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    UPDATE Well, it happened. After a long journey, after being there for her, supporting her, tending to her needs, and showing her she could rely on me, she finally told me that she loved me. It was small at first. When I had finished spending the one night at her place, I put my arms around her, kissed her on the forehead, and I told her that I loved her. She responded back with a barely audible, really timid, "love you too". I couldn't believe my ears, but she said it. For the first time, she said it. She said the magic words I've been dying to hear. As the days went by, I gave her the space and time she needed to examine her feelings, and her confidence grew. Soon it was naturally coming from her mouth, those three little words, "I love you.". I get texts all the time now, I'm spending a lot more time with her, she stood up for me when her one friend was running me down, it's crazy to think that everything I dreamed about was coming true. I then wrote her an honest to goodness love letter where I completely bared my heart and soul on paper and told her how much she meant to me and how much I loved her. A few days later after she read the letter, we made love for the first time. Without getting too graphic, the first time was awkward, nervous, anxious... we had to learn each other's rhythm and find out what each other's needs were... then we had to face the huge taboo of "Ooh, what are we about to do!" The first time wasn't magic, no. Definitely not. Around about the third or fifth time however, it was pure bliss and she is honestly the best lover I ever had. She drives me CRAZY! She says I satisfy her and so far, she's always smiling afterwards lol So I guess I'm doing something right 😄 We have successfully transitioned from cousins to lovers. We don't act like cousins anymore, instead, we act like a couple. Our next goal is to have a long and healthy relationship, and my own personal goal? I want to marry her. My state does allow cousins to marry, and after some time together, I fully intend to propose and make her my wife, if she'll have me. There is the huge question about what to tell the members of our family. To be honest? There already has been some talk. A lot of gossip has been made by what I'm doing over at her place all the time, why am I always buying her stuff, why is she so happy when I'm near, why we both stopped dating people... yeah, it's not exactly a top top secret. I honestly don't know what's going to happen when we "come out" so to speak. I know there will be fallout and I'm prepared to face the worst, which could end up being pretty bad. I'm fully expecting us to be disowned. We told some of our friends, and some of our friends were very understanding and supportive, and some laughed and said it was gross. At the end of the day, we still have each other, and that's enough for us. To any reading this, I have this to offer if you too are in love with your cousin: If you love them, if you really, really, love them... don't ever give up. Never fail to spend time with them, show them attention, prove you'll be there through good times and bad, shower them with affection and praise, always build them up, become their best friend first, then maybe... slowly... begin to show them just how much you feel about them. Give them time, space, and room to grow, and if it's meant to be, and if they feel anything for you, even if it's only the tiniest spark? You just might be surprised at where it leads.
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    If people are misinformed, you just have to educate them. I usually start by saying "Darwin, Einstein, and Queen Victoria all married their first cousins, so I think I'm in good company." We don't advertise that we are cousins, but it usually comes up with friends in the "How did you meet?" conversation. We just tell people simply and directly when they ask. They are usually mildly surprised, many people then tell us about a cousin crush they've had. It hasn't happened, but if anyone reacted with shock and horror, I wouldn't want them as friends anyway.
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    My cousin DID marry someone else. So did I. I went to his wedding (after my divorce) and tried to talk him out of it. I bit my tongue, went on with my life and some years later when he had divorced, we got together. Finally!
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    Hello. I'm falling in love with my cousin and I want to share a poem I wrote for her 😅 not sure where else I can share this where the community would be accepting and possibly relate to it on some degree, at least when knowing the context. If anyone else has poems/lyrics they want to share, I would love to read them. Of all these stars in my silver screen One burns brighter than I've ever seen A radiant glow, blissful energy Impossible to express in this reality A love beyond flesh, or fathom of thought A being I'd love after I'm torn apart Concealed within me, spurning truth A soul I'll coddle til death, since my youth. Her Aura charges my muse Though I cannot imbue hers An easy refuse Given the Affinity Shackled and judged should my covet be The entire desire, though exiled I'd see In histories course, the repetitions exist Am I lesser for clenching the same fist? In each aeon that star is encountered The pressure grows exponentially Heavy burden follows entombment Silence sheathes whispering chimera. A confession, a feeling, that in public eye Is jagged to the moral of a common time Behold, to me, a utopian dream. Peruse, to them, interdiction it seems. My star, my moon, my sky, my sun They keep me intact, without her I'm done Encumbered gloom as distance unveils So divine, this Belle. Worth my eternity in hell.
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    @Ambra_Flows Very well stated. You are right on. I know from personal experience, that one's family can be far harder to navigate than the law of the land. And it seems to all just be a hang-up on "but, you are cousins"... I see so many unhealthy relationships/marriages in my extended family, including neglect/abuse/infidelity, and don't see much outrage over it. Just turn a blind eye. I wish people could see the love/connection between two consenting adults, instead of just a title. Very sad indeed. I have a former sister-n-law that is going out of state to marry her cousin this w/e. I am happy for her, that she found someone who she is happy with, and loves. Hopefully everyone keeps their judgemental comments to themselves.
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    Hello Everyone, Being a long-time poster here, even though I don't post too much anymore, I was thinking about posts I've read on here about cousin-couples wishing that cousin-romance/marriage was as recognizable and acceptable as much as homosexual relationships are these days. Gay marriage has become legal in various parts of the world, it's legal in Canada, for example. Gays though, are more recognizable, and hence harder to keep "in the closet" than cousin romances. If a gay couple walks down the street, their actions and gestures may make them very recognizable. But cousin-couples look like any ordinary couple walking down the street. Gays now have legal marriage, which makes them mainstream or acceptable or recognizable. And cousin-couples do have legal marriage in various places all over the world. It's legal to marry your cousin in Canada, for example. (I live in Canada). It's also legal to marry your cousin in some of the U.S. states. And if my memory serves me correctly, it's legal to marry your cousin in Australia, England, Japan, the middle East, Kuwait, and I'm sure other countries that I'm not aware of. So making cousin-marriage legal has not made cousin-romances/marriages more acceptable or recognizable. When you think about it, the battle to get one's cousin-romance/marriage accepted, mostly lies in the family of the cousin-couple. Will the family accept it, and then will one's friends accept it, and then will one's culture accept it. Those questions are answered yes to no in various degrees depending on the country and region/culture, one is in. The battle lies mostly in the family unfortunately, for each cousin couple. And I don't see any quick solution to that. However, for these documentary film makers wanting to make a show about cousin-romance, they need to consider my observations here, when putting together a documentary. They need to look at the biological factors influencing cousin-marriage, and the legal and cultural factors as well. Cousin-marriage remains stigmatized in some regions of the world, mostly due to biological factors, then perhaps religious factors which have no merit as the Bible is quite alright with cousin-marriage, and then with cultural factors. Unless the negative thoughts in these areas were dispelled, the stigma will continue. A good documentary approaching the subject as I have outlined here, might make a difference in the world view of cousin-romances/marriages. Ambra
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    Wow ok. Be safe and enjoy yourself!
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    Same Sky. Ganyan din feeling ko. Pero yung akin naman is di namin alam kung pang ilang pinsan na kami kasi sabi ng papa ko kamag anak daw namin sila. Ayun natatakot ako na malaman ng ibang kamag anak namin na may relasyon kami kasi diba nakakahiya. Pero mahal namin isa’t isa. Ayaw naman natin biguin yung mga magulang natin. Siguro ang mabuting gawin nalang is makapag tapos ng pag aaral. Mag hanap ng magandang trabaho. After nun doon nyo na ipag laban yung nararamdaman nyo sa isa’t isa.
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    cadbury, if he is here, i hope the two of you can talk. but i feel sad that you consider it a mark of immaturity that he might want to talk to someone else (in real life) about his feelings for you. i don't know what the context of what he may have said to someone about you, but unless he was making fun of you, it's sad that you would feel disrespected by him. however, i'd be furious at the person he confided in who couldn't be trusted with the secret. imagine how your cousin must have felt. he confided in someone and that person betrayed him, and gossiped about him, and even worse, gossiped about the girl he cares for (you)... he discovered how untrustworthy and immature his friend was. it's so easy to understand why cousins (who feel romantic attraction) can't trust each other enough to take that leap of faith. it's the same fear of rejection that occurs in non-cousin crushes too... only amplified by a thousand potential complications that could ostracize one from every family member and friend that gets wind of it. surely you understand this, because if you'd taken that leap of faith yourself, you wouldn't be here. i hope he reads this, and the two of you can take that leap and answer all those burning questions that each of you have.