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  1. KC

    How I live now 2013 Movie

    I just watched it. It's not on my list of movies to watch again. Too intense and creepy. Now I'm off to watch the Godfather pt. 2 ...
  2. KC

    Cable vs satellite (or antenna)

    mahdeen copied and pasted my post here for some reason. Now I look like a darn fool.
  3. KC

    Cable vs satellite (or antenna)

    It's the weirdest thing I have seen in a long time. Oh, I found it: http://www.cousincouples.com/forum/watercooler/have-a-favorite-band-for-at-least-a-decade/msg52736/#msg52736 I knew I wasn't crazy
  4. KC

    Cable vs satellite (or antenna)

    Unless I am crazy, I posted the message by mahdeen I have no idea how that happened.
  5. KC

    How i live now movie

    the movie is next in my Netflix DVD query, so it had better be good lol. Or I will let you know about it -- from a man's perspective. I generally do not like sci-fi or romantic comedies. My idea of a romantic comedy is Harald and Maude. Fantastic! And The Whole Wide World -- watched it 5 times already. Put those on your list. I also loved A walk in the clouds and Annie Hall. Romantic comedies are generally neither romantic nor funny to this old fart.
  6. KC

    Marriage laws

    and for the last time, Texas says that it's incest married or not. Until a judge rules on this, if ever, it's up in the air. I spoke with the delegate's aid and he said nobody realized they were changing the marriage laws and nobody complained!! Idiots. They don't read these bills!
  7. KC

    Retrieving Old Posts

    They are gone forever. Old posts were purged to keep the forum fast. I think I may have deleted too many though.
  8. Yeah it works great on mobile too! Get your redneck on!
  9. KC

    A Chicken

    A guy tells his doctor, "Doc, my brother has a big problem: he thinks he is a chicken!" "Why don't you turn him in?" "I would turn him in, but I need the eggs."
  10. KC

    Complicated Life....

    One of my relatives divorced and married another girl. He didn't know it at the time, but she was ALREADY married. Her hubby was in prison. He now ONLY refers to her as "the beast." Another relative divorced and had a child with another. Afterwards, he realized she was absolutely crazy. He had to move on. Things can get worse lol. And I don't know what the OP means when he says "cheating." I saw a woman on a talk show wanting a divorce because she caught her hubby watching internet porn (he was cheating in her book). Well I guess we will all have to get divorced. I went to foxnews.com today and they had lots of hot mommas featured. For a moment, I was just glad to be alive. I think they love Paris Hilton as much as I. I'm just saying don't get divorced for a frivolous reason. One knows when their marriage is over -- it's when you absolutely can't take the cheating anymore. I think getting remarried without some down time is just a bad idea too.
  11. KC

    Complicated Life....

    Oh boy! I have to throw my 2 cents in too. If you wife has cheated twice already, there is no reason to believe she will stop. This happened in my 18 year marriage to my cousin -- toward the end of it. You certainly could go to counseling and try to put this whole thing behind you. As a Christian counselor, that is what I would suggest. But I would be a big fat hypocrite for demanding this. Like you said, it is a deal breaker. Once you break something, the pieces don't go back together. I know how you feel. Trust me. Exactly. I will say this is the first time in my life that I have wrestled with loneliness ( a little bit ). I've always had plenty of friends and then I married fairly young. Now I have lost everything. It's one hell of a place to be. Notwithstanding all that I have been through, I am enjoying my bachelorhood. I'm not even chasing wild women at the moment. Everyone is trying to "fix me up." I'm not ready for anything serious. If it really was a deal breaker, then separate and divorce. Don't start one relationship until you end the first one. Enjoy your freedom for a bit, before you commit to another. I am glad you found a spark between your and your cousin. But don't rush into anything. That is insanity; Be smart bro. I think your marriage could be salvaged. Don't let an infatuation between your and your cousin be "the decider" as GW Bush would say That is why you need some time alone. Then, you can "find yourself" and know which direction to go. There is no guarantee that a marriage with your cousin (or anyone else) will be any better that what you have now. You think about that.
  12. Suppose you neighbors are child porn freaks. They download lots of it through your unprotected wifi. Months go by , then suddenly the FBI is knocking YOUR door down with military rifles pointed in your face. Your dog gets shot right off the bat. This happens too frequently. To protect yourself , you must secure your wifi connection. At the least, uninvited guests will be leaching your bandwidth, slowing you down to a crawl. To secure your network, you simply run your router's setup utility. Here are some sample images of what you are looking for. Make sure you add a password and try to use Wep2 for security. This will keep the pervs and leaches away. If someone asks to use you network, tell them you don't Have the bandwidth. And then act stupid. You may have to google your routers manual to find the steps to enter setup and change the settings. [attachment deleted by admin]
  13. KC

    GSA/Other incest support??

    I will not debate that GSA may be real -- if one wasn't raised with that parent. BUT PLEASE! Get your head out of your rear. The last person on earth you want to start a romantic or even sexual relationship with is one of your parents or siblings. Many states do have criminal codes prohibiting this which means jail time and will possible make you join the sex offenders list. There is no defense. There is something wrong with you, especially since you have never even met the person. At this point in your life, do you even need to meet the parent? Maybe a 20 minute chat at a coffee house and that's it. It ends there. You do not need this drama in your life. Don't go down that road.
  14. KC


    I just realized that I broke out forum's mobile theme when I updated it a month ago. It should be fine now. The mobile theme on the main website (cc.com) is coming along. I will probably put the original back up since it is more function once I get the mobile theme worked out. It's a pain!That was the mobile theme will automatically load when smaller devices are used.
  15. We are officially mobile friendly. I just finished the mobile theme for www.cousincouples.com. I need everyone's feedback! If it functional on your mobile devices? Help me debug. I haven't tested it on my tablet yet. Some of the mobile browsers do not render the page perfectly. Sometime the logo doesn't show up and sometimes the "stay informed" box doesn't display. I will keep tweaking it. It is also possible to use the original template for computers and the new mobile template only for mobile devices, but that is a lot of additional work. Overall, I think the mobile theme works pretty good across all devices and I would like to leave it alone.
  16. I will zip up a file and send it over. It works great except the bottom two elements sometimes dont show up,or they only show when I slp my phone into landscape mode (then the logo sometimes disappears! LOL) This is the first time I have used Zurb. I didn't like it. I switched to bootstrap for my next project. The main page (PHP Template) is made of basically two columns. Both columns have two elements basically. Now on smaller devices, every element should stack on top of one another. I think each column needs to be nested. I don't know. It's a little wacked. I can't even rmember how I have it worked out....
  17. davem Are you familiar with Zurb? And their grids? I got it 90 percent right, but I am involved in a big (paying) project at the moment. If so,email your addy and I will send the php file. Maybe you get get it 100 %. Good lord, you would need a server to work with. I'll fix it when I get some time.
  18. Thank you. I was using 7zip for windows. I'm not sure it creates the correct file for linux machines. Anyway It's working great now. It still has some treaking. The css validates and is hooked up correctly as far as I know. But I will look into it. Thanks for the help!
  19. KC

    Cousin weddings!

    Very cute!!!
  20. CM, could you please test it again when you get a chance. http://www.cousincouples.com/CousinCouplesSupport/CousinCouplesSvg.svg If someone can gzip this file and email it to [email protected] c . com I would be grateful. When I do it, the image no longer displays correctly. It's bizarre.
  21. Thanks CM! I will have to fix that up.
  22. The first time i saw Joan Osborne doing a rendition of a Motown song, it was an instant love connection. The outlaw county singers never get old. Steve Earl, Waylon Jennings, and Merle Haggard are my favorite country singers. I remember my teenage friends used to tease me endlessly. Since I got married, a switch flipped somehow. I got turned on to grunge/alternate R&R and alt Christian rock and never looked back. I think rock from the 80's really sucked, except a few hair bands like Cinderella and Quiet Riot, maybe the Red Hot Chillies. They're only a handful of songs I like from that decade.
  23. I also updated the forum's mobile template. So let me know if they're any problems.
  24. Hello, I am working with a TV company called Talent TV South in the UK and we are looking to make a documentary called 'Forbidden Love' about people who are in happy, stable relationships but they have been told by society, friend and family that the relationship is wrong. We are looking to do one programme on marriage between first cousins and the issues that may have faced. We are not looking to sensationalise the story - we are more looking for a positive spin with a happy ever after. We are only in the early pre-production stages at the moment as we aren't sure if there will be any people willing to share their story so if you wouldn't mind us advertising on your site for people that would be really helpful. My name is Liz and my contact details are [email protected] This is our company website: http://www.talenttv.com/south/intro.php Thank you for your time, if you have any queries or questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Kind regards, Liz