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  1. Two couples, including wife and I were interviewed for this article. The other couple, unfortunately, decided to drop out and asked that their story not be included. The article still came together well. Let me know what you think! https://www.vice.com/en_au/article/zmg3aj/cousin-couples-talk-about-keeping-it-in-the-family
  2. KC


    I am so sorry to hear of your tragedy. It would be a huge mistake to assume that one or two people from your family are representative of the whole. It is another mistake to assume they have the power to split the family. In my experience family members can be quite shocked initially but they soon get over it. It's rare that a family member never comes back around. I think it is good to give your cousin some room to breathe and contemplate. She may decide that you are worth all of the trouble. If not, say good riddance and find you someone who cares deeply about you. You deserve that.
  3. KC

    What do you guys do to have fun

    Concerts is a good one! I just read where one study found that attending a concert could make one live longer and is better than yoga. Within the past 2 years I saw two of my favorite bands play live. It was pure bliss.
  4. I can answer a few of your questions. First, there is nothing wrong with you. Most marriages, historically, have been between cousins. We should be asking what the heck is wrong with the rest of the world! Why do people believe stats from crazy Aunt Maud who doesn't know the difference between a gene and a genie? It's funny how everybody turns into a genetic expert the moment they think you may be interested in a cousin. Check out the rest of the site for some solid info. Look, if you can ignore and forget about your cousin, I suggest that you do. You would actually be considered very smart in my book. I feel that too many in the West suspend their critical thinking skills as soon as they feel that they may be in love. This site is for the people who cannot forget or ignore their cousin lol ?
  5. Ken, the best advice I have ever gotten was from a marriage counselor. He would tell me what's what, and I would, in turn, get red faced and tell him to go do something anatomically impossible. Our sessions were very short. Man was I a hothead back then! He gave me some great advice which took me years to realize how correct he was. Often the best advice is the advice you do not want to hear. Your problem isn't unique at all. Take the fact that she is your cousin out of the equation and see how simple it all becomes. The quote I'm including is so correct. Cousins do have this built-in compatibility, and just perhaps the small amount of genes we share can awaken the gods of romance and incense. I hope you can get everything back on track and salvage your marriage. You can't put the genie back in the bottle. You will have to distance yourself from her and reexamine your boundaries. You truly have my best wishes. I'm glad you posted your story.
  6. Fight crass with crass! Lol. Stay long enough and you will get the response that you are looking for. The truth is that we don't have all of the answers. However, I know the answer isn't to cheat on your wife like vermin. GSA seems to be a real thing to me. I have never admitted it before but I do have another cousin that is hot as a firecracker. I purposefully try to avoid her because I do not want my life any more complicated than it already is. It appears that you have already crossed the line with your cousin. Taking one more step could spell absolute disaster for both of your marriages. Are you trying to ruin or sabotage your marriage? If so, you are on the right track. If you are a gentleman, you will turn around while you still can. Mr. Ken, what can I say?
  7. Isn't she freaking adorable? And your soulmates too! Mr. Ken, I know it's hard to believe, but I have heard this story before. Alright, sorry for being so crass. There just aren't any easy answers. The bottom line is serious. You have both made commitments to others and you both should keep them. There is no such thing as a soul mate. You can't use that as an excuse to cheat in your wife. Kate Winslet is my soul mate, but I'm not chasing her around. If things were different, you would have different options. But if frogs had wings, they wouldn't bump their arse every time they hopped. Right?
  8. KC

    Marriage and children

    I just spent 10 mins double checking the laws for NE. It appears you can leave the state and marry in a state that allows cousin marriages -- then return to NE legally married. Cousins are not defined as incestuous, so no criminal laws to worry about. You could run this by a family law attorney. As for genetic counseling, I do not recommend it unless you are tormented about something, for example there is a weird intolerable genetic disorder in your family. Even if the geneticist said you only have a 70 percent chance of having a healthy baby, would that stop you? I think it is a waste of time and money frankly.
  9. KC

    How does the government know?

    I just wanted to make this very clear: capitulate or surrender your constitutional rights at your own peril. I watched a trial at the local courthouse where a guy was fighting a DUI. When the cop pulled him over, the guy stopped, rolled down his window and stuck both hands out the window, as if to say "put some cuffs on my wrists!" His trial was going very good until the cop told this little story. So, never let them put words in you mouth and remain poker-faced while firmly declining questioning or any kind of search without a warrant. Contrary to popular belief, you can also remain friendly and pleasant during an interaction with a cop. I suggest that you do! A little respect goes a long way, of course.
  10. KC

    How does the government know?

    A spiteful in-law or whomever or a good 'ol frienemy. Otherwise, they would never know. A prosecutor would have to prove every element of the so-called crime and that would be tough, providing that you didn't confess/admit to anything. For example they may have to prove that you were in state when you married, or that you actually have sex in their great state. First, they have to prove that you are cousins which could even be tough. I can't see a conviction making it through the appeals process for constitutional reasons. Never answer questions from a cop, instead inform them that your attorney would be glad to speak with them but you refuse to make any statement at all. Only fools go down to the station to answer a few questions. This applies to all circumstances, not just dubious marriages.
  11. I just realized that we are 20 years old! This website is twenty years old. I'm not exactly sure about the month, but 20 years is a crazy long time for a website. So -- happy birthday to us! Cheers!!
  12. What is your primary languages. I'm trying to figure out be if you are bragging, complaining, or just asking questions.
  13. KC

    Happy birthday to us all!!

    That was interesting. Wow the old website design reminds me that I need to do some fresh work on the site just to keep up with web standards.
  14. Murder should be the last resort, not divorce. Kidding! Kidding! The reason some couples stay married for 50 years isn't because they are so compatible but because they have lived through total crap together. The problem here is that his wife is continuing to hold on to this inappropriate relationship. There appears to be nothing left to do except lace up the walking shoes.
  15. When your wife is chatting up another guy all day on messenger, it is not anywhere near normal. I can't see it even being normal in any possible parallel universe. Bro, don't make excuses for her behavior. She should be depressed. If you do not get rid of her, you are going to be depressed to the point of insanity. If your wife brought home another guy, took him to bed and told you to sleep on the couch, would that be ok? I'm just saying that it is fine to set boundaries as rigidly or as loosely as you like, but you have to set them. And when your wife goes beyond them, you pack her stuff up and set it by the curb. Don't sell yourself short. If your wife wants her cousin, buy her a$$ a one-way ticket to the other side of the world so she can be with him.
  16. The cousin is half way around the world; there is no need to sell the farm just yet. First, I will say that your wife is being so damn immature that it is apparently making me cuss outloud (wife is asking me why I am cussing). Your wife is being very hurtful to you. I wish I could give her some frank advice. Her indifference over the fate of her marriage is stunning. I would make it clear that this is an intolerable situation and that I was leaving if she ever installed messenger again. You have to have boundaries to have a healthy relationship and for your mental health. Set them, stick to them, and let the cards fall where they may. PS putting her phone in the oven on 400F overnight might make you feel a little better.
  17. KC

    My Story

    Good for you! It's not often we hear stories like this. It is possible that your cousin really doesn't remember. A gentleman would forget about the whole thing.
  18. KC

    What do you guys do to have fun

    A Celtic Festival? Very interesting.
  19. KC

    What the heck should I do?

    The question is, "what the heck should I do?" Man, you have it so easy since you have so much in common with your cousin. So call her and invite her to some musical event that can't be missed. See what happens. Don't be surprised if she doesn't feel the same way, but trust me, ladies know just how to make it clear that they are interested, even to the thickest nucklehead She may just be a song you can't get out of your head. I hope it is reciprocal; you will just have to investigate. Good luck.
  20. KC

    What do you guys do to have fun

    These are excellent ideas. I'll let you know what I choose.
  21. That was pretty brilliant LadyC. I suppose our greatest pearls of wisdom come from the darkest of times.
  22. Why did her dad die so young? Well you have opened yourself up pretty good. I say haha! with a very smug look on my face. Maybe it will go well or perhaps the police show up at 9am with a protection order or commitment papers. Let us know how it goes. I will send $10 to your commissary fund. I hate to be behind bars without any coffee. I'm actually a tea drinker but do you know how hard it is to find Darjeeling in the big house?
  23. Uh, Mr Pooch, I am a guy too.
  24. Good I'm so glad you took it like that! We really want to be helpful. I wish you the best.
  25. PS I did not read Romalee's post before I responded.