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    Missing side bar

    Let me know if it is fixed please.
  2. KC

    password reset email

    Register again. We have changed forums and lost some members. Also, you could have been pruned if you were absent for a long time.
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  4. https://app.groupme.com/join_group/31728266/67YKGm If you want to help me check out a chatroom, click the link and let's do this thing!
  5. KC

    Chatroom experiment

    anyway, let me know if anyone finds this useful; otherwise, it will go into the bit bucket at some point
  6. KC

    Chatroom experiment

    you may also download groupme on your phone
  7. KC

    Food Porn

    Oh girl! You gotta buy a bottle. Get a big bottle, trust me. It's not a salsa, it is pure fire poured out of a bottle. A few drops and you are good to go. You know what I love salsa on? A ham and cheese omelette! It's like a shortcut to a Western omelette.
  8. KC

    Food Porn

    I just read a thread somewhere of some who will not post food pics! Well sir re bob. I take food pics all the time. So I will start this off. And BTW the best recipe I have ever used came from LadyC, the green pork. PLEASE post it again. The food porn isn't nearly as good without the commentary. Anyway, the last one is the BBQ beef brisket Mark and Christie made while I was down there in Texas. God that was good. It just needed a little Texas Pete LOL! Hey I live in Winston Salem now, and this is where it is made. I always though Texas Pete was made in Texas! That's a dirty trick. I would have never guessed. I asked Christie for some Texas Pete and she said "What is that?" A quick google search made me feel like a darn fool.
  9. KC

    Food Porn

    But ya can't guess what I'm making! Chili verde is food for the gods. Man they just came out with green pepper Cholula hot sauce. It is hot as fire but it adds a BAM! to everything you put it on. I grew up with a kid who was (1/2) Mexican. All of my friends and I were extremely competitive. We would even see who could eat the hottest foods. We poured hot sauce to everything except iced tea. To this day, I can't eat without either hot sauce or hot cajun seasoning or both. I'll never forget being at Mark and Christie's house in Dallas asking for a bottle of Texas Pete! They didn't know what I was talking about. That crap is made in Winston Salem! Ha! Still laughing about it. Cholula is 10x better anyway.
  10. As most of you know, it did not work out with my wife. 20 years down the drain. Trust me, I am not feeling sorry for myself. I am not bitter. I am not really lonely and sure as heck aint desperate. However ... just a FWI ... I am on the market. I am kinda picky. I'm looking for a slightly older woman with plenty (GOBS!) of money. You should be smoking hot with a heart of gold, never have taken Prozac or Thorazine, and no felonies please. Women with huge booties really don't do too much for me; they are so overrated. Trans are not acceptable either; any woman who can beat me in arm wrestling is out! You must be adventurous and spontaneous. You should be outgoing and assertive but never vindictive. I need someone to keep me straight. About myself. Don't worry about it. I am the man. Marriage proposals may be send to my inbox.
  11. KC

    Feeling silly this morning

    Hehe. No. I have given up on cousins. Anyway they are all married, but I certainly do have a lot of pretty cousins LOL
  12. KC

    Feeling silly this morning

    No! No takers. I am pretty sure my inbox is broken or something.
  13. KC

    4th Cousin Love

    No you do not tell others except your siblings. I'm not sure why you want to make an issue out of a non-issue. It is absolutely none of your acquaintances' business. Did they feel compelled to tell you they didn't marry a cousin? Did they ask for your advice before they married? Please. It is only an issue if you make it one. I have one friend who I have known since kindergarten. We practically spend our whole childhood together (up until we were in our 20's), like ALL of out free time together. I think it's very rare to have such a long term friendship. Trust me, this guy knew I married my cousin. Even so, it was very awkward to tell him. By this time he was already married with kids and a workaholic, so I wasn't seeing him very much at the time. When I did see him after I married, I remember stuttering and stammering a bit with the big news. Uh, there is no need for you to go through this. You are barely related! Honestly, there is nothing to tell or disclose. That is my best advice. My wife, on the other hand, was much more transparent. I think she did herself and us a disservice with that big mouth. I'm a fairly private person and that really made me livid (not embarrassed). To each their own I guess. You should be as transparent as you need to be to have a healthy relationship. You should talk to your cousin about it.
  14. KC

    4th Cousin Love

    Welcome to cc.com! I completely understand your feelings, especially since I married not my 4th cuz, but my 1st cousin! I had to wrestle with the issues that you brought up, but I think you are indeed overreacting. Trust me, nobody is going to know that you are related unless you tell them. Genetically, 4th cousins have the same risk of having a child with a birth defect as random pairing. Frankly, I do not even consider you related. It really is a non-issue. We are all related, according to experts, no more distantly than 50th cousins. If you have found love with a 4th cousin, then you are very lucky. There is a theory out there that holds if you don't marry a cousin, you are looking for someone like your cousin (because we are looking for someone like ourselves - [i.e. positive assortative mating]). It means that you probably share similar religious beliefs, social-economic status and so on. Some even believe that cousins make the perfect mates since there is sometimes this inexplicable chemistry. Even 2nd, 3rd, 4th cousins could be even a more perfect match since there is almost no stigma attached to such marriages. So, I would say that you are very lucky; You could have found your perfect mate. You worry for nothing, now just stop it . Good luck to you!
  15. https://www.cousincouples.com/?page=states
  16. KC

    The dead south ( awesome band )

    Hey not bad! I'm not a huge fan of the banjo, but it is a nice departure from the mainstream. The arrangement could use some work, but I like anything different. Good luck to the band!
  17. Hi KC! I work with Jodi Friedman over at Sirens Media. She mentioned she contacted you regarding our upcoming television series about cousins who are romantically involved! I'm now helping her with this project and wanted your blessing to continue using the site as a resource to find couples who may be interested in participating. I was also wondering if you personally know of any couples who might be a good fit? The series aims to normalize any taboo that surrounds the idea of cousins being romantically involved. Specifically, we are looking for individuals who are in committed, stable relationships (dating or married). Any leads would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Pamela Vallarelli 212.564.2607 x2391 [email protected]
  18. KC

    Registration Email?

    I see. There is a contact us link at the bottom of the screen. That should work for everyone. To contact me personally: kc at cousincouples d_o_t com Our mail server is very slow. It's taking 2-3 mins for me to get mail out. Hmmm. I do not have a lot of control over that.
  19. KC

    Registration Email?

    If you have ever been banned from another IP Board installation, I think you are banned across every installation. That may not be the case. Some servers ban certain emails and marks them as spam; you just never get them at all. Just PM an admin your email address and we can activate it manually.
  20. KC

    Having children

    Remind your husband that over 80% of marriages historically have been between cousins (1st or 1c1r). In many places still today it is a preference to marry a cousin, after all, why would one want to marry a stranger (as their way of thinking goes). For 1st cousins, the risk of birth defects are equal to a prego woman in her 30's? Or is it 40? The INCREASED risk is 1.7 to 2.3 percent. You can double check on the info pages. Since you personally did not marry a cousin, your increased risk is almost nothing. The truth is that you could have a greater chance of birth defects by random pairing / marrying someone else. It is indeed a numbers game. Like a shuffled deck of cards or watching the lotto balls roll down the slot. In other words, nobody can give your a precise answer, only stats. Since you are already pregnant, it is a little late to even worry yourself for one second. Stress can only be a negative factor in your baby's development. I predict that there is nothing at all wrong with your baby. He will be above average and bring great joy to your family. You husband is being an ignorant little man for the time being. It will all pass.
  21. KC

    My story

    She could certainly like the attention, but still have no intention of getting into a relationship with a cousin. I would not take any of this as a sign that she is into me. You will have to bite the bullet, ask her out and confess your feelings for her. Flirting hasn't gotten you too far with her. Therefore, I would try the gentleman approach. So get cleaned up, turn on the charm, and make her say, "Where in the hell has he been all of my life!" Good luck with all of that We both may be in a fantasy world!
  22. KC

    Lust for cousin

    Tell her, "If we were not cousins ..." and see how she responds!
  23. You should treat your second cousin like any other potential mate. You are about as related as random pairing, so consanguinity is not a problem. I should say that genetics and outrage from others should not be a factor. The next question you have to ask yourself is, are you simply taking advantage of a cousin who has been nice to you? Where do you see this relationship going? How would things be different if you were not related?
  24. KC

    California Residency

    You may talk to a lawyer from CA. Off the top of my head, it seems that if you marry your cousin in Mexico, it should be easier to get her to the States. I would contact an immigration lawyer.
  25. Just a heads up: our TOS has been slightly modified. I will post the important changes below. It may be slightly offensive, but it is necessary, I'm afraid. [ Note from KC/Owner: I would like to make one point crystal clear: if you are a pedophile, you are at the wrong website. The moderators here have over 100 years of combined experience with computers and computer security. Some are experts. I can and will hunt you down and turn over all incriminating evidence to the police, any local gangs, post your information on public perv websites or worse. If you abuse children, I am your worst nightmare. That's my word. ]