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    I can feel your pain and fully identify with it. My cousin is married to some else. Being in love with your cousin and having a relationship with someone else is NOT healthy - not to you OR to the someone else. My strongest advice to you is to build a life for yourself. Keep busy and find new activities to fill the hours. Try to keep from discussing your situation with others and look for ways to enlarge your hobbies. It isn't easy, it is painfully brutal but you need to care for yourself. I have walked in your shoes and I understand. Come back for sympathy and advice. HUGS Nat
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    After a 13 hour drive to Florida to see Nat (for the first time) she took me immediately to her favorite coffee/craft beer shop. When I walked in I was greeted like royalty. Or so it felt. The owner is a model like you would see in Hollywood. She is a for-real drop-dead-georgous model and I was thunderstruck. She looks at me and says, "Hello KC. May I call you KC?" She already knew my story and who I am. Wow that is interesting. Nobody on Earth knows that I am KC save the adnins here, and this town is small like Mayberry lol. I would describe this place as Mayberry with a liquor store. Everything is cool; I am enjoying my vacation. It was 45F and raining when I left and down here it is 75 and freaking beautiful. And Nat is wonderful. She has mad cooking skills. So now I have met two admins - LadyC & Mark and now Nat. All of us admins are extraordinary heh heh. Sorry Sorry for typos. I'm being an insominiac tonight and I am using a mobile device. Keep yall posted and maybe I will post a Pic of the model with Nat and me.
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    Hey CM I know it man. And for cc.com's 25 or 30th anniversary we gotta have a reunion. I say any major city with a Waffle House is fair game. Lol
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    sounds like so much fun! wish i was enjoying some of nat's mad cooking skills!
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    Thank you so much ☺. Everything else is fine.
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    Glad you are enjoying your vacay! Maybe one day we will meet up too!!!
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    Thank you very much sir, problem fixed :).
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    Please try again and let me know if the problem is resolved. The problem is on my end. Sorry for the trouble!
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    I have allergies and bad eyesight yet my parents were not related. Sometimes we can get hysterical about being related for no good reason. Years ago, when I was drinking too much, my blood pressure was extremely high and my doc was perplexed because he could not get it down. We tried for 6 months. One day I asked if I should monitor my blood pressure at home. My doc said, "Why do you want to do that? It's just going to tell you if it is high or not, and what are you going to do if it is high?" I thought my doctor saw everything backasswards but his logic was irresistible. Let's say that a cousin couple went to a geneticist and the doc said, well, because of your family history, you have a 5 percent increased chance of having a baby with a birth defect. Maybe the couple is already pregnant. So what is the knowledge of these stats going to change? To me, it is a time waster. Another example - I go to church with a medical doctor. He has two kids with some sort of profound genetic disorder (they can hardly walk). The doctor is not related to his spouse. Now, after the first child was born with the disease, the doctor had to know very well that having another child would be extremely risky. Well he did have another child and he lost the genetic lottery, unfortunately. I'm sure his colleagues berate him behind his back. I don't hold it against him, although I am sure I would have made different decisions. I guess I see things differently.
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    DillerDahl: Welcome to cc.com and thanks for your question. I am afraid that LadyC is correct and doesn't need a lesson on genetics. Hey, there is certainly room for all of us to learn more about DNA and kinship. You are so distantly related that I can't determine what your relationship is. You are not double cousins and you certainly are not inbred. You are just uninformed. The Brittish Pakistanis that you referenced are an anomaly -- a fluke resulting from the founder effect. Feel free to look that term up. Your stats are too wacky to correct. Good luck to you and please take a chill pill.
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    it does not make you inbred. your parents are 2nd cousins. that is genetically no more similar than two UNrelated people. as for what relation that makes you to your parents? THEIR CHILD. oh, and your grandparents' kinship to each other doesn't change anything about this equation. get a grip. it sounds like you are trying to find something to resent them for. i get it. it's a teenager's role in life to hate their parents. but you're going to have to find some other excuse, because this one is just plain stupid.