautifully said! hope you all had a wonderful christmas, and look forward to a great new year! when the new year rings in, so will mine and mark's 20th anniversary
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    MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!! Best wishes for many blessings on you this season and in the new year.
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    Click mo signature ko. We can talk in Filipino on the other thread. But a quick answer would be this: Aunt-Nephew or Uncle-Niece marriages in the Philippines are 100% null and void from the beginning. Bali illegal po siya. Pooch
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    Hi! 😊 Bago lng ako sa page na ito....good to know na meron pala ganito para sa cousins couple. We're live-in partner, for about 13yrs. & may binata na kaming anak. Kami ay 1st cousin sa mother side, at tanggap na kami ng aming pamilya. Even sa lugar namin kilala kami as a couple, sa una pinag-usapan ang relasyon nmin, hindi nag tagal nagsawa na rin sila pag-usapan kami. Long story ang aming journey as a couple. Pero may time pa rin na may awkward moments, for example: pag nag Census, mga bisita na matanong, usaping kasalan at etc. Mahirap ma-maintain ang isang relasyon na hindi tanggap sa lipunan natin. Pero sabi nga ng "asawa koh", as long as nag-mamahalan kami at tanggap kami ng aming anak at ng pamilya namin, ay dedma na lang sa sinasabi ng ibang tao. Wala nman kami tinapakang tao or ginawang masama, faith in God na lang cguro. Si God, lng nman nkaka-alam ng lahat. Basta thankful kami na nalagpasan nmin lahat ng pagsubok. Hindi nman kami aabot ng 13yrs. kung di kami nagmamahalan.
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    I don't mean to be negative, but TBH, from your post, I don'e see anything from her that isn't just cousins? Ok, so maybe the massage request was a bit much... but she is young. If I were you I'd try to stop focussing on it while you're still so young and move on. I've spent 35 years in love with my cousin - I had a lot more to go on in the beginning, but Im still waiting and it's been extremely painful. My advice would be, if you can, move on. Sorry x
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    My first cousin crush was when I was fifteen. Thirty five years later I am still so in love with him. We've never managed to publicly commit, but we are closer now than we've ever been. I won't give up hope that we can eventually overcome his fear of the family response.
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    Same Sky. Ganyan din feeling ko. Pero yung akin naman is di namin alam kung pang ilang pinsan na kami kasi sabi ng papa ko kamag anak daw namin sila. Ayun natatakot ako na malaman ng ibang kamag anak namin na may relasyon kami kasi diba nakakahiya. Pero mahal namin isa’t isa. Ayaw naman natin biguin yung mga magulang natin. Siguro ang mabuting gawin nalang is makapag tapos ng pag aaral. Mag hanap ng magandang trabaho. After nun doon nyo na ipag laban yung nararamdaman nyo sa isa’t isa.
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    I do lol, but not with my cousins. I go out with friends, make random plans and when we all meet we normally talk about spooky stuff lol. Sometimes we don't plan but we just go on trip and jam in the parking lots until police come to stop us lol (No alcohols or drugs, we just play loud music nd enjoy). Normally well planned trips do not turn out as great as the random ones do.
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    I wish in had something to contribute here lol..
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    Ken, you won't regret it! My sister lives in OKC.
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    Yes Ladyc! That is exactly what's happening. It's poor writing, and i wonder if the director is on lsd. The overriding homosexual theme is a deal breaker for me. A big $&@##@ goes out to Netflix! That is how I feel after watching the rest of the season. Netflix turned a great series into the "Arrested Queens."
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    8-10. Hndi ko alam kng bakit naaattract ako sa kapatid niya. Ang gwapo nya ksi mukha syang korean. Haha Hinalikan din nya ako, dati nung natutulog ako. Hndi ko lng alam kng bakit. Chaka hndi ko alam bat lagi niyang hinahawakan yng butt ko. Dati kasi nung natutulog ako katabi ko sya kaming magpipinsan magkatabi kmi lahat. Kapag nakikita na nya tulog na lahat. Bigla nya ako yayakapin. Gsto ko rin malaman bat ganun sya. Pero di kmi masyado close katulad nung isa. Paano ko ba malalaman na may gsto sya skin na hindi sya tatanungin?
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    Nagbalik ako ulit dito para ishare ang story ko. Sana natatandaan nyo pa yng kwento ko. March 05, 2018 tinanong ko na talaga yng cousin ko kng bakit nya ginagawa sakin na pra lang dapat sa mag syota yng gnagawa nya skin. Diko sya tinigilan hanggang napaamin ko sya. Inamin nya sa akin na. First year high school plang daw sya may nararamdaman na daw sya sa akin. Hindi nya alam kng paano. Basta nung daw natutulog ako at bigla daw akong humarap sakanya bigla daw syang kinabahan haha. Dun daw nag umpisa na halikan nya ako habang natutulog. Yng gf nya pla ginamit nya lang daw para magselos ako kaso wala man daw sa akin kay nafall din daw sya dun sa babae. Pero ngayong engineer na sya may gusto pa daw sya sa akin. Akala ko kapag umamin sya magiging masaya ako. Kasi nung naguguluhan ako at hindi pa sya umaamin. Mahal ko sya. Pero bakit nung umamin sya. Nawala yng pagmamahal ko sa kanya?
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    hahaha! napansin ko nga. 9/9, I have been there too naalala ko... during when I was 19 or 20. hehe. Sabi ko sa sarili ko, ako ang lalake... siya ang babae. Kung may driver man ng kotse, it's going to be me. Nakakalito kasi parang mag-isa ka lang na magdedesisyon. Pero talagang ganun. Parang mag-isa ka lang pero sa totoo hindi. Kasi bukod sa kasama mo si Lord, kasama mo rin ang gf mo. Nasa tabi mo lang at nakasuporta lang. After that realization, I have become calm. Andami kong buntong-hininga. Pero sabi ko sarili ko eh kailangan ko ng clear mind before doing anything. Bago kami naghiwalay ng gf ko kasi papunta na ako ng Canada at siya ay maiiwan sa Pinas, sabi ko tuloy pa rin kami...kahit LDR. Pero sabi ko sa kanya "Magaral ka ng mabuti ha?" Yun ang last words ko sa kanya bago kami maghiwalay. Just last week, after almost 15 years na naming sa relationship, we looked back yung time na yun. Natatawa kami pareho habang nanonood sa tv kasi parang kailan lang. Pero sobrang vivid ng pangyayari sa NAIA nun. Bakit? Kasi hindi daw ako sweet. lol. Kasi hindi ko daw siya niconsole. Tapos sabay palo sa akin sa braso kasi para daw I don't care. And nagiging emotional siya pero ako parang wala lang.... Well, sa totoo lang, I do care...and I love her.. and I would want to take her kung pwede lang. Pero sabi ko sa kanya eh mag-aral siya ng mabuti kasi gusto kong magkaroon kami ng magandang kinabukasan once na nagkita ulit kami. Pag pinairal ko ang pagiging mapusok ko nun, susmaryosep, walang mangyayari sa amin parehas. Kailangan kong magpakatatag, magkapalakas at talagang i-carry ang relationship... In modern analogy, kung fan ka ng NBA, kung may Russell Westbrook ang OKC, dapat maging ganun ka. Personally, kasi I know na my girlfriend/cousin is worth it e. Worth it na magsacrifice ng luha, ng oras, ng pawis, even ng pera sa kanya. I want na magkaroon ng magandang trabaho, irerespeto ng both families namin at hindi kami maaapi ng kung sinu-sino. Alam mo yun? So now, after 14 years, no one dare say anything sa amin (I guess at least for now...kasi di pa kami nagsasabi eh). Yes, nandun pa rin yung social stigma..the this and that na kasama sa relationship.. But then I do believe that it is normal eh.. Ika nga eh, Lahat ng relationships ay may in-laws. lol So worth it ba kaya itong si gf ni Roze? He has to set your standards high pagdating sa bagay na ito. Kung hindi siya worth it, don't hesitate to drop the entire relationship... Wag kang matakot to lose her. And I am saying this as a man sa kanya. Alam mo yun? Roze, kung may nangyari na sa inyo, edi may nangyari na. Own it. If it is a sin, then own it. Kumbaga, kung nagturnover si Russell Westbook, it's gonna be on him. Not that you care ah. Of course, medyo serious thing ang premarital sex...maraming consequences yan to both of your bodies, your relationships, your spiritual condition, your view with her family and her view of your family and so on and so forth...bagay na hindi ko na kailangan pang iexplain sa iyo kasi matanda ka na eh.. Pero you have to own it pare. Kailangang akuin mo yan. Si David sa OT, nangasawa ng wife ng iba, pumatay pa (lol), pero inako niya eh. Nagkasala siya sa pangangalunya and he man up in owning it. I will continue sa next posts.... Pooch
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    Hi Roze, Unang-una sa lahat, welcome sa forum. Bibihira lang ang mga Pinoy dito kaya natutuwa naman ako na may isa pang naririto. Paano mo nalaman yung forum? Anyhow, to respond: 21 years old ka and siya naman ay 22. Anong ibig mong sabihin sa nagpahinga? Please be honest with us. After all, anonymous naman dito. Walang may kilala sa iyo. Pero isang bagay ang maipapayo ko sa iyo: Wag kang padalos-dalos, Roze. Mag-antay ka. Don't do anything kasi mas lulubha pa yang sitwasyon mo once na may gawin ka pang mali. Lahat ng tao nakatingin sa iyo at lahat ng mga mata nakatingin sa kanya. Sunday itong post mo and Wednesday pa lang sa ngayon. 3 days pa lang ang nakakalipas. Relax. Second point: She is a big girl already. SHE IS 22! Don't worry about her too much as if she cannot take care of herself. Pare wag ganun. Girlfriend mo yun -- hindi batang paslit. Let her shoulder the same burden. Kasama mo siya sa buhay. Pinasok niya rin naman yang sitwasyon niyo eh so 50-50 lang. 50% akuin mo, and 50% naman akuin niya. Yan ang fair. You cannot just put it all on you. Hindi ka si Prince Charming na ililigtas siya sa Nueva Ecija. Por pabor. Now having said that though, IKAW YUNG LALAKE. Brad, ikaw yung may bayag. I know this will be hard pero treat this as a challenge. This will separate you from the boys so talagang pakatatag ka. I am not saying na mag-iiiyak ka papunta sa kanila na "huhuhu..kukunin ko na siya sa kanila.." Parang awa mo na, huwag na huwag mong gagawin yun. Kasi hindi ka irerespeto ng mga magulang niya (tiyuhin at tiyahin mo). Tapos gusto mong kunin (ano yun itatanan mo?) Kailangang ipakita mong lalakeng-lalake ka. Eto para sa iyo. Nawa'y lumakas ang loob mo. Sabi ni Pablo, 1Co 16:13 (13) Magsipagingat kayo, mangagpakatibay kayo sa pananampalataya, kayo'y mangagpakalalake, kayo'y mangagpakalakas. Panghawakan mo yan brad. Kasi ikaw ang magiging padre-de-pamilya eh. Ikaw ang magiging husband. Ikaw ang magiging tatay. Ibang level na ito brad. Hindi na ito laro-laro, if you know what I mean. Entering a relationship for a Christian is a very serious thing...aba mas lalo na kung it's with your cousin! Pooch
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    Nagkausap na po kame, all we have to do now is earn. Thanks mga ka CC, and all couples out there, we can do this! FIght!
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    Hehe.. Yeah.. Talagang ganyan kaming mga lalake sa cousin relationships... O ayan, igegeneralize ko na ah.. lolz. Sinlabo ng tubig-kalawang ang gustong mangyare. At mas pinakumplikado pa ito dahil sa trust-issues. Hay naku ate... Kung ako sa iyo, eto ang tanong diyan: Kaya ka bang ipaglaban niyan? Nakikita mo ba siya na kaya kang pakasalan? Alam ko na ang isasagot mo: Isasagot mo agad-agad ay "Hindi". Pero magiging generous ako kasi syempre bias ka para sa kanya. So ang isasagot mo ay "Hindi ko alam" (kahit na sa totoo ay hindi). lolz. And so kung hindi mo alam kung anong direksyon ng relasyon ninyo, better eskapo ka na LNS. Makipagbreak ka na... Bigyan mo ang sarili mo ng 5-6 months na walang communication. Tapos, sabihin mo sa kanya na kakausapin mo lang siya kapag may gelpren na siya. Pero sa ngayon, tingin ko wala ng pag-asa yan... Pero wag mong itatapon yung pabango -- uy sayang din yun no. hehe. So lumabas pala kayo nung linggo.. Kaya lang, away-bati kayo.. At sa tingin ko eh paraan na niya yun para manatili kayong maging magkaibigan kahit na hindi ka niya balak maging asawa -- let alone maging gelpren! Yikes!! Sa madaling sabi, "hindi man niya sadyain" (sipol) [o ayan, nilagyan ko na ng quotes ah...para naman maging charitable ako sa kanya], pero magiging parang basahan ang resulta sa iyo ng relasyon yan... Pooch
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    tama naman po yun.. pero just because na walang nakalagay na bawal ang magpinsan eh aprubado na ang relasyon ninyo para sa inyong dalawa per se. ang batayan pa rin eh ang pagmamahalan ninyo at ang pagtitiwala at ang commitment sa isa't-isa. Hindi naman ibig sabihin na walang pagbabawal ang bible eh liligawan mo na ang pinsan mo eh kahit hindi mo naman mahal, diba? So ang tanungin mo sa pinsan mo eh kung mahal ka ba niya o hindi. Yun ang punto-prinsipal dun...! Kasi pag mahal ka niya, ipapaglaban ka niya lalo't higit sa sitwasyon mo ngayon... Pooch
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