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  1. My nephew

    post it. you dont have to ask.
  2. She is floundering can someone give me advice?

    I hope I may be blunt but It sounds like she has done you a favor. Your "late relatives"? Are you kidding me? Don't ever look back my friend.
  3. How I Live Now is out on Netflix now.
  4. Neither was I disappointed with Kissing Cousins. It was charming despite my prejudices going into it (ie Bollywood low budget, thick accents and on and on.) None of these proved to be true at all. I haven't heard of "How I Live Now." I'm going to check it out now.
  5. Final family Member Told About Wedding

    Well if you like, "Brother KC" will give your dad a call. The "icky" part is just a social construct. Couples in other counties feel the same way about strangers -- "Why marry a stranger? Ick!" I am fairly well-versed in the Bible myself. I think I could off a chat without making him furious. I can be cool and collective when I want to be.
  6. Baby in my womb's father is my secod cousin

    I'm not sure who you have been talking to, but they do not know anything about nothing. Doesn't anybody read our facts pages anymore? Are you aware that we have information about 2nd cousins accessible from the home page? Check it out please and stop worrying.
  7. Final family Member Told About Wedding

    PM his mailing address to me and I will print out the page in Christianity and mail -- anonymously.
  8. Rant...

    You didn't say how old you are. I remember being 17-18 and having lots of friends. Funny thing, as soon as each one got married, they disappeared! And the nerve! They never asked me my opinion if they should be with whomever or if they should get married. They didn't ask me anything. Can you believe that!? They married without even asking me! And poof! Like a puff of smoke, they moved away or joined the rat race. If you do any less (marry the one you want!) you are a fool. Who cares what people might say? You are right, they are just ignorant. Are you gonna let these Neanderthals tell you what to do with your life? I had rather jump over the ledge. Life isn't a rehearsal. You got one shot at this.
  9. Hawk, did you find some information on this before? I think you found the updated criminal code.
  10. Who can I confide in

    Uncle KC will listen. Here: head on my shoulder. Let's start from the beginning.
  11. "Oh, we have known one another for a long time." :laugh:
  12. In love with MUCH younger cousin.

    I'm afraid that "much younger" is code word for underage. I may be wrong, but after 20 years I am getting pretty good at this. FWI- Anyone who doesn't know "what to do" with their cousin is well too young for any kind of meaningful relationship. I'm not sure that came out precisely how I wanted. You kids shouldn't be doing anything at all with your cousins. I'm calling your momma right now...
  13. My Alaskan Princess

    If I was checking out a classic Mopar and a hot momma walked by me, I might fall in love too. If she wasn't hot, I'd tell her to her the heck outta da way! Anyway good luck to you two. Get married and don't worry about what anyone else thinks.
  14. In love with MUCH younger cousin.

    Judging from your post, I would say that you do not have the emotional maturity to deal with a cousin of any age. What about your much younger cousin? Let her grow up! Enjoy your freedom for as long as you possibly can. Marriages aren't going out of style any time soon. If she is underage, you had better run from the situation and seek counseling please.
  15. Just tell them...

    I'm a cousin of the bride! I have added new pictures to all of the main page - info pages. I had this one left over for some reason.
  16. I've also heard, "Isn't it illegal?" Or "Wont you have a baby with three heads?" Or, "That's against the Bible." Taboos die slowly or not at all. The best thing you can do is live your life and be happy. Don't try to seek approval from every Tom, Dick and Harry.
  17. Could use some help

    Our google rankings have gone way down. I thought with the new responsive templates, we would be in business. Anyway google has a new thing going, where you need to label the data on each page so it can better index it. I would like to do the main pages. What I am missing are images (required by google). They have to be jpg, png or gif and at least 160x90 pixels and at most 1920x1080 pixels. I don't have a lot of time to work on this project this week, but if someone can find us some images (I don't care exactly what kind as long as they are fairly uniform and look professional). You could even just redo the title box for all I care (they would need to be bigger). I'm sure some of you have access to some great clipart. If you want to help, holler at me. Take your time. It is also possible to program it to answer questions on the google devices (ie Google, how far away is the moon?) We could program it to answer a cousin question, if asked! I hope I am making sense. I have 10 things going on. It's finals for me. Class ends Friday and they are killing me with work! It's enough to drive a man to drink if it weren't seminary I'm attending I've given it all up! But I've never really been fond of sobriety. It's overrated. It just is.
  18. Could use some help

    Hi Rom! Just open up the alerts and click on settings. https://www.cousincouples.com/forum/index.php?action=profile;area=notification;sa=alerts Then uncheck everything. That should get rid of them
  19. Could use some help

    Everyone, I have made quite a few changes. I am forcing the website to use https://www. format. This is new. I also added an exit forum button. I removed the survey that was accessible on the main page. It is buggy and poses a risk to the rest of the website. I also tweaked the google search on the home page. It seems to search the forum better than the built-in search. Let me know if you see any problems.
  20. Could use some help

    Very cool! Since I use a main template for ALL pages, it should be easy to implement. And yes sir, the non forum portion.
  21. Could use some help

    Yeah it was about 80 percent historically, and still today in some places where it is odd to marry a stranger. When I get done with this, we will have to work out some cool questions.
  22. Cousin Marriages?

    What LadyC said and other reasons we may not even understand. One reason was certainly the result of hemophilia in the royal family and the ensuing hysteria over cousin marriages. Also, Americans probably wanted to distance themselves from these royals whom they saw as "simpletons." Hey we haven't always had good relations with y'all across the pond. I think the royals, for so many reasons, made it less fashionable to marry a cousin. What we thought we knew about genetics steered us toward the cousin marriage prohibitions in the States. We knew squat about genetics. Texas was the last state to ban cousin marriages. This was a child abuse bill aimed at stopping religious cults from marrying each other incl underage cousins. I agree that that is child abuse and should have been stopped. The States have been at war with the Mormon church from the get-go. We even ran them out of the country with promises of annihilation if they returned.
  23. A cousin's love story

    You two appear to be 1st cousins once removed. There is no reason in the world that you can be together when you both are of age. You can marry in SC with parental consent if you are 17 (you will need a notarized form from WV). How do I know these things? :kiss: I suggest you wait until you are both 18, or better yet, 20. I'm not sure why we are always in such a rush to get married -- like the world is coming to an end next week. In the mean time, finish school, set some educational goals and peruse them. Don't wait until you are 40ish to enter grad school like me.
  24. Responsive Updates

    Is the main page looking good for everyone now? It is supposed to be responsive -- so it should look good on your smartphones and tablets. If you have an apple product, would you mind checking it out and giving me some feedback? The new version of SMF, the message board we are using, is supposed to be responsive as well. Therefore we should not need additional mobile themes that we have used in the past. I would like to use the original main page theme for non-mobile devices. So I may check on that shortly. I probably will not be doing any fine tuning to the message board until the new version is released. We are actually running a beta version which seems a lot more secure than the old version already. I haven't seen any successful spam posts in a long time.
  25. interesting...

    It may just be the quick reply thingee. It seems to be better in the regular editor. There is also (the last button) that lets you toggle between raw html and wysiwyg (sp)