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  1. Ok I finally finished it! It's live!
  2. "desperate about her" -- ohh boy I can see that. That isn't necessarily a great place to be, especially when you are getting mixed signals. You gotta bite the bullet and just ask her how she feels. Don't confess your feelings, at least not in those terms. Be nonchalant and straight out ask her. Or the old trick, "If you weren't my cousin ..." Are you saying that "first sister" is the same thing as a "first cousin" in your culture? Very odd.
  3. Im in deep serious love with my first sister(my father's sister's daughter) so deep that i can't resist it anymore.I just visited her at her town and im back, we had some really really close moments where she too was willingly accepting that thing and said she enjoyed when i hugged her till there was no air between us and i she was also cool when i kept my hand inside her t-shirt.. The only problem is that i don't know how she feels about me and i don't know why she ignored me for 2 days after that we were normal.She has also mentioned quite a few times that she is a bad expresser.What do you guys think she feels and what should i do next🥺


    Ps.ive never had this strong of a feeling that has made me so desperate about her... I could spend the whole night looking at her♥️



  4. Ahh OpenImbrella! Ok problem solved....
  5. Fallon was taking notes lol. Liked that!
  6. If you are wondering why I am so touchy about this issue is because my fiancé was five months shy of her 18th birthday. It's wasn't a big deal until some "concerned citizen" (ie pissed family member or whomever) made a phone call. Some creep came to my public workplace and told me he was investigating me because of a complaint they had received. Our state has since adopted a "Romeo and Juliet" law. We got married a few weeks earlier than we had planned. The creep didn't scare me back then, but knowing what I know now -- I should have been very scared. Dealing with the age of consent goes beyond the scope of cc.com. Ahh, right after we married, the creep came back to my workplace and said, "Hey I hear you just got married. Congratulations. Investigation is closed." It could have went very differently. Moreover, I do not want the gestapo knocking my front door down sweeping military-style weapons in my face. I have no business with the feds and do not want a bulls-eye on my back. Although I am all about free speech, I just think some topics should be discussed on other websites, not here. If I give someone the wrong legal advice, I could be looking at three felonies myself and also get the OP a nice stretch up the river. In the USA, we honestly can't built prisons fast enough. They are also, more and more, ran by the private sector. Every fool in a jumpsuit has a cap rate on his or her head; their sufferings are being monetized. The more fools they pack in, the higher the nasdaq goes!
  7. I do not know what he wants but I know what he may get if he is mistaken about or runs afoul of the law. This forum will not be used to encourage criminal behavior. We must assume that there are no exceptions ( ie Romeo and Juliet law). The political climate in America is at a fever pitch and the DOJ and all of the other three letter agencies have been weaponized and controlled by crazy fringe groups with agendas for some time now. The integrity of this website would be put into question. If your interaction exceeds that of PG13, then you should seek advice on the dark web with all of the other perverts.
  8. Some states have a "Romeo and Juliet" law. I agree with it, but I am not about to start giving legal advice on criminal matters on this forum.
  9. Romalee

    Guess Pooch is still up to his giving bad advice to kids and women.

    On another post in the last few days, his advice to some girl looking for advice

    was "always try to look pretty for him".  Come on!! 

    He needs to be put on "read only" status.  I still just shake my head at the 

    juvenile and bad advice he passes out, even if he isn't a mod anymore.


    In answer to your request, I always try to steer the young'uns in a different direction!

    If you know what I mean.



  10. So, eventually you will be 18 and she will only be 16 or 17? Soon enough you will be a man and she will be a child in the eyes of the law. A simple exchange of selfies could be a gigantic problem for you. I am being real here, so wise up. You do not want to be on a sex registry the rest of your life. Put this relationship on hold until she is 18. End of story. (Pooch [and all other mods], please keep this in mind with future advice to kids).
  11. KC

    Gay love cousin

    Thanks for your response Treej. After years of interacting with gay cousins, I am slowly realizing that my presuppositions about gay people can be, well, just dumb. I think in another 100 years we may understand sexuality in a completely different paradigm. I'm a religious studies major, so it is extremely easy for me to adopt the most hateful and ignorant view of gay people. And for that, I apologize. God gave me a brain and by George, I'm gonna use it. Or start using it. I don't think Christ would treat you the same way that I have done. So there is that. I don't know about your cousin. I know a lot about drinking, and alcohol can make one do things they wouldn't do normally. Is he always plastered when he makes these comments? In any case, no no no. It's not a typical hetro relationship. That doesn't mean that your cousin will ever get off the fence. I don't think I understand your feelings and I don't think you understand mine either -- but at least we are communicating. Honestly I think you should abandon the whole gay cousin thing. Generally when one asks for advice (man, woman, gay or straight) I generally say forget it! When I fell in love with my cousin, I didn't have to ask anyone. I knew I was going to marry that girl. After a shitty marriage, I now wish that I did ask more questions and listened to advice that was offered. I just think if the stars were aligned, you two would be together. Maybe that makes me naive or just crazy... ? LOL It's been a pleasure chatting with you.
  12. KC

    Gay love cousin

    Well first off I also have a guy cousin (I am a guy) that I love dearly. However, we are both heterosexual. Neither one of us has had too much luck with women because we both attract Crazy Ones. Crazy with a Capital C. We've had a very close relationship since childhood also. I just want to point out that this can be very normal it has nothing to do with sexuality. In fact I think I could flip a switch in my mind and block out my entire family and never give them a second thought. Probably except for my cousin. I have some other thoughts too, and hope you don't take offense. But look, if you are trying to convert your straight cousin into becoming something else you are very mistaken. If he tells you he is a heterosexual then listen to him. I assume your cousin was blitzed out of his mind the night you slept with him. If you keep making advances toward him you will alienate yourself. I've met quite a few guys, even on here, that were once married to a woman and have now decided they were gay. They divorced and pursued that lifestyle. I've learned not to judge. I'm not in a great position to judge anyone for anything at anytime. Just because I do not judge doesn't mean that I approve of this lifestyle. I hope you can respect that. I have a way of really infuriating my gay and lesbian readers -- unintentionally of course. I would say hey you should wait for your cousin to make himself clear about his sexuality. However I think he has already been abundantly clear. In my old age wisdom I have found that people say what they mean. I certainly wish that I had listened a lot more to people in my life rather than making excuses for them or thinking I can change them or all of the ways we can twist reality to fit the way we want it to be. I have rambled on here and I hope you have found something useful. I apologize for any typos. This was posted using a mobile device.
  13. KC

    dating website

    Oh once I sobered up, I deleted the app. I wish I could delete these ugly women's photo from my brain. Trust me I would never date a woman from a dating website ... so pathetic!
  14. KC

    dating website

    I registered on my first dating website. Yay go me! I was looking for some hot honeys. The site was Badoo now I have no idea what that means in Spanish but I suspect it means ugly Hussey's. I asked this one girl if I could cage her up. She said no! She thought I was being metaphorical. I was not. I think she needs to be in a cage on her way down to the dog pound for testing I don't have high standards just look at my soon-to-be ex-wife. I was just looking for some company. After looking at their profile pictures I tried to pull my head off.
  15. color coordination? oops. Yes! You are right. LadyC did the verbose table and I did the map. We combined two websites so I had never noticed this before.
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