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  1. KC

    What do you guys do to have fun

    A Celtic Festival? Very interesting.
  2. KC

    What the heck should I do?

    The question is, "what the heck should I do?" Man, you have it so easy since you have so much in common with your cousin. So call her and invite her to some musical event that can't be missed. See what happens. Don't be surprised if she doesn't feel the same way, but trust me, ladies know just how to make it clear that they are interested, even to the thickest nucklehead She may just be a song you can't get out of your head. I hope it is reciprocal; you will just have to investigate. Good luck.
  3. KC

    What do you guys do to have fun

    These are excellent ideas. I'll let you know what I choose.
  4. That was pretty brilliant LadyC. I suppose our greatest pearls of wisdom come from the darkest of times.
  5. Why did her dad die so young? Well you have opened yourself up pretty good. I say haha! with a very smug look on my face. Maybe it will go well or perhaps the police show up at 9am with a protection order or commitment papers. Let us know how it goes. I will send $10 to your commissary fund. I hate to be behind bars without any coffee. I'm actually a tea drinker but do you know how hard it is to find Darjeeling in the big house?
  6. Uh, Mr Pooch, I am a guy too.
  7. Good I'm so glad you took it like that! We really want to be helpful. I wish you the best.
  8. PS I did not read Romalee's post before I responded.
  9. Hi Peaches This situation could find any of us, so I will not throw stones. I am a family guy who likes to think I have such clear boundaries. But we are only human, eh? If you want to salvage your marriage, you will block all communications from your cousin and leave it alone. You are playing with fire. Listen. Your cousin is the guy who never stood up for you, not even for a second. Your husband did. Your husband has invested everything in you and he deserves to be treated much better than this. I meet so many people who only want who they cannot have. Your cousin included. Maybe it is a game to him and he will not want you once your marriage is in tatters or beyond repair. Don't be a fool, peaches. You are acting like a 10 year old the first time a boy kissed you on the lips. The excitement will fade, as you know. I'm just afraid you will end up with nothing, and where will your kids be?
  10. KC

    Weird or normal?

    You are right. It is not normal at all. It sure as hell doesn't sound normal to me. I am aware that in some cultures, maternal cousins are thought of as one's brother/sister. This is a cultural thing and not a genetic thing. Even so, the sleeping arrangements are highly inappropriate.
  11. I would be more worried if this was a child custody issue or estate issue. You can always move to another state. Can you return after you are married? You should pose that question to your attorney. Best of luck. I wish I could be more helpful.
  12. KC

    Why can't it be easy.

    You are wise to consider what others may say. I'm almost certain that your immediate family will come around after you marry her. Mine did. Will there be some hurtful things said? You can count on it. On one hand, I do not think cousin marriages are for everyone... Obviously. If you are not willing to face the fire, do not do it. On the other hand you are 1c1r. That is distant enough that nobody should have a stroke. You are 20 years old now. You are facing a tricky transision period. It's when you become your own man. It doesn't mean marrying your cousin necessarily. It does, however, mean that you have to start making your own decisions even when they are tough. This transision, within itself, will bring about conflicts. I'm sure this is no big revelation to you. I will not push you either way. Although I married at 21, I wish I had waited. If you can wait, do that. You guys seem like babies! Lol and I know that isn't the case. Getting married so young does make higher education more difficult. Please keep us informed! And if you would like some help weighing the benefits of college with your occupational goals, we can chat about that. I don't want you guys living in a van down by the river!
  13. KC

    Mod approval

    Please do share your gofundme page. I'm sorry to hear of about your boyfriend's children. We are here to help each other. Sorry it took so long to respond. I've been without electricity for 3 days due to some tornados.
  14. Long distant relationships are especially tough. What do you want out of it exactly? Long distance inherently set limits to your relationship. You can't even enjoy a movie together. It's likely that one or both of you want more than a long distance relationship can offer. How far do you live from each other? Maybe you can both enroll at the same college and see what happens. Otherwise, you will have to resign yourself to a penpal like relationship, which will not last as you have already found out. To make it work, you would have to throw all caution to the wind and move closer to him in order to get to know him better.
  15. KC

    I need adivce

    Perhaps the most detrimental thing you can do for your baby is to worry yourself sick... and over nothing. Eat well, sleep well, and think well. Everything will be fine. The baby girl will be perfectly fine, you will see.
  16. KC

    Vice magazine article

    Sorry to hear that Becca. These people really are that nasty; it has little to do with the fact that you are marrying your cousin. My motto is "forgive but never forget." Don't ever forget how they have treated you! As a "churchy" person myself, I know that religious people can sometimes be the most vicious, ignorant and hateful people on the planet. Jesus called some religious circles in His day "vipers." Watch where you step. Unfortunately, I have found that it does little good to argue with them. Distance works pretty well. Hold your head up high. Cousins have a lower chance of miscarriage than nonrelated couples, possibly because of having more similar chemistry (per Martin Ottenheimer). Finally, do not let anyone speak for God. He speaks for Himself, very clearly, in the Bible. He reveals Himself. Don't let the religious yahoos get you down, but pray for them.
  17. It sounds like the stars are aligned for you two. I would just point out that moving too slow can be worse than moving too fast. I'm not saying you should jump in bed with her tomorrow. I'm only saying that moving too slow may cause her to think you are not interested. And the kiss! The kiss should never be planned. It will come 100 percent natural and at the perfect time. I predict that it happens much sooner than you expect. When you are in love, you can only stay cool and keep it under wraps for so long. Being cool is so overrated
  18. KC

    Starting Over

    I have found out that us men can be happy alone! So, don't panic. Sometimes we need a break from a significant other. A break can bring clarity and even reset a relationship if you decide to get back together. So take some time man.
  19. KC

    Newspaper article

    Thanks for pointing this out. Pretty interesting from the perspective of a genealogist.
  20. KC

    Is my cousin attracted to me?

    It does sound like she has a thing for you. The question should be : what are you going to do about it? Or do you want to do anything at all. Life is not a rehearsal. You get one shot at this.
  21. Workout knowing what is causing the blindness, we can't say if your children would be at an elevated risk. Can you tell us more or give us a name? For all I know your sister could have childhood cataracts, which is very treatable. I'm not trying to patronize you, but this is very important.
  22. KC

    Please help I need advice

    We don't know what they can do but I seriously doubt they are looking for you or will ever bother you. Don't be scared to death. You are making yourself sick over nothing. The Texas law was aimed at child abusers like in the case of Warren Jeff's. Open a bottle of wine and enjoy yourself tonight. There are real threats out there like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
  23. KC

    I am a lesbian and love my female cousin

    Yes we do want an update! Relationships are complicated these days, huh! In truth, a lot of people seem to complicate their own lives. I'm afraid you are too. I have heard of every possible cousin relationship problem out there I believe. Your problem seems to be that you lack the kind of meaningful boundaries that protect you from big messes like this. You cheat on your partner. You get involved with your cousin. I do not know if you are content with being a lesbian. Your partner seems to be still trying to find herself. Can we make this any more complecated? I don't know how. I say find out what you really want and go after it; stop hurting the people you love. Stop complecating your life and the complications will go away. Seriously, be good to yourself and true to your partner. Start there. God bless and good luck.
  24. KC


    I think you are right. Your cuz should stand up for his girl no matter what. What are your ages?
  25. KC

    Advice required from girls

    Only advice from the girls huh? Well what if I put on my high heels and don't man spread in my cute summer dress? Can I answer then?