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  1. Important pt II

    Thanks for all of the suggestions for keeping this site financially sound. When I started, I was dead against charging members a penny, but over the years the costs and upkeep just keep mounting. I am putting on my "Boss" hat for a moment. I must be decisive sometimes. I have nearly ran the site in the ground by putting it on the back burner while I was in school. In keeping with the original spirit of cc.com, I am trying to find a way not to charge those that may not have the expendable monies. That means two things : 1} we that pay will pay a hair more. 2} there will be an imposed subscription fee starting soon I'm sure we can keep 80 percent of the site fee and open. We will see how many support us before I can give a firm answer. It's still possible that we will not get the needed support and end up with a read-only site. We are funded through the next year thanks to a generous administrator. I will not be waiting, however, to implement changes to shore up our beloved website. I have a few questions that will be very helpful when going forward. "Cousincouples.com" should never be on your receipt. Many of you have expressed concern about this. How many refuse to use PayPal? Would "kc education group" be acceptable on your receipt? Remember you can get these disposable visa gift cards so if it's not critical. finally, what is the max you would pay for a monthly membership? What if you could get "forbidden relatives" at a discount with with your membership? Sorry I am writing this with my phone. The problem is that sites are never finished with. This website needs a good 40 - 60 hours of work at the moment. Sometimes I feel like a car mechanic who refuses to change his oil because he's not getting paid. Lol. It is nice to get paid. I would not mind getting a few wooden nickels just to keep this website updated. And now maybe I am dreaming, but it would also be nice to have finding to keep the wiki updated. we need to leverage this website to the Max and maybe reconsider how we interact with the media. Ideas?
  2. Advice required from girls

    Only advice from the girls huh? Well what if I put on my high heels and don't man spread in my cute summer dress? Can I answer then?
  3. Help

    Yea, slow down my friend. You have plenty of time to grow into the confident woman that only comes from living. OK, so we know your hormones are indeed working. Do not put yourself in those situations until you are ready for more than just kissing. How old are you? Your cousin will probably marry much younger than you would typically in the States. The sooner you can tell your cousin how you feel, the better. My advice : do not marry younger. You are worth waiting for. Make him wait until you finish school. good luck
  4. invalid url for ssl cert

    believe it was a problem with the SSL certificate. It's very easy to make a mess with them. I think I might have fixed it, I will take a nother look. At the moment I only have my phone and not a computer. If you still see these problems please tell me again and I will make sure they are fixed. Thank you for pointing this out!
  5. it all sounds very familiar. It is typical to have feelings for one particular cousin only, and not any other cousin. Best wishes on the huge decision that must be made by you two. Be strong. Hold your head up high. Wife and I had little support also. We said, F it, let's get married. Well, it wasn't that easy but yea it all worked out.
  6. kissy-face this!

    Hey you are very much are Somebody. Most of us have been in your place before. there is no way through pain except through it. but your day will come. One day you will realize that the birds still sing and you are glad that jackass cousin of yours is gone.
  7. No, not with that fact alone. If you are being investigated and charged with incest then who knows.
  8. Ibotta coupon app

    For those that don't know, Ibotta is a cash back app. It gives you cash back when you shop. It also allows teamwork. If we are all on the same team I bet we could make some money. It's easy you just buy the same stuff you normally buy and you get cash back. Use my link and we will all become team members. You will also get a $10 credit when you use the app. So let's try this. https://ibotta.com/r/rzqueq
  9. This year marks our 19th year online. I appreciate every one of you who makes this site necessary. Cuz and I have been married for 22 years now. It's crazy how time flies. I hope this website has been a blessing to you all and I consider every one of you friends. Although this has always been a free website, it's not like you can't show some love during the holidays. I prefer my love via PayPal or Bitcoins. Admin_kc@protonmail.com (PAYPAL) 1KBYfvLjNoEBYipCoKkj7jxvCgLDGSH3pp (BTC)
  10. I wouldn't talk to my family doc. There is no telling what kind of advice he/she will give you. Opinions run the gamut in the medical community. You should read Forbidden Relatives or contact a member of the NSGC (https://www.nsgc.org/). Personally, I would not bat an eye unless something in your family history needs to be looked at. All the best to you.
  11. Aunt

    Sober up and put your head in the toilet. Run around the house nakkid with your hair still wet 10 times. Call home and tell your momma that is going on in your mind.
  12. Help please. Anxiety through the roof

    Hi RRj, I can relate to everything you are saying. Everything will be OK, you are just going through a phase. I'm sorry that you are questioning your relationship because of your distant kinship. There is no need for it. It will go away. You are being silly. Hang in there. I married my 1st cousin. We just spent two years apart after 20 years of marriage. Wow that was tough, but I found out that I could be happy being single...after the first year. My mind was scrambled for the first year, like a TV on channel 3. We are back together again now. We have made fresh commitments to each other and hope to start another 20 year chapter. You have no idea how much hurt we are working through. But we are committed to fulfill the vows we made before God and will give it another go. Nobody said it would be easy, right? Things are not great yet. I am in a new city trying to find us a better place to live. I just had my first job interview today. Hmmm. I will say one thing that is amazing. Hey, I was indeed happy being alone but after being back with my wife for two months, I feel like I have my zen back. I can't explain it but it is a sweet feeling of peace that makes me smile for no reason. And when I do, the heavens open up and I can hear the angels singing. I didn't have that when I was alone. As LadyC pointed out, marriages take a commitment to each other and to God. You can't make it alone. Look at the stats. I am a Christian and only went back to my wife because I felt led to. It's as inexplicable as the peace I am feeling -- the Zen! Zen isn't a Christian term I know... but maybe we should adopt it. This Christian has Zen! I'm praying for you and wish you the best. You guys are so distantly related that it is silly to worry about it. Do not let it play in your mind like a broken record. Play some Rolling Stones I'm not proofreading or correcting anything......
  13. At the bar

    On my wife's birthday, we went to a nice restaurant. I'm officially a non drinker, but this was her birthday so we were both drinking a little bit. Two women and a guy was sitting beside of us at the bar. I was challenging them to a game of pool. I was talking $ hit to them all in good fun. My wife told the women that they looked alike and asked if were they sisters. They replied "No we are friends." Then they decided "hey you two look alike -- are you brother and sister?" My wife replied, "No! We are husband and wife!" Then I retorted, "She is my cousin!" We all laughed like crazy.