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  1. Reputation?

    Look who is the new moderator... Serendipity
  2. Reputation?

    Ok, I will get to it Monday if not before....
  3. Reputation?

    I like "Community Trust Rating" or "High 5's". I'm still thinking...
  4. Reputation?

    I can do that in the language file Ladyc. If you can tell me something to change it to...
  5. I just watched Hyde Park on Hudson on Netflix. It looks like Pres. Roosevelt had a thing for more than one cousin. Check it out. From this movie, it appeared that his first wife lived in a separate house. Roosevelt had so many women that I couldn't keep up with, but in the end they apparently all lived together as one happy family. I see other movies on Amazon Prime that I will be watching, incl The Eleanor Roosevelt Story. Amazon also has a Ken Burns series on the subject. The first season is called. " From PBS and Ken Burns -Examine the early lives of Theodore Roosevelt and his younger cousin." Can't wait to see that.
  6. Yeah it's a word. I saw his series on the Civil War. It was very good.
  7. Is cousin marriage corrupting?

    Interesting. Nepotism is alive and well in the USA. Guess the number one factor that determines if one become wealthy.... drum roll... if their parents are wealthy, they are wayyy more likely to become wealthy. It's almost a prerequisite. It is no surprise that there is more corruption in developing countries than in the Western world. There are a boat-load of factors, not just clans and cousin marriages. Their findings are dubious. Did they consider countries like Venezuela or Columbia? N. Korea? Trust me, all governments are corrupt. Some are just more successful at it than others. If they wanted much better data, they would not compare Middle Eastern Countries with Canada. That's like comparing Mars and Venus. The researchers should compare apples to apples; the population should all be within the same culture. What were they trying to find? Doing crazy comparisons between cultures allows one to come to any conclusion under the sun.
  8. I made some minor changes. The home page should load the original full screen page when accessed by a computer. Otherwise (tablets & phones) should see the mobile site. Can someone confirm with a tablet? It seems to work on my computer and phone. Also this form is fully responsive; it works on any device without switching templates. So, now, our whole website is responsive.
  9. What can we tell you? If you do not want to marry this girl, maybe you should put a stop to all of the games. That is for kids. What are your intentions?
  10. Let's break in the forum. We paid an arm and a leg to purchase it and I like it so far. Unfortunately, none of the images from the old website converted correctly because of a bug. So what in the world is going on with everybody? On facebook? Are you crazy? Come on over and pull up a seat. We have free beer and pizza. We have Vodka for you non drinkers. Not to sound sexist or anything, but we also have some wild women here. Lots and lots. Well, actually, not so much anymore. They were all swept away by the feminist movement. Some married cousins (believe that $hit)? Anyway I am trying to bring some new ones into the fold. This isn't facebook where you mindlessly scroll and click LIKE! You have to introduce yourself in this funky place. Please register. You will have access to the chat room and other features.
  11. Me and my first cousin

    This topic is three years old. It should be automatically locked. I will try to find out how to do that.
  12. Let's start posting again!

    Well I am still trying to get through school. My memory is $hit and it's getting a bit difficult. I am burned out and will be taking the summer off. I am also eating everything that isn't red hot... I've never ate like this before. I guess it's healthy (to a point). I've always been a skinny boy. But since I quit drinking, I'm starved all the time. Just have to say that sobriety is sooo overrated! and I'm not a big fan. Anyhow, I have been buying all new clothes. It's all cool until I lose the weight. Honestly, I thank God for the grace to do the day by day thing.
  13. Doctor, doctor

    let me know if you don't have IP/Moderator controls. They are a bit hidden.
  14. nice!

    Well it did take about 4 hours. It wasn't too bad. Initially we even imported the avatars correctly! But that is the only thing.
  15. Family Reunion

    That's a good one. I would do first and last name and leave it at that. A few people should begin to put the pieces together at that point tho
  16. Cool little news piece http://myfox8.com/2016/04/13/everyone-is-your-couisn-bloggers-math-says/
  17. Getting over her

    This is what can happen when you do not stand up for yourself. What can I do to make you grow some? Oh, I'm not trying to be mean. Stand up for yourself and don't take any $hIt from anybody. Never put yourself in this predicament again. And stop playing the victim. You brought it all on yourself. Hopefully, you will get a second chance. Hey my cousin thought she had a boyfriend once. She introduced me to him! Five minutes later, I knocked him down a long flight of steps. Never saw him again.
  18. TV Show from UK

    Email received: Hi, I recently tried posting on your forum and wonder if you may be able to help with my query. I work for a TV production company called Sugar Films ([iurl=http://www.sugarfilms.co.uk/]http://www.sugarfilms.co.uk[/iurl]) We are in the early stages of developing a television programme looking at different types of relationships in the UK. We are especially interested in following the lives of people who are in a relationship with their cousin. I would be extremely grateful if you could post this on your site or forward it to any one in the UK who you think would be interested in this opportunity. Kind Regards Hassan hassan@sugarfilms.co.uk
  19. TV Show from UK

    No. I assumed this was the same one.
  20. Happy Easter

    Happy Easter cousin lovers! :laugh:
  21. In love with my cousin

    Unless you have a genetic problem that runs in your family, like a recessive disease, it is not a big deal. You would not need any special testing or anything out of the ordinary. Read the facts pages here on cc.com and you can find out how much you increase your chances of having a baby ith a birth defect (becuase your partner is your cousin, not because his parents are cousins). If you want to be with your cousin, take off to Miami. Sounds like a plan, but only if you get married first. If he is unwilling to marry you, send him back to his babymomma. Don't worry yourself over birth defects. Making yourself sick over worrying about things of this nature may do the most harm of all. WIth the Zika virus looming, uh, it wouldn't be a bad idea to stay on the Depo shot until a vaccine or whatever becomes available. You are too young imho to be tied down. You should continue in school. Go ahead and knock out your AA or BA. People seem to want to use kids as "glue" to hold relationships together. Trust me, that is a nutty idea. It doesn't work. You are smart for getting the Depo shot, even if it is behind his back. Take another look at this "babymomma" [God, I hate that term] and ask yourself, "Would I want to be like that woman??" Seriously. And good luck. I hope everything works out great for you.
  22. Children of Cousin Couples

    Einstein comes to mind, although I would have to double check on that. I'm not sure how we could compile such a list. We can use Catholic Marriage Records for dispensations to find some cousin marriages. There are no such list for children of cousins. Anyone who is from certain parts of the Middle East would likely have cousins as parents. You might start the search there. Anyway, the data would be very hard to come by.
  23. Wow, that is a good question/interesting predicament you have found yourself in. It does sound like she is playing games with your mind. She is immature. You, on the other hand... "aint nobody got time for that." Come on man, you must set some limits now. If she isn't into you, you must put a stop to this and cut her short on the games. You are clearly smitten. Allowing her to continue playing games is only going to hurt you. You will end up the fool with the broken heart. She is just having fun at your expense. If your basement is a complete unit with a kitchen / bath, I would insist that she stay down there. Why is she in your space? Insist on your personal space and take some steps back from the games. I'm afraid that you made a bad decision in letting her stay at your house in the first place. I know you don't want to hear this, but the sooner you get rid of her the better.
  24. My wierdest day

    In the movies, they always kiss back. :evil: