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  1. Ads

    You get paid by the click. You never know how much they will pay. Sometimes a penny, sometime $1.50 or more. They do record your IP address, so you can't just go start clicking on the ads 10 times in a row, but you can click them every once in a while if you see something interesting. The best way to do it is to put your own ads in there as an affiliate of some company. For example, wpEngine.com will pay $200 per purchase that you generate. Again, they keep up with all of this via your IP address.
  2. Ads

    I am adding a few ads just to help us break even (if we are lucky) on the increasing cost of running this website. It's only right to bring everyone on board who visit here. If I wasn't a broke student, I would just pay. I never thought it was very cool to allow the mods or admins pay out of pocket, either. They should be getting paid for their hard work. You may not like the ads, but what is the alternative? I will try to keep them to a minimum! And also take the dating websites out
  3. Ads

    Yo! Everybody! We have made a nickle in the last seven days! I guess I should go ahead and cancel my trip to Eastern Europe.
  4. Ask us in 7 or 8 years.
  5. Attorneys

    I have a lady in WV who needs legal help; her kids have been taken away. She is only with a 1/2 cousin which does not appear to be illegal. Can someone email me at the bottom of the screen the name of the attorney that used to hang out here?
  6. Admin status

    Rom, you do! But I just set them all up wrong. Let's all think of a better member group tho for you guys.
  7. Admin status

    Nat, you got it! Looking good!
  8. Just an update

    Hi guys! Long time no write! I just wanted to give a little update. I am still around. I check in every day but I really do not have time to participate like I would like. School and other projects are taking up my time. Plus, I haven't felt too well in a while. In fact, if God doesn't move, I may have a very rough road up ahead. They diagnosed me with severe COPD and I keep getting these upper respiratory infections. Would you believe that I am such a dumb-a$$ that I am STILL SMOKING! I am quiting smoking like I quit alcohol -- slowly. I have switched to lights and using my electronic cig more and more. Ok, sometimes I cut 1/2 the filter off of these light cigs. Smoking is the hardest thing to quit! I've quit drinking, getting high (years and years ago) and never had a bit of trouble. But cigarettes .... ahhh. I am still here, behind the scenes making sure this place is running smoothly. We just had an message board update. I'm not sure what new features they added but I hope you enjoy them I do see some nice cosmetic changes. Wife and I are going on two years apart now. We briefly tried to make it work. It didn't and it never will. I am busy, so not really looking for that special lady. New rule: ladies must pursue me. Seriously. I have some kind of date next week but after that, it's gonna be over. I may just stand her up, she is no prize. I rarely have encounters with women where there is romantic chemistry. Yea I see the honeys; I'm not blind. I'm just pretty happy being a bachelor right now. The chemistry between my cuz and I was crazy. The last time I was smitten was like 3 years ago out of the blue. I was at a bar... I mean restaurant. [cough] The waitress came and introduced herself. She was average, maybe a 6. I could immediately tell, somehow, that this girl had been through hell in her life. I was completely smitten like a little schoolboy which was odd because she was no prize. I could tell that she was just a party waiting to happen and the kind of girl I need to stay away from. Hey - I need someone to keep ME straight. Anyway, what am I thinking? I'm just prattling on and on like I'm on too much medication or something. I hope everyone is doing good and I hope to interact with you guys more very soon.
  9. Missing side bar

    Guys! Guys! I'm trying to get three other sites off the ground! You are worrying me! LMAO! I'm teasing. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I fixed it. Well -- you tell me. quarter25 - this is what you call responsive websites / templates. When they are shown on a smaller screen, like a mobile, some elements may disappear completely (like a sidebar). I am sure that is what is happening, so it is working correctly.
  10. Missing side bar

    Well I probably broke it, or one of the new features I turned on is buggy. I will make small changes until we get it right. You just gotta hollar at me when I do! Google is actually causing a JS error which may explain everything. I am working on that.
  11. Admin status

    That is a great idea C! I thought about that, or a special designation anyway. I like your idea better.
  12. Admin status

    Yeah but it was nothing personal. We no longer have mods. Any mods. I know everybody is busy. I spent every 45 mins one day approving or deleting posts and I wondering, why do we need mods? Even though I am not seen too much, I spend a lot of time working on this site. About 8 hours in the last 3 days. I know you are enjoying your retirement, and you should. I do not hold that against you. I do not know where the other mods are, and as I stated in the admin area, I cannot and will not work with these people! As the founder, I have to make these hard decisions, and yes, I put myself in these positions sometimes. I no longer want mods and there will be no more. I do appreciate all of the hard work you guys have done. I hope you do what you do best and that is share you wisdom with these kids. Even if you are mad at me, you can't be mad at them
  13. Missing side bar

    Let me know if it is fixed please.
  14. password reset email

    Register again. We have changed forums and lost some members. Also, you could have been pruned if you were absent for a long time.
  15. New Chat Room

    The chat room has been resurrected. I have made an official one. It's "Google Hangouts" yall. You may join by following this link. https://hangouts.google.com/group/S4qIjAKbhhp7Kr9D2 If you do not want your real name revealed, you can change your nickname/name at Google+ account page: https://aboutme.google.com/ Just click on the pencil thingee at the top to the right of your picture. Join us! We can have some fun! You may use your mobile or your desktop

  17. https://app.groupme.com/join_group/31728266/67YKGm If you want to help me check out a chatroom, click the link and let's do this thing!
  18. Chatroom experiment

    anyway, let me know if anyone finds this useful; otherwise, it will go into the bit bucket at some point
  19. Chatroom experiment

    you may also download groupme on your phone
  20. Food Porn

    I just read a thread somewhere of some who will not post food pics! Well sir re bob. I take food pics all the time. So I will start this off. And BTW the best recipe I have ever used came from LadyC, the green pork. PLEASE post it again. The food porn isn't nearly as good without the commentary. Anyway, the last one is the BBQ beef brisket Mark and Christie made while I was down there in Texas. God that was good. It just needed a little Texas Pete LOL! Hey I live in Winston Salem now, and this is where it is made. I always though Texas Pete was made in Texas! That's a dirty trick. I would have never guessed. I asked Christie for some Texas Pete and she said "What is that?" A quick google search made me feel like a darn fool.
  21. Food Porn

    Oh girl! You gotta buy a bottle. Get a big bottle, trust me. It's not a salsa, it is pure fire poured out of a bottle. A few drops and you are good to go. You know what I love salsa on? A ham and cheese omelette! It's like a shortcut to a Western omelette.
  22. Food Porn

    But ya can't guess what I'm making! Chili verde is food for the gods. Man they just came out with green pepper Cholula hot sauce. It is hot as fire but it adds a BAM! to everything you put it on. I grew up with a kid who was (1/2) Mexican. All of my friends and I were extremely competitive. We would even see who could eat the hottest foods. We poured hot sauce to everything except iced tea. To this day, I can't eat without either hot sauce or hot cajun seasoning or both. I'll never forget being at Mark and Christie's house in Dallas asking for a bottle of Texas Pete! They didn't know what I was talking about. That crap is made in Winston Salem! Ha! Still laughing about it. Cholula is 10x better anyway.
  23. As most of you know, it did not work out with my wife. 20 years down the drain. Trust me, I am not feeling sorry for myself. I am not bitter. I am not really lonely and sure as heck aint desperate. However ... just a FWI ... I am on the market. I am kinda picky. I'm looking for a slightly older woman with plenty (GOBS!) of money. You should be smoking hot with a heart of gold, never have taken Prozac or Thorazine, and no felonies please. Women with huge booties really don't do too much for me; they are so overrated. Trans are not acceptable either; any woman who can beat me in arm wrestling is out! You must be adventurous and spontaneous. You should be outgoing and assertive but never vindictive. I need someone to keep me straight. About myself. Don't worry about it. I am the man. Marriage proposals may be send to my inbox.
  24. Feeling silly this morning

    Hehe. No. I have given up on cousins. Anyway they are all married, but I certainly do have a lot of pretty cousins LOL
  25. Feeling silly this morning

    No! No takers. I am pretty sure my inbox is broken or something.