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    My Dad broke my cousin-love and I up, decades ago. As much as I was in-love with my cousin, I couldn't believe that he was in-love with me, and I was terrified of his rejection, so I never said anything to him after my Dad broke us up. Seven years later I married someone else, but my cousin-love was never out of my heart. My family and my cousin's family acted like they were in the right, and I had no say in it. I grew up psychologically and emotionally abused and was use to not having a voice in my family about much of anything, so speaking up didn't seem like an option. Not being able to speak about my feelings for my cousin with my family or anyone else though, was difficult, and finding this site in 2004 meant I could finally start speaking of my cousin-romance. Seven years after my Dad broke us up, and 3 months after my wedding, my cousin-love died of cancer. I've lived 34 years now without him. It never occurred to me to blame my Dad or my family for splitting us up, because I know they were just doing what they thought was right. I did not have the emotional/psychological strength to fight back anyways, and I never did. My cousin-love never fought back either in the 7 years before he died. But there is hope. I hope to be with my cousin-love once I die, and I've had many supernatural experiences with him since he died 34 ago. I've realized that whether you marry your cousin-love or not, you always have to deal with the fact that you are cousins, in a society that is against cousin-marriage. It can make any cousin-marriage difficult. Just a few thoughts on the matter ... sorry for your difficulties cadbury Take Care Ambra