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    Free hosting

    Well, things are taking off more slowly than I had hoped for theboss.host . If you need a new domain or fast web hosting, check it out. I host this site with absolutely no caching of any kind. I thought I would throw that out there. Orders help offset the cost of this website. PM me for a free hosting deal in lieu of a review.
  2. Also, you can try another browser or clear your browser's cache.
  3. KC


    I started a GoFunMe page (gofundme.com/ongoing-website-funding) to allow you guys to help mitigate some of the expenses of this website. Ex mods and administrators are not welcome to contribute. The admins have already given their hearts and soul supporting this website and the plight. I personally spend countless hours behind the scenes here. Frankly, I do not feel like I should pay to host the site any longer. I show you guys lots of love; it shouldn't be unrequited. It's not a big deal financially. I can pay the bills although the next few months are going to be incredibly difficult. Wife and I are taking the hell off -- getting out of here finally and for good. Wish us luck!
  4. I have both Facebook and Google logins working. I apologize if you have to reregister with Google. I accidentally deleted our account. It shouldn't be a big problem. I also made some other changes when I recently changed to a faster server. I suggest that you clear your browser's cache if you are having any kind of problems. I tweak the website quite a bit, partly for improvements and partly for my own continuing IT education. So, remember about your browser's cache. Everyone should learn how to do that. Also, I will not be around here to contribute on the message board as much as I would like for the foreseeable future. I would appreciate if my great members would spend an extra 15 minutes a week helping to answer questions on the board.
  5. KC

    Bad Security Credentials?

    I changed web servers. I had to get tech support to issue a new cert because the script locked up. We're all good now!
  6. KC

    Scared about telling my cousin I liker her

    Hi there! Was your dad a prisoner or a guard? Anyway you asked her to smash. Really? Classy. You know she probably just thinks you are an ass. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned but smashing isn't something you typically ask a cousin. I would like to know her answer! Please tell.
  7. Yeah, I can understand those confusing feelings. Often cousins have everthing you are looking for in a mate. Although you didn't meet up until your 40's, you two probably share the same values etc. etc. Some think the genetic similarity of cousins is just right to create the kind of chemistry that you describe. As Ambra pointed out, it is difficult for us to give approval when a could-be relationship will hurt other people and families. I would keep my eye on this one. Maybe his marriage will desinigrate, and soon. But don't let it be you that caused the heartache that will ensue.
  8. KC

    He Wants to End It And I Dont

    Should you let him go? That is the question. Serena, not only should you let him go, but you have to let him go. As much as you might like to (just for a short while) you can't put him in a cage and keep him! He is seeing other people. He can't commit. He is hurting you. Trust me, in 6 months you will be thanking me for my advice. So, don't let him go. Pack his bag and kick his arse out the door. You have to. You have to for peace of mind and your mental health. Set your boundaries, and stick by them. And Yo! Don't ever let anybody treat you like that again. I hope he gets blue b@lls.
  9. KC

    I don’t know what to do - help?

    I say throw caution to the wind! He may very well be the one. I don't see a reason why this could-be relationship should be a big deal. But that if he is married? That is a little detail that you should check into If you are half first cousins, that is nothing, really. Don't allow anyone to make a big deal of it.
  10. KC


    Ilang taon ka dalawa? Kailangan mong lumabas sa closet at ipaalam sa iyong pamilya na nararamdaman mo. Mayroong isang mahabang thread ng Filipino dito. Sana may isang tao na maaaring makatulong sa iyo na mas mahusay. ----------------------------- How old are you two? You will have to come out of the closet and tell your family know you feel. There is a very long Filipino thread on here. Hopefully someone there can help you better.
  11. KC

    1st cousins

    found this sniplet: https://reason.com/blog/2010/08/20/not-tonight-honey-its-a-felony/print
  12. KC

    1st cousins

    Ladyc, I don't think so. I can say that when a person is facing 40 years, he may plead to anything to get a reasonable sentence. Some attorneys are just half-wits and do not care if they throw you under the bus. If I still have access to the law library at school, I will try to look this up (county courts are not incl). I bet the good folks who were charged pleaded to something less, maybe with just probation.
  13. At 15 years old, having sex with an adult is a crime. Cousincouples.com recommends that you do not pursue your cousin, at least until you are of legal age to consent. Since you are stalking your cousin, I strongly recommend that you obtain a mental health assessment. Why do you think these feelings/actions are normal? Do you have a pastor/clergyperson that you could speak to just as a "reality check"? Masturbation and dreams can simply mean that you are completely normal, but stalking is way out there.
  14. KC

    1st cousins

    There really isn't any info. Ok, I found this! Insanity!!! Take a deep breath and try to get through this: https://criminaldefenseattorneyplano.com/sex-cousin-illegal-texas/ I would look for a different state. Couples ARE being charged with 10-year felonies in Texas.
  15. I have been studying, for the longest time, how to make this website break even (not profitable). Well I think I have the answer. I have lots of domain names, but tonight I registered TheBoss.host! I will be starting my own web hosting company offering a wide range of services. I am setting the server up now and feel like a kid in a candy store! I'm such a damn nerd! LOL So I will post again when it is running. I will move this website to my server soon. I actually hosted this site on my personal computer for a year. Wow that was a lot of trouble. So, exactly how does this solve my problem? Within a few years, I hope to have hundreds of hosted sites. The only ads here may be my own about hosting products. We will see! I've really been through some poopy the last few years. I am just now getting my creativity and confidence back. I hope to make a boat-load of money in this.
  16. KC

    Desperate!!!Please help!!

    What a winding road you have walked! I am saddened to hear of your earlier romance and how you were made to fend for yourself. You were so young. I say never second-guess yourself when you are in dire straits. Your cousin really whimped out the first time. If your dad dispises him, that is totally to be expected. Maybe it's not so much about the cousin thing but about how your cousin treated you in the past. You shoiuld make your cousin speak to your dad, make amends and ask for your hand. I'm sure you dad will tell him what's-what. It would be good therapy for both of them.
  17. KC

    The black sheep of our families!

    Yes, first cousins once removed is correct. There is no special risk group. Think good things and keep us posted. Cute picture!
  18. and so this had been happening for 15 years? You have to put a stop to it. come clean again and just let it all hang out. You do not owe her any sort of apology. Do anything, but move along with your life. you can't waste another 15 years playing child games.
  19. Thank you for taking the time to point this out! I fixed the main pages. I did sign up with the Facebook link and it worked for me. Do you have any ad blockers running? It seems to work for some of us. It's a new feature and maybe they will polish it up with the next version. Thanks again!
  20. KC

    Dealing with my cousin's pee fetish

    Sometimes these abnormal fetishes are just the tip of the iceberg.
  21. KC

    we are all set

    If you see anything weird with the website, please let me know. I had to change our hosting provider again because they were lousy. We do have some more features. You can now log in with Google or Facebook. I think it gives you the option of picking your username but it may automatically use the profile picture. If so you can easily delete a profile picture your cousin couples profile.
  22. KC

    Privacy Policy

    Cousincouple's privacy policy prohibits us from selling your data, including email addresses. We make exceptions for child abusers; otherwise, we generally do not work with the authorities unless it involves national security. We are generally big privacy advocates, but we have and will continue to work with authorities when an administrator deems appropriate. We do not profile you, or use your metadata to sell you products. Web-based "cookies" are in use because this software could not function without it. This has been the case for the past 20 years. PS - we never contact you through any means except a PM on this website; we will not call or email you (unless we know you very well!)
  23. KC

    Im nervous

    The best way to stop the nonsense is to educate yourself. Much of the stuff in that article is garbage. I am astounded that it is still going around. It has 8 million views!
  24. KC

    Im nervous

    Here is a little hint. It is all many people know about cousin marriageshttps://m.ranker.com/list/mutations-and-birth-defects-caused-by-royal-inbreeding/peterdugre?utm_medium=ob&utm_campaign=ob-m-002ede44b2dc236156cc91db0e68e40bb4&utm_term=U.S.&obcid=002ede44b2dc236156cc91db0e68e40bb4