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  1. LadyC, if you filter all the memes on FB, is there anything left in your feed? I liked FB because my favorite bands would post their touring schedules there. Now I have just joined their newsletters and I am good. I think 1/2 of my "friends" had me blocked anyway because I'm so off-the-wall sometimes -- well most of the time -- ok ok all of the time! I like to raise Cain and the little snowflakes can't take any kind of a joke these days. Sad! Ambra, I was just at a Christian forum where a guy said (to me), "I want to challenge your notion that Adam and Eve were naked in the garden." I've learned not to waste my energy. I did say, "Prove it!" Now Ambra, I want to challenge your aversion to forum arguments! Let's have a row! I do not like the way you sign your name at the end of a post cause I already know who posted. It's redundant so let's get this settled right now LOL LOL
  2. Stack Exchange has like 50 (I'm guessing) forums. https://stackexchange.com/sites#
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    A few minor changes

    <chuckle> Noooo!
  4. Where is everyone! Man! Do I have BO or something? <sniff sniff>. Have I finally ran everyone off and the website into the ground? LOL I've finally deleted Facebook and now I have too much time on my hands. I have volunteered as a tech support person at Mozilla. I try to help out the idiot programmers and webmasters at Stack Exchange. I help out on a Christian forum. I do this just to break the monotony of my own computer projects. Anyone else deleted Facebook recently? I'm sick of all the mindless memes. If you make an intelligent post, people scroll on past looking for the next picture. And don't get me started on the data breaches incl our personal pictures. Maybe this forum is slow because there are no more kissing cousins in the world. Perhaps I am the last one. Could be!
  5. I thought I would post some interesting stats. We have had 54,564 unique visitors per the last 30 days and nearly 2 million server requests. Here are some graphics. I didn't know we get so much traffic from India or SA! Very cool. Oh and Russia too!
  6. Today I removed all Google Analytics scripts from the website. I was using it to monitor the traffic but I recently realized that the software certainly (and probably does) track you all around the Internet. I am trying to move away from all things Google. It's kinda hard when you have an Android phone. One morning years ago I decided to drive up to Asheville, NC. I spent the night. I never Googled anything about the trip, but when I got home and turned on the computer, there were ads everywhere about "Come Visit Asheville"! The experience has turned me into a huge privacy advocate and now a security freak. You may turn off your ad/cookie blocker now -- whitelist this website.
  7. I have allergies and bad eyesight yet my parents were not related. Sometimes we can get hysterical about being related for no good reason. Years ago, when I was drinking too much, my blood pressure was extremely high and my doc was perplexed because he could not get it down. We tried for 6 months. One day I asked if I should monitor my blood pressure at home. My doc said, "Why do you want to do that? It's just going to tell you if it is high or not, and what are you going to do if it is high?" I thought my doctor saw everything backasswards but his logic was irresistible. Let's say that a cousin couple went to a geneticist and the doc said, well, because of your family history, you have a 5 percent increased chance of having a baby with a birth defect. Maybe the couple is already pregnant. So what is the knowledge of these stats going to change? To me, it is a time waster. Another example - I go to church with a medical doctor. He has two kids with some sort of profound genetic disorder (they can hardly walk). The doctor is not related to his spouse. Now, after the first child was born with the disease, the doctor had to know very well that having another child would be extremely risky. Well he did have another child and he lost the genetic lottery, unfortunately. I'm sure his colleagues berate him behind his back. I don't hold it against him, although I am sure I would have made different decisions. I guess I see things differently.
  8. If I lived in a big city, I would start such a group. There is not a cousin couple support group anywhere that I am aware of. We have kicked around the idea of having a big event in Vegas (annually?) but it would require wherewithal that I do not have. Also, I don't think we have enough people. Maybe on the website's 30th anniversary we could do something special.
  9. KC


    https://24hourwristbands.com/ I was thinking of getting some wristbands for cc.com folks. I like the "Color coat" two-toned one. We could just use the CC logo without the text -- just the circle with the two C's. The problem is that I can't think of the right tagline. I'm not sure I want the domain name on the band, but something classy. So, I need everyone's help! What would be the perfect saying be? I will start it off, adapting from the great Thoreau : "To love deliberately" Y'all can see that I need some help LOL.
  10. <KC clapping> 👏 Good for you my friend. Good news seems so hard to come by here lately. Your post renews my hope in humanity and the possibility that great things can still happen in this crazy world. I wish you the very best. Having no sex yet is a good thing. It shows that she respects herself and that you respect her. You are off to a great start.
  11. I just want to make sure that everyone understands that I am not promoting doing drugs in any way. I am trying to say, do anything but abuse pain pills unless becoming a homeless heroin addict appeals to you.
  12. Jterds, please do not abuse the pain pills. It is one of the nastiest addictions around. Start vaping, find Mary Jane, or drink you a cold beer on the weekends -- all which are very bad ideas. But much much much better than the pain pills. Your first love loss will be the hardest. The girls can make us crazy, can't they? Hey man -- you can't let them. Your cousin is not married and she has no commitments. She is just living life. Lighten up. You sound profoundly depressed; don't be self-medicating. If you seriously can't function, maybe you should talk to someone like a counselor. When you come through this, you will have learned a lot about yourself, life, and your cousin too. You will be much tougher and have the wisdom that only life can bring. And stop whining. You may very well marry this girl someday. And then you can lament! Hahaha! Now that is funny right there. Good luck man!
  13. https://www.cousincouples.com/?page=states You may marry in AZ provided that you can't have children. I assume that basically you would have documentation from an M.D. and present that to the judge who signs-off on the marriage license. You may find out when you apply for a marriage license application. Just ask the clerk what you need to bring. Good luck my friend!
  14. DillerDahl: Welcome to cc.com and thanks for your question. I am afraid that LadyC is correct and doesn't need a lesson on genetics. Hey, there is certainly room for all of us to learn more about DNA and kinship. You are so distantly related that I can't determine what your relationship is. You are not double cousins and you certainly are not inbred. You are just uninformed. The Brittish Pakistanis that you referenced are an anomaly -- a fluke resulting from the founder effect. Feel free to look that term up. Your stats are too wacky to correct. Good luck to you and please take a chill pill.
  15. So what is he in prison for?
  16. KC

    Moderators needed

    The master naturalist thing sounds good to me. We all need a hobby like that. Well, Christie, everything has an end. I have to remind myself of that sometimes. Things have to come to an end so that God may being even better things into your life. It looks like you started something very good!
  17. KC


    Yeah I remember the doc you are talking about. It was very good. It seems like it is hard to find anybody who will say anything bad about Mullins lol. That's a good thing but everyone makes it clear that he had problems lol. I like the whole Ragamuffin concept because I never really feel that I fit in in church. I go because I feel invited by the Lord, honestly. Without that, I wouldn't go. I don't think I saw the film on Brennan, but it was just a youtube video. If I can find it, I will post it. It's probably better than the movie, which is only getting fair reviews.
  18. KC


    I just watched "God's not dead - a light into the darkness." Is that the same one? I also watched the doc on Mullins. It wasn't as good as the one that featured some of his music but it was interesting. All of the docs referred to Mullin's problems and I keep wanting to find out what they were!
  19. KC

    Moderators needed

    God will take care of the birds, Christie. LOL. Hey, you gotta get back out there. I know the druggies will wear you out, take advantage of you and perhaps try to kill you, but that is your ministry. When I visited you, I wasn't at your house for 30 minutes and some lady in need came knocking on your door and you gave her something. You gonna feed the birds now? I remember when the wife and I were at a homeless shelter. Remember that? I met a lady who had just got out of a mental hospital and was literally dumped there. She was scared to death and she couldn't function at all. She was our shadow until she realized that she had money and she left for nicer digs. Another guy was there because he did 20 years for "a body." I told you about that. Another lady was there because her husband was dying in a hospital and she couldn't pay the bills. Nobody is there because they are "self-entitled Millenials." Sure there are legal absconders (25 percent), crack heads (50 percent) and those that just can't get along with anybody. I'd say it's your calling. Get Mark involved. You really do need a bodyguard.
  20. KC


    I see a couple of movies about Mullins and one for $3.99 for Brennan on Prime Movies. Check it. A friend of mine started playing some youtube videos of Manning and I started writing stuff down. He is a really profound guy who does not wear a mask. I've never worn a mask either, but it hasn't exactly boosted my career.
  21. KC


    This message is mainly for Christie, but it is for everybody too. I know she enjoys Christian movies. I was wondering if anyone has seen a movie about Brennan Manning or even Rich Mullins? I've seen the one about Mullins and it is inspiring. Brennan is a bigger-than-life-drunk that has inspired me and countless souls out there. What a wonderful story that literally brought tears to my eyes. I don't care if he is Catholic 😍 I'm certainly a "ragamuffin" inside and out. Also, what are some of your favorite Christian movies? Maybe I will watch them. Mine is Goodfellas! I mean I really don't watch them. I'm not trying to be funny but so many are just low budget and awful.
  22. please clear your browser's cache and please let me know if you get that error again
  23. KC

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas everyone! Thank God for Jesus, who selflessly gave Himself so that the whole World may know God and escape hell's eternal punishment. This Christmas, I would like to thank God for his inexplicable grace that pursued me when I was yet agnostic and on my way to hell. I am still here and God continues to bring me long distances from the man that I once was. May the Lord bless everyone who reads my reflection.
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