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  1. Others like US!

    I know how you feel. That is why I started this site in the first place. Welcome!
  2. Secure your wifi connection

    The admin password only allows you to make changes to the router's settings. Change it. It is usually admin or password,or 1234. THe wifi password will keep out everyone else. Make it unique. Write it down. Have fun naming you network. If you have bad neighbors , could use "neighbor in room 1A is a thief... :evil:
  3. http://wordpress.com and blogger.com are free. Wordpress.org allows you to download the script and install on your own hosting service. That option would cost you but gives you more control.
  4. Genetic Sexual Attraction?

    According to our survey 78 percent believe the relationship with a cousin is "more intense" than others they have experienced. Interesting!
  5. Genetic Sexual Attraction?

    I can't explain it either, but this question had been asked 1000 times here. Many insist that the attraction to their cousin eclipses all others. I think it is true. I've always thought of my cousin and I as opposite pole magnets.
  6. Genetic Sexual Attraction?

    Even without genetics at play, cousins share so much in common that it would seem natural for them to hookup. GSA is probably a factor too. It shouldn't apply to 2nd cousins so much since they aren't genetically more similar than strangers. But they are probably very similar in social/economic terms which people look for in selecting a mate. "Positive assortative mating " might describe second cousins better than GSA. Then again those terms may be synonymous lol. I would have to double check.
  7. Any Mormon cousins?

    Interestingly, many states have passed laws to stop Mormans from marrying underage relatives. The new Texas law that prohibits marriage between cousins was targeted at the 'runaway' Mormon sects. I'm not bashing, I just think it is interesting.
  8. http://www.blogger.com/ http://wordpress.com It seems like I got better traffic with WP.
  9. yum yum yum

    If it's bar food, I've tried it :-D If it's deep fried and smothered in blue cheese, almost anything would be good.
  10. It means you are dating your 1st cousin's son / daughter.
  11. is it really worth it?

    Yeah maybe there isn't so much drama. Let the drama queens get their feel. The big thing is supporting your family. Who cares what the nasayers say? Did they ask you about their mates?
  12. Any other nonbelievers here?

    Those are some good thoughts, Macky. If your religion doesn't allow you to ask questions, it is a controlling, unhealthy mind game. I've heard lots of Christians insist that we shouldn't even question God. Excuse me, but God is the one with all the answers. We have to asking questions. I figure that God gave me a mind, and I'm gonna use it! :drink1:
  13. how to tell your mom

    Well done LadyC. I have never seen so many accolades for one post before. Everyone loves the letter and I am certain many have put it to good use!
  14. Someone else suggested I close this thread down. I have never read all of the responses. It's still a good reminder.
  15. Ok cousin lovers, please keep it PG-13 or this thread will be closed and your post deleted. We are not running a porn site.
  16. Ohhh! Good question. When I first kissed my cousin, I knew she was the one. It was magical; it is still magical after 14 years of marriage. The kiss will do you in. DON"T DO IT!!!!! Or you are doomed! LOL :haha:
  17. My Indian brother, it's the 21st century already! Your cousin can resist and refuse to marry the arranged husband. The ball is in her court and there is nothing you can do about it. You speak up now and man up now or loose her forever. It's really that simple.
  18. I've found it difficult as an English only reader to do that type of research. Let us know what you find out.
  19. I married mine. You never totally get over a love. You will be 99 years old thinking about your cousin on the steps of the old folks home. Isn't she smart? And hot as a fire cracker? Good lawd! What are you waiting on? And what is wrong with you? Big up yourself. She can only say no!