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    California Residency

    You would have to search their laws, but I'm guessing 6 months. If you move there and rent/own a home, you are golden. I wouldn't worry too much about it. You do not need to be a resident to marry your cousin there.
  2. KC

    Out of state marriage

    No, not unless you stay in Mexico. If you come back, then it is technically a felony. Everyone of you who live in Tx needs to be raising cain with your state representative until they change the law. The lawmakers had no clue that a particular child abuse bill would change the marriage laws. It was enacted and you guys have to do something about it. Be aware that if you write your rep, the letter may be public record and available to journalists. But do not be sissies. Write them anyway and write them often. Another great option is to write to some prominent political writers and tell them your story. If you can get the media behind you and to tell your story, this gets the lawmaker's attention quicker than anything else.
  3. Thanks for your question. On this website, and most forums, your password is encrypted in a way that it can't be decrypted. I can't read it. The login procedure can only compare the stored password with the newly encrypted copy of the one you provide. If they match, you are golden. In theory this is great. However, these days hackers have a database/dictionary that can decrypt many these encrypted passwords (they just match them up). Sites like Paypal and Bitcoin websites have 2 Factor Authentication (2FA). You enter you username/password and then enter a number from your cell phone. I think this is the direction we are heading with all websites of import... any banking website. My best advice is to use a password manager like LastPass, or StickyPassword. They can generate a unique password up to 30 some characters long. Hackers can't break this. If the website allows 2FA, you might turn it on. Be advised that it is a pain, esp if you loose your phone or change your number (or can't pay the bill!). This forum does not offer this feature at this time. I'm sure there is an addon if I looked. Make sure your password is not recycled (used somewhere else) --- just let the password manager create the password and you will be safe here. This forum will lock your account after so many failed password tries. The ten mill per second password trick will not work unless they can download the whole forum database. Even then it will not work with a good unique password. Again, they can only download your encrypted password. The answer is a password manager.
  4. I make $240 last night in 45 mins! I'm so happy that I could kiss the sky!

  5. Oh cool. I was afraid that I had the settings out of wack.

  6. Wazzz up peeps? Am I the only one who can use the update box?

  7. Let me explain the 6 main member groups: Admins: Owners / Tech People / We started the website and we run it Moderators: can delete, approve, move, ban and do all the things that make the board run smoothly. They really make this forum possible. Newbys - Less than 5 posts Members - Once you reach 25 posts, you may delete or edit your message up to 48 hours after they are posted. Then you will have to contact a mod or admin for help. Everyone else can delete, hide, or modify their post anytime. We have seen too many people ruin the boards by deleting their topis and replies just because they got an attitude. Advanced Members: When you reach 50 posts, you gain more privileges Senior Members: When you reach 150 posts, you gain more privileges Old Timers: When you reach 300+ posts, you can moderate the chat room and have the most privileges that any user has. There is even an Old Timers forum you will see become available to you.
  8. You should register because all guest posts must be approved by a moderator. We generally quickly scan your post and do not give you the benefit of the doubt. I (KC) delete posts almost as often as I approve them. (Anything about sex and I just assume the worst.) You have a 50/50 shot as a non-member to getting your message posted if there are links or sexual talk or any reason I can find to delete it. This is a quick guide to becoming a member here, and how to ensure your anonymity while registering here, or on any public forum. I am not trying to scare anyone or discourage anyone from becoming a member. On the contrary, I want you to register as a member here, but I would also like you to be an informed member, indeed an informed Netizen -- a citizen of the web. In general, it is a good idea to stay fairly anonymous on public forums because these forums are "crawled" by search engines. Everything you post will be captured by Google et al. (except for private messages). Thus, if you use your real name to post on a forum, anyone may search your name and come up with every post you have ever made on every website, including cousincouples.com. Google will now even capture your avatar. If you use a real picture of yourself, it may show up with a Google search as well. So, make up a "pen name" for your registration and upload an avatar that is not your real picture. Of course, we do have members here who use their real names and real pictures. That is good and fine, but this is a guide for those interested in staying anonymous. Please keep in mind that you should assume that everything you post, even on Facebook will be permanently stored somewhere. Certain government agencies probably copy and store every bit of this information before the actual website you are sending it to gets it. So, it doesn't matter if you delete a post or private message, somebody somewhere has a copy of it. This site uses SSL (HTTPS) to ensure that all of your communication to cousincouples.com is encrypted until our servers receive it. In theory, nobody can eavesdrop, even at coffee shops, hotels or any public Wi-Fi service. But that does not stop some governments from recording the encrypted data. Perhaps at a future date they will be able to decipher it. If they can do that now, they will not disclose that fact, so we do not know how secure SSL really is. I'm betting that it hasn't been broken yet. Further, many of these agencies have backdoors to Facebook, Microsoft, Skype et. al. They very well may have our private communications in unencrypted plain text/ VOIP or {shutter} web cam movies. In light of the information above, it may be prudent to not share personal identifiable information, like the name of your cousin or your grandparent's name. If you request that certain posts be deleted, please give us the actual URL of the post. We may or may not delete your posts. For additional security, I suggest the following products: Secure email (very secure email): Protonmail.com (Proton VPN is coming in the Spring!) Password manager (cheap and very good): LastPass, or StickyPassword Please note that you may be blocked (or "harassed -- prove you are not a robot ...") from this website and others (incl Google) if you are using a VPN or TOR. We request that you use only you real IP while using this forum. Security starts with very good virus and malware protection (I don't have a favorite) and OS updates. Also, there are some antivirus programs that scan your computer for outdated software which is a great idea. Also make sure any personal information is sent over an https connection. If you are at a website that wants credit card info or log-in information, and the site starts with http:// instead of https:// then leave immediately. You can also try to insert the S and see if that works on unencrypted websites. A FEW websites are fine to be unsecured, for example CNN.com. They do not offer an encrypted connection at the time of this writing. I hope this has been helpful! Now, please go sign up. It takes a lot of our time to approve guest messages. Members' messages posts automatically. This is one good reason to have a password manager -- so you can keep up with all of the passwords. If you don't have a password manager, install one today. Here is a comparison chart: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2407168,00.asp of top password managers (just use the ones I have recommended; I have used them all). Please understand that the admins here are tech experts. We can track down anyone who is abusing children, and will go out of our way to do so. Any information obtained will be given to the appropriate law enforcement agency for prosecution. This is a family website and even the hint of child exploitation will quickly get you unwanted attention. Please read our "About This Website" page for our unwavering and vehement stance on child abuse of any kind.
  9. Please read "Before you become a member" in the Shoot the Breeze section. It has great information.

  10. Burned out and tired! Last week of semester! Cram time.

  11. Yeah! Spell it out to us like we are 5 years old: how exactly are you related?
  12. KC

    Doctor, doctor

    let me know if you don't have IP/Moderator controls. They are a bit hidden.
  13. KC

    Who can I confide in

    Uncle KC will listen. Here: head on my shoulder. Let's start from the beginning.
  14. KC

    In love with MUCH younger cousin.

    I'm afraid that "much younger" is code word for underage. I may be wrong, but after 20 years I am getting pretty good at this. FWI- Anyone who doesn't know "what to do" with their cousin is well too young for any kind of meaningful relationship. I'm not sure that came out precisely how I wanted. You kids shouldn't be doing anything at all with your cousins. I'm calling your momma right now...
  15. KC

    In love with MUCH younger cousin.

    Judging from your post, I would say that you do not have the emotional maturity to deal with a cousin of any age. What about your much younger cousin? Let her grow up! Enjoy your freedom for as long as you possibly can. Marriages aren't going out of style any time soon. If she is underage, you had better run from the situation and seek counseling please.
  16. KC

    Just tell them...

    I'm a cousin of the bride! I have added new pictures to all of the main page - info pages. I had this one left over for some reason.
  17. KC

    Could use some help

    Our google rankings have gone way down. I thought with the new responsive templates, we would be in business. Anyway google has a new thing going, where you need to label the data on each page so it can better index it. I would like to do the main pages. What I am missing are images (required by google). They have to be jpg, png or gif and at least 160x90 pixels and at most 1920x1080 pixels. I don't have a lot of time to work on this project this week, but if someone can find us some images (I don't care exactly what kind as long as they are fairly uniform and look professional). You could even just redo the title box for all I care (they would need to be bigger). I'm sure some of you have access to some great clipart. If you want to help, holler at me. Take your time. It is also possible to program it to answer questions on the google devices (ie Google, how far away is the moon?) We could program it to answer a cousin question, if asked! I hope I am making sense. I have 10 things going on. It's finals for me. Class ends Friday and they are killing me with work! It's enough to drive a man to drink if it weren't seminary I'm attending I've given it all up! But I've never really been fond of sobriety. It's overrated. It just is.
  18. KC

    Could use some help

    Hi Rom! Just open up the alerts and click on settings. https://www.cousincouples.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;area=notification;sa=alerts Then uncheck everything. That should get rid of them
  19. KC

    Could use some help

    Everyone, I have made quite a few changes. I am forcing the website to use https://www. format. This is new. I also added an exit forum button. I removed the survey that was accessible on the main page. It is buggy and poses a risk to the rest of the website. I also tweaked the google search on the home page. It seems to search the forum better than the built-in search. Let me know if you see any problems.
  20. KC

    Could use some help

    Very cool! Since I use a main template for ALL pages, it should be easy to implement. And yes sir, the non forum portion.
  21. KC

    Could use some help

    Yeah it was about 80 percent historically, and still today in some places where it is odd to marry a stranger. When I get done with this, we will have to work out some cool questions.
  22. KC

    Cousin Marriages?

    What LadyC said and other reasons we may not even understand. One reason was certainly the result of hemophilia in the royal family and the ensuing hysteria over cousin marriages. Also, Americans probably wanted to distance themselves from these royals whom they saw as "simpletons." Hey we haven't always had good relations with y'all across the pond. I think the royals, for so many reasons, made it less fashionable to marry a cousin. What we thought we knew about genetics steered us toward the cousin marriage prohibitions in the States. We knew squat about genetics. Texas was the last state to ban cousin marriages. This was a child abuse bill aimed at stopping religious cults from marrying each other incl underage cousins. I agree that that is child abuse and should have been stopped. The States have been at war with the Mormon church from the get-go. We even ran them out of the country with promises of annihilation if they returned.
  23. KC

    A cousin's love story

    You two appear to be 1st cousins once removed. There is no reason in the world that you can be together when you both are of age. You can marry in SC with parental consent if you are 17 (you will need a notarized form from WV). How do I know these things? :kiss: I suggest you wait until you are both 18, or better yet, 20. I'm not sure why we are always in such a rush to get married -- like the world is coming to an end next week. In the mean time, finish school, set some educational goals and peruse them. Don't wait until you are 40ish to enter grad school like me.