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  1. and so this had been happening for 15 years? You have to put a stop to it. come clean again and just let it all hang out. You do not owe her any sort of apology. Do anything, but move along with your life. you can't waste another 15 years playing child games.
  2. Thank you for taking the time to point this out! I fixed the main pages. I did sign up with the Facebook link and it worked for me. Do you have any ad blockers running? It seems to work for some of us. It's a new feature and maybe they will polish it up with the next version. Thanks again!
  3. KC

    Dealing with my cousin's pee fetish

    Sometimes these abnormal fetishes are just the tip of the iceberg.
  4. I have been studying, for the longest time, how to make this website break even (not profitable). Well I think I have the answer. I have lots of domain names, but tonight I registered TheBoss.host! I will be starting my own web hosting company offering a wide range of services. I am setting the server up now and feel like a kid in a candy store! I'm such a damn nerd! LOL So I will post again when it is running. I will move this website to my server soon. I actually hosted this site on my personal computer for a year. Wow that was a lot of trouble. So, exactly how does this solve my problem? Within a few years, I hope to have hundreds of hosted sites. The only ads here may be my own about hosting products. We will see! I've really been through some poopy the last few years. I am just now getting my creativity and confidence back. I hope to make a boat-load of money in this.
  5. KC

    we are all set

    If you see anything weird with the website, please let me know. I had to change our hosting provider again because they were lousy. We do have some more features. You can now log in with Google or Facebook. I think it gives you the option of picking your username but it may automatically use the profile picture. If so you can easily delete a profile picture your cousin couples profile.
  6. KC

    Privacy Policy

    Cousincouple's privacy policy prohibits us from selling your data, including email addresses. We make exceptions for child abusers; otherwise, we generally do not work with the authorities unless it involves national security. We are generally big privacy advocates, but we have and will continue to work with authorities when an administrator deems appropriate. We do not profile you, or use your metadata to sell you products. Web-based "cookies" are in use because this software could not function without it. This has been the case for the past 20 years. PS - we never contact you through any means except a PM on this website; we will not call or email you (unless we know you very well!)
  7. KC

    Im nervous

    The best way to stop the nonsense is to educate yourself. Much of the stuff in that article is garbage. I am astounded that it is still going around. It has 8 million views!
  8. KC

    Im nervous

    Here is a little hint. It is all many people know about cousin marriageshttps://m.ranker.com/list/mutations-and-birth-defects-caused-by-royal-inbreeding/peterdugre?utm_medium=ob&utm_campaign=ob-m-002ede44b2dc236156cc91db0e68e40bb4&utm_term=U.S.&obcid=002ede44b2dc236156cc91db0e68e40bb4
  9. KC

    Going offline for a while!

    Wow ok. Be safe and enjoy yourself!
  10. WHen I login. I cleared the cache and hopefully, that fixed it!
  11. Anyone getting this error: The CSRF protection key did not match ???
  12. KC

    Poetic Expression

    Yes we actually have a poetry forum. Check it out. Something about falling in love with a cousin makes one want to write poetry We had so much of it in the main forum that I was forced to create a poetry forum. Yours is quite good! I tend to judge all of these poems by Edgar Allen Poe's "Annabel Lee." I like to read it every now and then!
  13. What are your favorite browser addons/extensions? Here is a list of some of my favs. uBlock Origin - Blocks ads and is great if you must save bandwidth HTTPS everywhere - adds some security by using https instead of http where possible Grammarly - Gone be typos and bad grammer!! LOL Zotero - I would have failed college for sure without it. It saves references.
  14. I have it installed too. I generally like it but it does break some websites. I use uBlock Origin and it's easy to turn it off for a domain. I think a lot of people are using blockers.
  15. If you will kindly support our advertisers by clicking on the ad at the bottom. I can't get the funds until they hit a whole $100! I've given Google an interest-free loan. Afterward, I will decide what to do about funding this website. The ads may do it if I add a few more. I need to do the math. We may get by with showing ads to only guests. We will see! So if you see an ad you like, click it and find out more about the advertiser. Thanks.
  16. This is just a heads-up. I will be moving the server soon. There will be some downtime; it should last less than a day. I will put the forum in ready only mode during the transition.
  17. What do you guys do to have fun or for hobbies? I used to love to fish and prospect for gold. Fishing now seems a bit boring for a nondrinker. Also, I'm realizing, after 20-some years of marriage, how self-centered I am. I would especially like suggestions of things my wife might enjoy. Wife loves Rollercoasters. I believe in self-preservation. She does not hence a small dilemma. I'm thinking of taking her to one of those zip line outfits. Anyone done this? Also does a broken neck actually hurt as bad as it sounds?
  18. You have that ublock running! Rascall! ?
  19. KC

    Need some advice

    I'm surprised there isn't a 12 step like group for your situation. Maybe there is. I remember when my wife and I don't up for 2 years it was incredibility painful. I'm not sure you can get a lot of help out there, but we will try to help you here. Just spit it out. if you can be more specific, I can be more helpful.
  20. This forum is twenty years old. Many of us have known each other about that long. So you are gonna ride in here and demand that I never add levity to my posts again? I refuse. Ok take care of yourself.
  21. Anyone following Arrested Development? I've watched two episodes of season 5 and I am a little confused. It doesn't seem nearly as funny as it was before Netflix bought it. They are still stringing the kissing cousin theme along. Even that is getting tired. Another thing they do to a successful series is to never let it end. Netflix is ruining it.
  22. Yes Ladyc! That is exactly what's happening. It's poor writing, and i wonder if the director is on lsd. The overriding homosexual theme is a deal breaker for me. A big $&@##@ goes out to Netflix! That is how I feel after watching the rest of the season. Netflix turned a great series into the "Arrested Queens."
  23. KC

    Thought of sex turns me off

    Ouch, that is even painful to read. Now I can begin to see the real problems. The porn is your demon to fight; we all have them. Never trust a man who claims to be above humanity. I suggest that you set up your WiFi router to use opendns. You can set it up to block the porn websites. If that doesn't work, take your computer to the landfill or a Goodwill store You must quit living the way you are. First, you have to figure out what you want in life. Who do you want to spend the rest of your life with? If you want to stay with your cousin, you have to break the news to your family and let the cards fall where they may. If you can't do that then you should leave her. After 20 years you owe her that much.
  24. Lol! SOME of it is my wry sense of humor. That is my story...
  25. Ken, this post/topic is all about you, not me. What does it show about me? I think it shows that I am just a normal guy. I am not going to think or write differently (abnormally) just because you think I am a smart arse. You have got me figured all wrong. You aren't the first one to do that. What can I do? Get it all out of your system in this thread please.