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    I'm feeling it too! Remember when we used to get positive feedback on the forum? Good grief!
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    Wow, that's a sad commentary for churches. I wish I could just say you're wrong, or most churches aren't like that, but I can't. The last two churches I belonged to (one where I used to live years ago, and another that just never had enough members to keep the doors open) and the one I'm attending now are certainly not that way, but my husband and I visited lots and lots of churches to find ones that were truly welcoming. You're right about this forum not really being very welcoming either, in that a lot of threads don't ever get comments. I can only speak for myself when I say that after 20 years here my heart really isn't in it anymore. I wish it wasn't like that, but it's true. The site seems to be on life support and *this* piece of equipment is worn out.
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    I think most of you know how it starts, you haven't seen this cousin since you were kids and now as adults you find that there's something there that wasn't before. You tried everything you could to stop the way you felt but you couldn't and you found yourself falling in love with the one person that everyone would eventually say you couldn't be with, and I think you've fallen into the same predicament I have. I'm so in love with my cousin. Being with him just feels normal like it's meant to be. It doesn't feel wrong yet I feel conflicted when I'm around family members who found out and make me question every part of me that tells me I want to be with him. There are the people who accept it in my family but unfortunately the ones closest to me don't and it hurts so much. They refuse to understand that I love this man and that it's my decision. They make me feel like it's not my decision at all. I know in my heart that I love him. I think it's the purest thing i've ever felt for someone in my life. My love for him doesn't bring harm to anybody so I guess I find it hard to understand why people must treat you differently just because of the person you love. I live in Australia where it is legal to marry your cousin, but to show your love for your cousin is so taboo. I'm so scared of rejection from my friends here that I keep it a secret and I can't even tell people I have a boyfriend for fear that they'll ask the question how did you meet? I just find it so heart breaking that people have to go through this because they love a person.
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    I say if you love each other, then be together. You don't have to explain yourselves to anyone
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    Seems to me the chemistry is there. I really hope this pans out. Keep us posted!!
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    Hello! Quick update, we are hanging out tomorrow! It’s just for a short while, she’s coming over to help me with something, or rather I mentioned I needed a hand and she volunteered. We’re supposed to go out and shop for some stuff for the task (I’m being vague because I’m paranoid she will find this one day soon, as unlikely as that is). Except I prefer not to go anywhere, I rather we hang out at my place, maybe order take-out, have some drinks, and hopefully watch a movie. But the idea of shopping out in the real world has some appeal. If you see this before Tuesday 10/2/18, any thoughts or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    At 15 years old, having sex with an adult is a crime. Cousincouples.com recommends that you do not pursue your cousin, at least until you are of legal age to consent. Since you are stalking your cousin, I strongly recommend that you obtain a mental health assessment. Why do you think these feelings/actions are normal? Do you have a pastor/clergyperson that you could speak to just as a "reality check"? Masturbation and dreams can simply mean that you are completely normal, but stalking is way out there.
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    There's no need to tell others about your cousin-ness unless you want them to know. And if folks reject you because of this, then they are not true friends. When people ask how my cousin husband and I met I tell them that we have known each other since childhood and reconnected as adults: the truth without too many details always works. Don't let fear rule your life!
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    I am a 41 year old mother of 4. I just joined today. I have been in a relationship, with my first cousin, for 3 years. We have a beautiful 18 month old daughter. We are soulmates. It wasn’t always this way. Our mothers are half sisters and extremely close. We were together for summers and holidays, as children. We would spend the night with each other but never had crushes or anything. We were 5 years apart, in age. (Mikel is a genius and was over my head. So even though I was 5 years older, he was definitely smarter. ) We last saw each other when I was 16 and he was 11. I moved with my father and never saw him again. I got married at 19 , had a daughter at 21 , another at 26, then had a son at 33. My marriage went down the pipes and at 38 I found my true spouse where I least expected. I actually grew up hearing horrible things about people marrying their cousins. I heard that your children would be mentally challenged or physically grotesque. Our child is beautiful, highly intelligent, Perfect and healthy. We don’t usually tell people that we are cousins. It’s not like we’re hiding it, our entire family knows. It’s just not how we introduce ourselves. No matter what, we are husband and wife. I do feel like strangers will judge us. Mikel’s idiot brother makes horrible comments about us and our child. It definitely shows how uneducated people can be and just how nasty. It will never change the fact that we belong together. Even though i was married before, I had this feeling that there was someone out there, made just for me. I felt like my life was running out and I would never find that person. I still can’t believe it was him all along. It seems so funny to me. If someone had told me this, I would have told them that they were insane. I guess true love really is where you least expect it.?❤️
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    I'm not sure if it's appropriate for this forum, or even this site, so I apologise if this post content is deemed unsuitable and I welcome the moderator or site controller to remove it...... Intimacy The level of intimacy in the bedroom (& other places) that we enjoy and love is so far beyond anything either of us has experienced before, it's difficult to put into worlds. The incredibly strong emotional connection we feel is enhanced and intensified when we are physically intimate. I would say we are normal in terms of the activities but the joy, satisfication, mental, emotional and physical connection is nothing short of amazing (and oh so satisfying for us both) I'm not sure if this is a result of being first cousins or being in our early 30's with a little prior experience before we got together or whether it's a male/female attraction of the greatest intensity without the cousin factor but I do know we are amazing together ..... mentally, emotionally and physicall. On every possible level we are soulmates.
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    ok part 2 of mine... ok now here's the really interesting part. back in november of the previous year i remember praying... it was a prayer giving God complete control over my dating life. i was tired of being a single mom. i really wanted someone i could spend the rest of my life with, and i asked God to bring me someone. and then i asked if He could do it soon. and then i added an afterthought... "spring would be nice. maybe May." of course that wasn't a demand, it was more like musing. i didn't figure God would bring me anyone that soon. also in november, unbeknownst to me, mark and his wife split up and began the process of a divorce. fast forward to spring. to may. the very last day of may, actually. it was a family reunion in mckinney. i hadn't seen mark attend a family reunion since we were kids, so he was the farthest thing from my mind. but he was there. he later told me he had come because he figured it would be his grandmother's last reunion. he also told me that he had hoped to see me there, which is weird since the only contact we'd had in 20 years had been a 5 minute exchange of money and nintendo. but when i saw him there and gave him a hug, it was the oddest sensation of coming home. that hug felt like it was where i was supposed to be. we spent the entire reunion from that point forward sitting under a tree talking and catching up. mark was going through a divorce at the time, as well as trying to overcome some other issues. he started hanging out with me a lot. my kids, then 11 and 12, adored him, for the same reason that he'd had such an impact on my life that night we sat for hours just talking. he has this gift for listening... he makes whoever he is listening to feel like they are the only person in the world. he doesn't get distracted. and my kids loved that kind of attention. i have to admit sometimes it annoyed me because when one of my girls had his attention, i didn't. i would sometimes have to put my foot down and say "enough already!" especially at bedtime when rana would have talked through the entire night if i hadn't rescued mark from listening. it wasn't just me and my girls though. because he was hanging out with me, he was benefitting from the emotional support of my parents (who lived next door to me), another cousin (who lived across the street from me) and my brother and sis-in-law who lived in the next town but came to visit my parents frequently. and as the days and weeks wore on, i was falling deeper and deeper. apparently he was too. i was worried mostly what the bible had to say. long story short, i started searching for that sledgehammer in scripture that says "thou shall not marry a cousin" and found the exact opposite... example after example in the bible where cousins married. so cool! i got over my guilt, and then started checking into the legalities. at that time in texas even first cousins could marry. mark and i were first cousins once removed. no problems there. the only problem? he was still in the process of a divorce. it was all over but the signing and delivering to a judge, but he seemed to be dragging his heels. and then SHE called and said "let's try one more time"... and he did. at the time it hurt like the dickens. but looking back, i'm glad he gave it that one last try. i'm glad that he has that kind of loyalty. he did try. and she tried. and it just didn't work. together they had too many issues that they just couldn't overcome. they parted as friends, and remain friends even to this day. (in fact, she and i even get along.) he finalized the divorce papers. and we decided on a wedding date... it would be january 1st, 1999. if i didn't wait til the new year, i would have lost all that earned income credit for being a single mom. we really had never had any family objections on my side... and in his family only one person had anything to say, and that was more about the fact that he went straight from one marriage to another without having any time for himself. we got married in my living room, in the same town we'd both gone to school in. the stepdad of my oldest daughter's best friend (whose grandparents were first cousins) was a preacher, and came over to do the wedding. it was small.... just me, the kids and my parents. we'd spent a week visiting his family over christmas, so they weren't there. we exchanged handwritten vows and rings. he even made a little speech to my kids about committing himself to raising them, and gave them rings too. i'm not going to pretend it was happily ever after from that point forward. we had our ups and downs. we had rebellious teens. during their high school years we had one run away and one get pregnant. we had moved to las vegas, and there were a lot of things to distract a couple from each other. we had a lot of rough years. i loved las vegas, but it was not healthy for our marriage. ten years later we were back in texas. it was hard to get used to... the humidity, the bugs, the cold... all those things we didn't have to worry with in the desert. and we were back near our families. and all those distractions of vegas fell away into the distant past. we've been married for almost 17 years now. the last four have been the absolute best. everything i'd ever hoped God would bless me with. well, almost everything, anyway. not a day goes by that he doesn't make me laugh. they say laughter is the key to living a long healthy life? it's also one of the keys to a successful marriage. God is the most important key, though. and God is absolutely the head of our household these days. for me, He always was, which is why we stayed together through thick and thin. but now, even mark relinquishes control to God. it is as it should be. and that's my story.
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    well, anyone who claims to be a member of the media doing some tv talk show, anyway! the culprits seem to have gone away now.