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    Here's information from an expert. KC is doing just fine - he has moved to a new state and is starting a business and making new friends. How do I know? Because he moved in with me and NO I am not a replacement for his ex. He's too young for me!!! LOL Nat
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    Oh, no, nothing to be sorry about. My beloved and I are engaged to be married this coming August. 🙂
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    Hawk, you are such a legend. Lol! Pooch
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    Please congratulate Pooch for being the newest moderator. He was (and still is) moderating the Tagalog forum. But he now is a regular mod, so show some respect for a hard worker.
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    It's not unusual to still miss an old flame after an extended time. But your cousin has already given you an answer to how he feels by letting you go and not responding to your texts. My best advice? Break up with your current BF; you're being unfair to him. Then go about living your life. Find some girls you can hang out with, take an art class, develop your professional skills, volunteer, make yourself valuable to the Canadian economy; in other words, get outside of your regular routine and shake up your life a little bit. Eventually you will find someone you thinks you are the bees knees and your cousin will be a distant memory.
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    The real KC has been a very delightful surprise to me! He’s been hiding a very serious educated person behind a rather frivolous facade. He’s a hard worker with the computer business. He is determined and thoughtful. I knew I would enjoy having him here but I did not realize what fun we would have. Life is definitely more serious AND happy with him around. He is also a great help with ordinary living. He says he is an ‘ole country boy” - don’t let him fool you - he’s halfway through earning his Master’s Degree. His education is obvious when you talk to him. He also likes to tease. HUGS Nat (Going to leave this here for a day and move to public view shortly)
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    Awww, thanks for the warm reception! It's good to be back.
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    in the past, the ACLU as a whole has had no interest in helping us. however, a few years have passed and the whole idea of what's acceptable and what's not has shifted. so it will be interesting to see if the ACLU would be willing to take this on now!
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    please help us change Utah law, to allow Michael and I, first cousins, to marry! We just got married in Colorado yesterday but Utah won’t recognize our marriage. Please take a minute to sign our petition! We currently have less than 50 and we need 1,000! Thank you so much!! https://www.thepetitionsite.com/954/693/035/allow-first-cousins-to-marry-in-utah/?taf_id=61492783&cid=fb_na#bbfb=514012378
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    Similar laws were changed by Skinner v. Oklahoma and Loving v. Virginia. The state has to prove a compelling interest in the prohibition of any marriage. Given that the state does not prohibit women over 35 or women who smoke from getting married or having children and given that the state has almost completely disconnected marriage from child bearing, they would have a very hard time proving a compelling interest. The only challenge is finding an organization (ie ACLU) willing to invest the legal resources to defend such a small minority in a topic that the overwhelming majority considers taboo.
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    hey, i only saw this this morning! i haven't been online much lately. i think it's totally natural to have dreams about people (and even places) that have been an important part of your life, and you'll never stop having them. i still occasionally have a random dream or two about people i once fancied myself in love with long before mark came into the picture. hmmm.... i don't think any of those dreams ever include my ex-husband though. i'm sure some psychiatrist could unravel some deep mystery as to why. but heck, i even have fairly regularly occurring dreams of the pool hall i worked at when i was in my 20s! i quit working there nearly a quarter-century ago. the important thing is when you wake up from those dreams, you wake up looking forward and not back. you've got this KC!
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    I read your questions but not all of the answers. I am known for being a little brassy and .. well you tell me. I say let the house of cards fall and burn. Trust me, if he wanted you to be his 'forever' he would put a little effort into it. He is such a sickening sissy-nanny. He makes me sick for being such a little girl. It is not you. Not at all. It is his problems which aren't going away anytime soon. Leave his a$$ and find a real man. Seriously. He needs 30 years to grow up. Send him my message. Please do not think I am being mean. Just listen to me.
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    you're fourth cousins? you're sure of this? tell all those nosey-bodies to stay out of your business. there are no social, legal, genetic, or moral impediments to fourth cousin marriages, ANYwhere in the entire world (not that you're ready for marriage yet, but just sayin'...) the ONLY impediment to your relationship is what you allow your family to impose on you. at 18 years old, you are adults. so behave as adults and make your own decisions. just be aware that those decisions may have consequences, and if you are still financially dependant upon your parents, they may cut off the supply. that means you may have to move out of their house. you may have to apply for your own student loans and work your way through college the old fashioned way. but really, living at home under your parents' authority beyond the age of 18 is unhealthy anyway, for them and for you. once you stand up for yourselves and take responsibility for your lives (emotionally AND financially) they will likely come around. it's a parent's job to try to "protect" our children from making what WE think might be mistakes, and our primary means of doing that is by control. it's a difficult thing for a parent to let go of that control, but it's a natural progression, and an important one that brings relief once the lines are drawn in the sand (by you.)
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    The petition was golden. It caught the attention of the press and that is what it typically takes to get a law changed. Maybe this couple will go after Texas now LOL
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    I’ve been seeing articles about you all over my local news. The comments are as one might expect. Will definitely sign. The Utah “void” clause needs to go but either way I see this as a violation of your 14th Amendment rights. Congratulations and best wishes! CM
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    SLOW DOWN!!! You just met and have been texting for 4 days!?!? First off, knowing your ages may help with any advice you may receive. You sound young, and I am not holding that against you or going to preach to you. The best advice I can give for now is build a solid friendship. Do not start declaring how you "feel" about her. I seriously doubt she "feels" the same way after such a short time. Do you live in the same area? Are you able to visit in person? These things are important in getting to really know one another. Best wishes on your journey.
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    You’re right and thank you for reminding me of that.
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    when they bring it up, just laugh and say yes, isn't it amazing? (or ironic, or funny, or crazy, or whatever...) it's only a big deal if you LET it be. trust me on this. here's an example of how this works regardless of age. a year after mark and i got married, we went on national tv on what was then a popular talk show. (montel williams.) we lived in a very small town, one that mark and i had grown up in, and my daughters went to school with the kids of people we'd grown up with. my daughters were in 7th and 9th grades at the time. when it got brought up at school, the girls just did the whole "yeah, so what?" kind of thing, and within a week, nobody even brought it up to them anymore. it's no fun picking on someone who doesn't react. so don't react. live your life and be happy.
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    Hi! Honestly, at first I was thinking that maybe he’s just not comfortable with the thought of being with a cousin but I also thought that one’s never too busy if they love a person. So yeaaah~ he doesn’t care. Lol. Thank you! I really appreciate how this site is not biased 😊
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    When we were younger people remarked we looked related. We’ve been married so long now that it’s just normal for a couple to start to look more alike. Like dogs and their owners. LOL
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    I told my mother Via a phone call, same with my dad. My mom was wonderfully understanding, and happy for us both...Where as my dad took a bit to warm up to the idea. He's better about it now. All my siblings are happy for us. The biggest struggle we had was HIS family finding out, particularly his dad and our grandmother. They too have gotten used to the idea of us being together, and above all, HAPPY. My grandmother, who's opinion I really wanted the most, was just so excited for us that we found one another, that I cried with sheer happiness when I got off the phone with her.
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    Thank you very much Lady C! My boyfriend and I are now in a relationship after 10 years and we both agree this is the best and only way we want to let our family/ies know about us, mainly mine, since I am the "woman" and his family is not going to give us big troubles.
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    you're an adult. it's time you (and your cousin) stop worrying about what the family might think. there are no legal, biblical, or genetic issues to stand in the way of you two having whatever relationship you want... including marriage and children. so the only thing standing between you and happiness is FEAR. just fear. as for family matters, that's also fear. probably irrational fear. i've been here at cousincouples for a long, long time. sixteen or so years. and i can tell you this. even for FIRST cousins, nearly all couples are terrified that their families will throw a hissy fit... and once they finally 'fess up, roughly half of them find out they worried for nothing and their families are supportive. and that's for first cousins. you two are second cousins. biologically you share almost an identical amount of DNA as you and i share. want my advice? quit letting fear control your life.
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