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    It's not unusual to still miss an old flame after an extended time. But your cousin has already given you an answer to how he feels by letting you go and not responding to your texts. My best advice? Break up with your current BF; you're being unfair to him. Then go about living your life. Find some girls you can hang out with, take an art class, develop your professional skills, volunteer, make yourself valuable to the Canadian economy; in other words, get outside of your regular routine and shake up your life a little bit. Eventually you will find someone you thinks you are the bees knees and your cousin will be a distant memory.
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    I can't think of any religion that prohibits cousin marriages wholesale. You have to get a dispensation from the Catholic church, but no biggee. Instead of reading tea leaves, I prefer a more direct approach. Why not ask your cousin how he feels?
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    If she has a boyfriend, IMO it is wise to just step back. She's spoken for, at least for now, and it could be a disaster to interfere with that. For me, it's an absolute. If they are in a relationship or married or otherwise involved with someone else, hands off.
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    My cousin and I are madly, deeply in love. I am in my early 30s and he is in his late 40s. We met later in life and didn't grow up together at all outside of maybe a few meetings in passing. However the age difference would have been too much. I continue to be shocked and delighted about how much we have in common, not just trivial things like taste in music, movies, and sense of humor but our sleeping habits, the way we think, our views on certain topics. I've never, ever connected with someone on this level. I'm so glad neither of us got married. He is the person I've been waiting for and I know he feels the same. Anyone else feel the same?
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    So happy for you!!!
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    The very best "sign from the universe" I had was when my 1st cousin/fiance' admitted she had the same feelings towards me as I do for her. The other stuff is just woo woo crap. Just sayin'
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