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  1. KC

    My first day with Nat

    Hey CM I know it man. And for cc.com's 25 or 30th anniversary we gotta have a reunion. I say any major city with a Waffle House is fair game. Lol
  2. KC


    Physical violence Vito? If a lady tells you that she doesn't want to be with you then you need to listen to her. If there has already been physical violence from either of you then you frankly need your head examined if you want to pursue this relationship. Don't even think about it. Let her go and good riddance to the drama. I'm begging: do you both a favor and move on.
  3. KC

    My first day with Nat

    And somebody please tell Nat to stop calling me (affectionally??) a neanderthal. ROFLMAO! She is so proper. SHE is trying to show ME how to make sweet tea. And darnit! Her way was better than mine. My tea is perfect. I was going to bring some Cajon seasoning with me. Nat scoffs at the idea of buying any. "We can make it ourselves," she says. I believe her. When she made lasagna, she walked out back with some snippers and cut the herbs fresh from her garden. Who does that? Anyway, having a fab time.
  4. KC

    My first day with Nat

    Nat and I are like two peas in a pod. God, I love it here in Florida. I may never leave Florida. I do want to visit the desert in Socal. Then I will decide on Dallas or Tallasse. I will definitely never leave the south. The South is the $hit y'all. Does Socal have grits??
  5. KC

    Happy Valentine's Day y'all!

    That's cool grandma LadyC. We have known each other for so long that grandma makes me flip out a little bit. I bet Mark has a ball with the grandkids. Tell Rana I said hi! I would love to meet her husband someday. And the kids!
  6. KC

    Private Messages

    I'm not completely sure what happened. When I logged into your account I did not see a way to turn the private messaging system back on. However it is clear that somehow you turned it it off. I fixed it in the admin section after tinkering around for 5 minutes. Please let me know if you have any more problems!
  7. After a 13 hour drive to Florida to see Nat (for the first time) she took me immediately to her favorite coffee/craft beer shop. When I walked in I was greeted like royalty. Or so it felt. The owner is a model like you would see in Hollywood. She is a for-real drop-dead-georgous model and I was thunderstruck. She looks at me and says, "Hello KC. May I call you KC?" She already knew my story and who I am. Wow that is interesting. Nobody on Earth knows that I am KC save the adnins here, and this town is small like Mayberry lol. I would describe this place as Mayberry with a liquor store. Everything is cool; I am enjoying my vacation. It was 45F and raining when I left and down here it is 75 and freaking beautiful. And Nat is wonderful. She has mad cooking skills. So now I have met two admins - LadyC & Mark and now Nat. All of us admins are extraordinary heh heh. Sorry Sorry for typos. I'm being an insominiac tonight and I am using a mobile device. Keep yall posted and maybe I will post a Pic of the model with Nat and me.
  8. KC

    Can't sign up using my normal e-mail

    Please try again and let me know if the problem is resolved. The problem is on my end. Sorry for the trouble!
  9. KC

    Private Messages

    Make sure you have selected Default a your template (bottom of screen). Then you can try to log out, clear your browsers cache memory and cookies then log back in. Let me know if that fixes it.
  10. KC

    Can't sign up using my normal e-mail

    Someone else had this problem. I will look into it.
  11. I hardly listen to the radio anymore. I find new artists on youtube or Spotify or Apple Music. Anyway, somehow I found the Dawes. I even saw them in concert last year and I loved it so much! These guys were rocking! My questions is: does anyone know them? And are they even played on the radio? Here they are, in one of their best songs maybe... Oh, and the drummer is the leads brother!
  12. KC

    i'm in love with my cousin, please help me.

    Oh, so she is "extremely hot and kind and caring and generous and smart." Gosh, I love that. You are hooked, my friend. Sir, where are you going to find another girl like that? She is the one alright. Quit playing around and grab her up before someone else does. Let the others worry about the land dispute. It has nothing to do with you. If you guys ever come to the USA, please contact me. I would be very honored to meet you two. God bless, and quit playing around!
  13. Charles Bukowski "The man with the beautiful eyes" [caution: language]
  14. Well yeah, it changes everything. We try to read between the lines. I think mostly we get it right, but not always. Now I am speechless. I could tell you about the girls who have seduced me in the past. I don't feel they have really affected me too much. Only in very good ways. Hey man, when I was a young teenager, I had a cousin (and not the one I married!) ....well Frank, I think this is too personal and Y'all wouldn't be interested anyhow! LOL But something happened once and we have never discussed it to this day, and we never will. I'm sure I've had a few dreams about it but that is it (as a teenager! y'all). I am a single man now and I could tell you stories. You? Me? Fatheads Tavern? Forgetaboutit man!