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    John, thanks for your replies. I will get to the bottom of this next week and post my findings. It is possible that Ill defines cousins of the 1st degree somewhere in the statutes, or perhaps there is some case law or AG position. I think I have access to case laws; my college has a law school, but I'm not sure if I have access to those case law databases.
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    http://blog.eogn.com/eastmans_online_genealogy/2010/09/there-is-no-such-thing-as-a-half-cousin.html This guy argues that there is no such thing (legally) as 1/2 cousins. He claims they are legally 2nd cousins. If this is true, problem solved. 2nd cousins may marry in any state.
  3. KC


    I seriously doubt that 1st degree cousins include 1/2 1st cousins. Where do you get your information? Wikipedia is not a credible reference site. You may as well get your information from theonion.com. I can find no American legal chart that explains what a 1st degree cousin is! It is different in Cannon law, genealogy and various legal systems around the world. I emailed an attorney in Ill who wrote an article, "Can you marry a cousin in Ill?" Maybe he will give me a straight answer. If you can find the original wiki article and find the reference citation for these facts, that could be helpful. Much of the stuff on there is not cited and can't be trusted. Any Tom, Dick, or Harry can edit those pages.
  4. Ok it is fixed. That is the last perl script I ever install. They make you want to pull your hair out! :undecided:
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    http://www.cousincouples.com/info/statelaws.htm#IL I've spent well over 100 hours working on the state law page, http://www.cousincouples.com/?page=states, and I know how confusing the laws can be. It appears that your state makes a distinction between "half and full blood;" read the statue at the very top of this message. A word of caution, it could have changed. This was copied more than 10 years ago. You should be able to find the current law at your state's legislative website. It doesn't appear to prohibit 1/2 cousins from marrying. The "clerk" you spoke to isn't an attorney or a paralegal. You could ask a local family law attorney just to be sure, or possibly even ask the judge if you must. Personally, I would just get married and be done with it. If they insist that you can't marry, you could marry in Tennessee. Anyone would have a heck of a time proving the law includes half cousins who married out of state. Just go for it. It appears legal to marry in your state or Tenn., but I am not an attorney either. Let me know if you find out anything different.
  6. It's a permission problem. I will fix it unless CM gets to it first. That is an old hateful perl script.
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    Double cousins

    Good advice Lori. First, you are not double cousins. I am not convinced that there is an increased risk in this case. In some countries, 80 percent of the population STILL marry cousins. And their children marry cousins. I have no idea how this relates to increased birth defects, but I think it is minimal or perhaps nonexistent. I have been wondering about this for some time. If someone has seen stats on the effect of generations of cousin marriages, I would like to see it. If you are concerned, please see this website: http://www.nsgc.org/
  8. KC

    Why oh why??

    Perhaps the notion of a soul mate is just a popular fallacy. Before I married my cousin, I had a new soul mate every year during my "dateteen" era. I am sooo glad I didn't marry any of those bimbos. You may feel the same way in a few years.
  9. KC

    my account was deleted

    Hey I'm not going to ban your IP. Uh, I just do not want newcomers to think we are a website dealing with anything but cousin relationships. That's all I ask. So please -- no tag lines about sister relationships. I think that is a fair request. Ok?
  10. KC

    my account was deleted

    Correct. Siblings are not only taboo but illegal with heavy criminal penalties everywhere that I am aware of. I don't know of any websites that deal with that subject matter. Initially, I thought you were a troll. Your relationship is really really far out there. Nothing good can come of it. In fact, it is so far out that I am speechless. Are you sure that you want to pursue this? I can think of nothing else that would ostracize one faster or more completely. This is not a healthy avenue for either of you.
  11. KC

    my account was deleted

    I deleted you. We have never and will never support sibling relationships. You are welcome to find a website that does. If there is a misunderstanding, please PM me; otherwise, please leave.
  12. Anyone can PM anyone else. It's a feature, not a privacy issue. If they are inappropriate PMs, please let us know.
  13. Please report any such requests to the Admins here. We will put a stop to it.
  14. http://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/bhopal/Cousins-harassment-led-to-girls-suicide/articleshow/20713138.cms Wow how messed up is your society on cousin marriage!
  15. KC

    Others like US!

    I know how you feel. That is why I started this site in the first place. Welcome!
  16. KC

    Secure your wifi connection

    The admin password only allows you to make changes to the router's settings. Change it. It is usually admin or password,or 1234. THe wifi password will keep out everyone else. Make it unique. Write it down. Have fun naming you network. If you have bad neighbors , could use "neighbor in room 1A is a thief... :evil:
  17. http://wordpress.com and blogger.com are free. Wordpress.org allows you to download the script and install on your own hosting service. That option would cost you but gives you more control.
  18. KC

    Any Mormon cousins?

    Interestingly, many states have passed laws to stop Mormans from marrying underage relatives. The new Texas law that prohibits marriage between cousins was targeted at the 'runaway' Mormon sects. I'm not bashing, I just think it is interesting.
  19. http://www.blogger.com/ http://wordpress.com It seems like I got better traffic with WP.
  20. It means you are dating your 1st cousin's son / daughter.
  21. KC

    is it really worth it?

    Yeah maybe there isn't so much drama. Let the drama queens get their feel. The big thing is supporting your family. Who cares what the nasayers say? Did they ask you about their mates?
  22. KC

    how to tell your mom

    Well done LadyC. I have never seen so many accolades for one post before. Everyone loves the letter and I am certain many have put it to good use!
  23. Someone else suggested I close this thread down. I have never read all of the responses. It's still a good reminder.
  24. Ok cousin lovers, please keep it PG-13 or this thread will be closed and your post deleted. We are not running a porn site.
  25. Ohhh! Good question. When I first kissed my cousin, I knew she was the one. It was magical; it is still magical after 14 years of marriage. The kiss will do you in. DON"T DO IT!!!!! Or you are doomed! LOL :haha: