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    Hi Pooch, thank you so much for replying Answering this question, I did have crushes and a boyfriend before, but not for a long time so I definitely am not very experimented. He is the first guy that I kind of saw myself with for a very serious relationship. And thank you for understanding my point of view regarding the whole people's opinion on me. Maybe you're right and nobody cares that much, it's just that it's so hard to apply this theory in real life I guess. And I'm really surprised to hear about your story. The fact that in your country the marriage or relationships between cousins is illegal is really messed up. I guess this proves that other people can have more (real) problems than I have. I really really hope your relationship works out and you get all the support from your loved ones. I am definitely sending all the love your way! Again, thank you so much for your answer, it definitely did help me a lot. I appreciate it. Love, Nora.
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    I say if you love each other, then be together. You don't have to explain yourselves to anyone
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    hi to all ako po ay humingi ng payo Hindi ko alam bakit ng yari to may relasyon kami ng tita Ko mahal niya ako at mahal Ko siya. Tita ko ay kapatid ng nanay ko sa Ina so kapatid sila sa Ina mahabang kwento po to kung nais niyong malaman ang buong kwento mag bigay muna ng advice kasi wala pang nakaka alam sa aming dalawa na may ng yari na sa aming dalawa mag 2 years nakaming palihim na itinago to sa aming family kaya Hindi namin alam kung saan aabot to ayaw niyarin na malayo kami sa isat isa at gunun rin ako ano po ba ang dapat gawin himihingi ng advice sa iyo at sana matulungan niyo kami salamat.
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    damaged, you're a grown man. she's a grown woman. at this age (and i'm also at "this" age), women aren't interested in wasting a lot of time playing games. especially games like getting buzzed just to ease some of the awkward tension. seriously, you need to man up and just tell her you'd like to take her out without the liquid courage, and be willing to risk her rejection. THAT will show her that you're sincere, and that you're willing to be vulnerable. she's far more likely to give you a chance that way.
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    That sounds like the best choice. I wish you well with your new pursuit.
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    I decided not to hang with him anymore? I'm pursuing someone else who looks and reminds me of him who lives outta state? You were tight ny intentions were not good and I was gonna try to get him alone again but decided against it
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    I did not intend my response to sound as though I was attacking you. I did mean to be honest. I think the best way for you to get over the crush thing is to cut all contact with him. No facebook, text, calling or any other social media you might be connected on. I do wish you well.
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    You have answered you own question. I think he is trying to tell you something and you are refusing to hear. He is MARRIED and has a family.. You are doing the wrong thing by asking him to hang with you, knowing how he feels about his family. The best thing you can do is cut all communication with him and move on. He is not available to you. Best wishes on your journey.
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    Hello everyone i am new to the forum and to dating my cousin,. We are both 40 years old and did not grow up together, i was adopted by my father and she is my 1st cousin on my bio fathers side. We both have kids and she can not have anymore. All of our kids get along great and we are deeply in love and have plans to live together in the next couple of weeks. I do not know how to tell my mother, any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    Hi! 😊 Bago lng ako sa page na ito....good to know na meron pala ganito para sa cousins couple. We're live-in partner, for about 13yrs. & may binata na kaming anak. Kami ay 1st cousin sa mother side, at tanggap na kami ng aming pamilya. Even sa lugar namin kilala kami as a couple, sa una pinag-usapan ang relasyon nmin, hindi nag tagal nagsawa na rin sila pag-usapan kami. Long story ang aming journey as a couple. Pero may time pa rin na may awkward moments, for example: pag nag Census, mga bisita na matanong, usaping kasalan at etc. Mahirap ma-maintain ang isang relasyon na hindi tanggap sa lipunan natin. Pero sabi nga ng "asawa koh", as long as nag-mamahalan kami at tanggap kami ng aming anak at ng pamilya namin, ay dedma na lang sa sinasabi ng ibang tao. Wala nman kami tinapakang tao or ginawang masama, faith in God na lang cguro. Si God, lng nman nkaka-alam ng lahat. Basta thankful kami na nalagpasan nmin lahat ng pagsubok. Hindi nman kami aabot ng 13yrs. kung di kami nagmamahalan.
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    salamat Sa pag reply sir ang gusto kulang malaman dito baka mang yari ang isip ko, iwan ko sana hindi nalang kami mag ka dugo para walang problema.
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    Ilang taon ka dalawa? Kailangan mong lumabas sa closet at ipaalam sa iyong pamilya na nararamdaman mo. Mayroong isang mahabang thread ng Filipino dito. Sana may isang tao na maaaring makatulong sa iyo na mas mahusay. ----------------------------- How old are you two? You will have to come out of the closet and tell your family know you feel. There is a very long Filipino thread on here. Hopefully someone there can help you better.
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    My Dad broke my cousin-love and I up, decades ago. As much as I was in-love with my cousin, I couldn't believe that he was in-love with me, and I was terrified of his rejection, so I never said anything to him after my Dad broke us up. Seven years later I married someone else, but my cousin-love was never out of my heart. My family and my cousin's family acted like they were in the right, and I had no say in it. I grew up psychologically and emotionally abused and was use to not having a voice in my family about much of anything, so speaking up didn't seem like an option. Not being able to speak about my feelings for my cousin with my family or anyone else though, was difficult, and finding this site in 2004 meant I could finally start speaking of my cousin-romance. Seven years after my Dad broke us up, and 3 months after my wedding, my cousin-love died of cancer. I've lived 34 years now without him. It never occurred to me to blame my Dad or my family for splitting us up, because I know they were just doing what they thought was right. I did not have the emotional/psychological strength to fight back anyways, and I never did. My cousin-love never fought back either in the 7 years before he died. But there is hope. I hope to be with my cousin-love once I die, and I've had many supernatural experiences with him since he died 34 ago. I've realized that whether you marry your cousin-love or not, you always have to deal with the fact that you are cousins, in a society that is against cousin-marriage. It can make any cousin-marriage difficult. Just a few thoughts on the matter ... sorry for your difficulties cadbury Take Care Ambra
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    Fight crass with crass! Lol. Stay long enough and you will get the response that you are looking for. The truth is that we don't have all of the answers. However, I know the answer isn't to cheat on your wife like vermin. GSA seems to be a real thing to me. I have never admitted it before but I do have another cousin that is hot as a firecracker. I purposefully try to avoid her because I do not want my life any more complicated than it already is. It appears that you have already crossed the line with your cousin. Taking one more step could spell absolute disaster for both of your marriages. Are you trying to ruin or sabotage your marriage? If so, you are on the right track. If you are a gentleman, you will turn around while you still can. Mr. Ken, what can I say?
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    it all sounds very familiar. It is typical to have feelings for one particular cousin only, and not any other cousin. Best wishes on the huge decision that must be made by you two. Be strong. Hold your head up high. Wife and I had little support also. We said, F it, let's get married. Well, it wasn't that easy but yea it all worked out.