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    That sounds like the best choice. I wish you well with your new pursuit.
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    I decided not to hang with him anymore? I'm pursuing someone else who looks and reminds me of him who lives outta state? You were tight ny intentions were not good and I was gonna try to get him alone again but decided against it
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    I did not intend my response to sound as though I was attacking you. I did mean to be honest. I think the best way for you to get over the crush thing is to cut all contact with him. No facebook, text, calling or any other social media you might be connected on. I do wish you well.
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    You have answered you own question. I think he is trying to tell you something and you are refusing to hear. He is MARRIED and has a family.. You are doing the wrong thing by asking him to hang with you, knowing how he feels about his family. The best thing you can do is cut all communication with him and move on. He is not available to you. Best wishes on your journey.
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    Hello everyone i am new to the forum and to dating my cousin,. We are both 40 years old and did not grow up together, i was adopted by my father and she is my 1st cousin on my bio fathers side. We both have kids and she can not have anymore. All of our kids get along great and we are deeply in love and have plans to live together in the next couple of weeks. I do not know how to tell my mother, any advice would be greatly appreciated
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    For those of you who are or have been openly in relationships with cousins: what reactions do people outside your family have when you tell them about your relationship? For us, it isn't something we announce to everyone, but eventually the "so how did you two meet?" question usually comes up with friends, and we're honest. I reply with something like "well, actually, we've known each other all of our lives. We're cousins." The reaction from that point on has been so similar with every exchange that I am curious about what others have experienced. This is my experience, basically word for word every time: Friend: "So, like, first cousins?" Me: "Yes, my father and his mother are siblings." F: "Oh. Do you have the same last name?" M: "No." F: "Well, have you guys thought about if you want to have kids?" M: "Yes, actually the genetic risk is much lower than you would think, only about 2-3% higher than the general population, and from what we know about our family history, there is nothing that should worry us." F: "That's good!" [pause] "I actually used to have a crush on one of my cousins..." At which point they tell me about their crush. Well, the crush part only happens with about two thirds of them, but that's the part that surprised me the most. The rest of it happens every time. All of our friends have been accepting, and no one has been judgemental, at least to our faces. In fact, the more people I've told, the more confident I've felt because of how well they've responded. What about you guys?
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    Click mo signature ko. We can talk in Filipino on the other thread. But a quick answer would be this: Aunt-Nephew or Uncle-Niece marriages in the Philippines are 100% null and void from the beginning. Bali illegal po siya. Pooch
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    So me and my female cousin (20's) have been going back and forth for the last two years. We talked about messing around and a relationship a few different times when I was living in a different city, I would come visit her and sext fairly often. There were a few times where she would end our sessions after meeting someone but then would come back after they were out of her life or when she was extremely busy with school and work she would disappear for a few months but again she would come back. After this last time we started talking she said she couldn't see me more then a cousin and had to end things but then she would start sexting again but say things were just play, also she would tell me how much she missed me and wants me back, would want to stay the night with me when she doesn't want to go home. Well I ended up moving back for her after she helped me pick a apartment and go through some dark times. I told her that I'm in love with her and after that she seemed to get more distant so I asked her if I was just a toy because how much she would disappear. She was already annoyed and rightfully got mad at the question and told me there's nothing between us at all, we're not lovers and to not confuse anything she's ending the sexting as well, sense then she started to see someone (I believe over the net and this is over the course of 2-3 weeks now) I'm just a bit taken back because how close we were these few years I was away but because how many times she's come back to me I'm wondering if she will again. She tells me also that she can't/doesn't want to loose me or ever want me to disappear so I made her a promise that I never will and I can't ever hurt her. Idk does anyone have any thoughts please?
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    I think it is possible she is having some of the same "unsure" feelings. I don't know what to tell you to do, obviously, but I hope something gives you, and her, a clear sign soon just so you don't drive yourself crazy thinking about her. That ends up being painful. That, I do know.