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    Responsive Updates

    Is the main page looking good for everyone now? It is supposed to be responsive -- so it should look good on your smartphones and tablets. If you have an apple product, would you mind checking it out and giving me some feedback? The new version of SMF, the message board we are using, is supposed to be responsive as well. Therefore we should not need additional mobile themes that we have used in the past. I would like to use the original main page theme for non-mobile devices. So I may check on that shortly. I probably will not be doing any fine tuning to the message board until the new version is released. We are actually running a beta version which seems a lot more secure than the old version already. I haven't seen any successful spam posts in a long time.
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    It may just be the quick reply thingee. It seems to be better in the regular editor. There is also (the last button) that lets you toggle between raw html and wysiwyg (sp)
  3. KC

    Got the date!

    Congratulations. Please post pictures!
  4. KC

    Finally told my cousin my secret

    With my cousin and me, everything happened exactly the opposite of what you are describing I guess. We just kinda started to hang out more and more. This continued until one day I realized, "Oh! Shit! I really have a thing for my cousin." And so, we have been married for 20 some years now. At cc.com, we certainly don't encourage people to seek out a cousin to marry (that's nuts), but when there is that special chemistry, I say go for it. You pursue her just like any other hot momma Being cousins, you have the advantage of being able to hang out without the commitment of an official date. It sounds like this is what you are doing and it is driving you bonkers. It's time to remind her again of how you feel. Don't let her play games with you. Ask her out on a proper date and see how it goes. If she isn't interested then now is a good time to move on. It's just that simple.
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    Seems to work for me. Hmmm I'm using Netscape.
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    One Two Three Skipped a line
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    Testing line1 Line2 Line2 Two lines
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    Cannot upload an image attachment

    I changed a few setting, maybe it will work now. It looks like you have a 60 sec window to upload the file.
  9. KC

    Cannot upload an image attachment

    I will check it out within a few days and let you know something. Thank you.
  10. How old are you two?
  11. I will be editing this post for future reference. It may be added to our info section at some point. I am often asked about Chinese kinship reckoning systems. Can I marry my "sister/cousin?" I've always thought it was very strange to consider a cousin a sister. My anthropology class is covering some of this stuff. One type of decent system is called monogenesis. They view the offspring to be wholly the result of the father. The mother is considered "soil" where the kid was able to come into fruition. The mother is given no credit in the lineage of the children. These kids are considered to be closer to their father's side of the family. This is one reason some cultures green light cousin marriages on one side of the family, while making it taboo to marry a cousin on the other side. Of course, biologically (generically) there is no difference at all. A cousin on either side of your family will be related to you in an identical way. I think they share 12.5 percent of genes in common. As for the Chinese, I have also heard that the reason for the cousin marriage taboo on the father's side may be due to the possibility of the brothers sharing one of the bother's wives. Or maybe wife swapping. I'm not sure if this was ever, in fact, a problem, or some kind of cultural taboo of the past. In sum, it could be possible for two cousins to be half-siblings and not even know it if this wife swapping was indeed a common practice in years past.
  12. KC

    Cousins and religion?

    Historically, both Muslims and Jews have had a first cousin preference in finding a mate. Marrying one's cousin is very normal in parts of the world. In fact, non cousins are in the minority when they marry! Atheists live and die by what little bit of science has been discovered up until this point. It's no surprise that they would take a stance against it. Oh course, not all of them hold that position. If you read our [iurl=http://"http://www.cousincouples.com/?page=religion"]page on Christianity[/iurl], you will get a better picture of what is going on.
  13. I watched the movie today and was disappointed with a cousin joke. The star of the movie insisted that he was "not a redneck but a Texan." The girl asked what the difference was. "Rednecks ride cousins. Texans ride horses." Something like that. It was a pretty good movie, along with "Zero Dark Thirty." Both are important films. Zero is really intense and emotional, certainly not for kids or the faint of heart. It starts out with a waterboarding scene and never lets up -- for two solid hours.
  14. KC

    Almond brownies!

  15. KC

    Avatar won't show

    This version changed a lot of things and I recently changed servers. It could be my fault, or it could be a little transition bug from one version to another. I will post more if I can fix it. I will poke around on the server. Like Hawk suggested, just reupload the image in your profile, like you did originally. Sorry for the trouble!
  16. KC

    Texas Genetic Counceling

    I wouldn't seek genetic counseling unless there is some special reason to do so. The NSOGC doesn't think it is necessary for cousins. If it would make you feel better, then there is no reason that you can't seek the advice of a GC. Don't worry about it being illegal. I doubt they turn you in. Oh, the Tx law is a black eye to us all.
  17. KC

    E-Cigarette anyone?

    go with vanilla or cherry
  18. This is for our older members. Most of the music I listened to as a teen got old, even my favorite bands from that era, I can't listen to anymore. However a few bands are still my favorite and their songs never get old. In fact I have listened to Jackson Browne every day for the past 30 years! Another Christian band I have listed to every day for a decade at least. So, what band(s) never get old to you and how long has you listened to them? No videos please.
  19. KC

    cousins having kids

    The NSOGC report stated that cousins should have no special tests because they are not in a special risk group for having a baby with a birth defect. Get your prenatal care and stop worrying.
  20. This website doesn't have a business model that results in profitability. It has never been my goal to gouge my users for personal gain. But tell that to our website hosting company or the domain name registration company. They don't care. They want their money. I generally like to pay for the services myself, but in the past have had to resort to "begging." I've been a full time student for the past 5+ years now. It takes a financial toll on families. To get around all of this begging, I have set up an optional little donation you can use to help us out. The prices are in experimental mode at the moment (Cheap!). The prices will only go up (and perhaps very soon). Your monies will go to paying the bills, and technical support of this website. I have personally spent over 20 hours last week working here. I work cheap but at this juncture of my life, it is not financially feasible to work for free despite the fact that this is my website and I love what I do and on and on. Anyway, once you donate, you become a Golden Member. You will receive access to a private and intimate board on our forum. Later, I will be adding a store that sells only cousin related stuff! It's going to be grand. Finally, I have contemplated making myself available via Skype or phone to help others with tough questions and life choices that deal with cousin relationships. I have no idea if there is a need for this, but it would be available only to the "Golden Members." So sign up today. The donation script is here, under your profile: http://www.cousincouples.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;area=subscriptions
  21. I tried to install the old chat room, and man, I pressed the wrong button. Instead of deleting everything in chat room directory, I deleted the whole forum directory. Oh boy. Sometime I have insomnia and I don't know what I'm doing. Since SMF has spend the past three years on this newer version, I couldn't resist to take it for a spin. Yes it is technically in beta mode. But it should be released in a matter of months. I will be taking additional backups until then. I like what I see so far. the mods not will be be available until after the official release, so will hill have to wait on some of the features that we love.
  22. KC

    Genetic issue

    Ahh. I completely understand. You will not find them here I'm afraid. We attract mostly English speakers which would put the chances at about one in a million. I am glad you are getting excellent medical care in India. Try not to worry.
  23. KC

    Genetic issue

    This disorder literally affects one in a million people in most places (Kuwait and Costa Rica being a noted exception where it is much more common). It doesn't appear there is enough information online to answer your question. There appears to be 4 or 5 different variants and who knows if the frequency is the same for each one. If you asked ten different medical experts, I'm afraid that you would get ten different professional opinions. If a couple has two children that are disabled, it is irresponsible to have a third child without having this information in advance, when one can make an informed decision on whether to have additional children. The couple has had over ten years to find out something. It's a little late to seek such stats at this point as they would be completely meaningless. I'm not trying to be harsh, my heart goes out to the couple. Many couples who are in a special risk group know the stats in advance and say, "statistics be damned," I want another child. We all respect that. The fact that they are cousins, by itself, doesn't put them in a special risk group. So, the local medical doctor should do some tests and take care of her. That is all you can do at this juncture.
  24. KC


    Well I haven't done this in a long time, but is the forum working for everyone? We moved to a new server (with the same hosting company) and I think I have everything setup now. But I can't tell because nobody is posting? So wazzz up cousinland? The spellcheck has changed. It works like MS word.