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  1. Serendipity, I see. I believe in the shock treatment sometimes. Knowing when to use it is the trick. I remember seeing a counselor suggested by a judge (made me an offer I couldn't refuse). This counselor hit the roof! Red-faced crazy yet somewhat aloof and professional. "YOU SIR ARE IN THE TOP ONE PERCENT OF DRINKERS WORLDWIDE!" ... "HOW LONG DO YOU THINK YOU ARE GOING TO LIVE?" Oh boy! I was so mad I can't remember if I cursed him our or not, but I probably did. The F-Bomb! This was a huge turning point in my life and the guy may very well have saved my life. He had a way of driving a point across. Let's just say!
  2. Gthings, BOOM! You are exactly right. And who says it would work out with your cousin anyway? I hope your marriage survives and I hope you thrive.
  3. Well well well. I can't say adultery is ever tenable on hardly any level. But there is certainly a right and wrong way to say things and to communicate. Are you sure she needs the shock treatment, Serendipity? FWI- I would like to see her back with her husband as well. Actually the "shock treatment" is probably the best way to go here. Yo! Keep that thang zipped tight until you get a proper separation / divorce. Why do women sabatash their marriages? And how do to you resist his irresistible charm? Pretend you are a lady and stay the hell away from him. (Yeah, right?) Not only does adultery disappoint God, it causes people to go to an eternal pit of fire unless they repent. I'm not here to judge, on the last day there will be lots of mercy and grace, but also judgement. It only looks like people are getting by with all of the evils that we see and hear about. I want to see you in heaven. All the best to you my friend. Pray!
  4. A few times a year I do this. Let me know if you like any of these song please. I usually just run across them on YouTube. Let me know if you hate these and I will stop posting them! And you can do the same. . . just use newish music that the masses have missed. Anyone know any of these groups? All new to me. Big Head Ted has me hooked. Feedback? This group has lots of great songs. (But I don't agree with the lyrics). My gal is never coming home. Where did this guy come from? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mpXTK7HD2Ls&list=LM Alabama Shakes Black Stone Cherry https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0VNthEJlSdw&list=LM So Well This is cousin couples, right? Well here is what ya bee waiting for: This song is so dark and heartbreaking, I hated to post it. I also hate not to post it. I think they clipped this guy at an early age. Wow, he has such a beautiful head voice (high voice). Let's end on a positive note! Almost forgot about the "Golden Boy." This guy's sister just got kicked off the show and called a "lounge singer!" The pressure cooker!
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    Thanks for supporting or at least suffering our newest sponsor, Grammarly. They paid me a few nickles for writing that . . . actually they were quite generous. I will leave the link up for some time and see if is profitable. So you are welcome to try them out. Their free package is very generous. It's the first plugin I install in a new browser. It's great to find a sponsor like that. 3/4 of the merchants deny cousincouples.com application to become an affiliate because of their "standards." What year is it again?
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    You wouldn't even want to proof it until after Grammarly proofed it first.
  7. KC


    Not long ago, we had a poll on this site as to which browser plugins were essential. Grammarly made the top 1 or 2. I wasn't surprised. Even if you are a great writer, you may not be a great typist -- like me! Without Grammarly, I would look like a fool. Even if I am most careful, my English is littered with errors (before a good proofread). The Grammarly software is a lifesaver and there is nothing on the market like it because I have checked and double-checked. Most of you know me as a frugal guy. It's out of necessity. The Pros of Grammarly: One has their 7th-grade school teacher standing over their shoulder checking every word. Your college professor will observe your writings from time to time. I have six years in college and I would have never turned in a paper without first running it through Grammarly. Novice and expert writers alike need a second pair of eyes. From the time I started writing this report, I have corrected at least ten typos. The Cons of Grammarly: Grammarly Premium is $29.95 per month! I guess some college students can afford that, like the ones who paid millions in the infamous "College admissions scheme." If paid annually for the premium plan, the price drops to $11.66 /mo. That's it. That's all that I have against Grammarly. Except . . . Now and again, the JavaScript engine will get out of whack and underline the wrong misplaced/misspelled words. That can be frustrating but it doesn't happen often and certainly is no deal-breaker to me. I guess I do not have to say that I am a huge fan of Grammarly. I'm gushing like schoolgirls at their first Beatles concert. I do wish they had a reasonable monthly plan for us students and ex-students who can consider it a good day when we have gas money. $30 is not a lot of money, but an extra $30 coming out of my account each month for a product that I would not use every day is unreasonable. However, according to Grammarly Premium, I have 9 (hidden) errors/warnings on this post. Since I am not writing for the WSJ or NYT, I think I can get by with that. Grammarly helped me make A's & B's in all of my essays in college. What is that worth? I really should not complain about the price at all. In fact, if it were not for my high marks in writing, I would not have a college degree. I still wonder where they came up with the questions for the quizzes -- from somewhere over the moon.
  8. I am wanting a product that is only sold in Canada because of politics. https://www.zpharm.ca/ Cravv is what I am looking for to help me stop smoking. I think I would do better on it than the antidepressants they have in the USA (Zyban, Chantex ...) But the mean 'ol Canadians will not ship them to Americans. What I want to do is paypal someone enough to cover the cost and shipping to me. And you may very well save my life. The cigarettes are literally killing me. I'm going in the morning for an xray, shot of steroids and possibly my 4th round of antibiotics. Smok 'em if ya got 'em, I guess. Oh and these pills are not scheduled so there isn't shit the feds could do except possibility confiscate them.
  9. Our store has ONE new copy of the paperback, Forbidden Relatives. It is getting expensive! Even some used copies are selling more than new/originals! That is a weird market. I will be leaving for a few weeks or months or years. I have put the book on sale so I do not have to carry it around with me. It's now only $20 with a two-year (additional?) membership. So shucks, go buy it. It is the cousin cousin bible. You know you want it. ------------------------------------------------- I can't get you a discount on the store products, but students and newlyweds (less than a year) get memberships for 1/2 price (today is just $2.50). Just explain this fact to: [email protected] Please sign up first and give me your username and use the same email that you registered with.
  10. Well you always said you were a Christian and this proves. God doesn't let us get by with everything; Hebrews 12:6-11 was a paraphrase of a verse in Proverbs. With my bigmouth and my bad attitude, it's happened to me. I know it's hard to believe. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I was once invited to a "revival" where it looked like anything but revival was going on. Some guy walks up to the mic with a ball shirt, jeans and a cap. I said to myself, "Why is this clown?" He was just the preacher. The lead singer of the "band" was sick to the preacher filled in and screamed the words -- it was some sort of hard-rock genre and it was awful. I let them have it. I let them have it with both barrels. I think my reaction wasn't too far off base actually, but my attitude was from hell. I fancied myself as a quasi-liberal, [kinda] inclusive, open-minded Christian. I kept nudging my wife asking her if she was ready to go. Now I was getting angry because she wouldn't leave. Before I left, I begin to hear God speak to me, "Who are you KC?" (God doesn't really call me KC! :D) It was a play from the book of Job (Who are you..) My heart broke because I knew there was something terribly wrong with my heart. God held up a mirror in front of my face and I didn't know the man looking back. Why was this self righteous jack-arse gawking at me? I guess in a way, revival did come that night. I do remember fighting-back tears all the way back home. It is my intention to change that man I saw in the mirror as much as I can. I never want to hear those words again, "And who are you KC?" "Where were you when I put this group together?" "What makes your Christianity superior?" "Where were you when I had to hold this congregation together like glue?" "Where were you when I shed every drop of my blood so that they could be saved?" The power is not in the answers, but the questions. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I like writing like this. I think I will make my blog more like this and less academic. God has done some pretty amazing things in my life and all I can figure out is that He done them so that I can share them with others. God bless! I am sooo sorry guys! I was in a rush while I as was posting and was saying things "stream of consciously" from the top of my head! 😣😣 No proofread at all. I was careless and it's from my casual talk. Again, my apologies everybody. It won't happen again. Pooch Ps. LadyC, thanks for pointing that out though. I needed that. I didnt even remember I posted that slang this morning until you mentioned it. Then later tonight Im like, "Oops. Oh yeah. Right. That."
  11. I think that is fine and dandy to keep it from your mom. It's your life, InSearch4Truth. It kinda seems clear to me that you do not have the same feelings that he espouses for your. Don't feel guilty about that. You don't owe your cousin anything. Having been married and now nearing-divorce, I wish I hadn't put my family through it. Hindsight affects me like that. Without it, I would do the same darn thing all over again, because, like I said to you, it's my life. One thing I have learned is that the people who end up not supporting you are the same people who did not like you in the first place, nor would they ever like you lest you won Lotto. Cheap prostitutes! Who wants then anyway? Momma and daddy will always love their little girl.
  12. Lev 18 was an unequivocal account of who one could marry, nothing more, nothing less. To understand it, you would have to start at the place where Moses and his people would have understood/interpreted it (exegesis). Only then can you begin to understand what it means for today (hermeneutics).
  13. Yeah Pooch be careful! Since you are doing translation work under the Admin title, you can bypass the word filters. Don't do that please. Only I can drop the F bomb cause I know Christie won't. Heh.
  14. Nobody thought of cousins as "close kin" in those days. The OT stories are full of people who married a cousin, and Jacob even married two -- Rachel and Leah. While these marriages were pre-Leviticus, the Jews were known to have a first-cousin marriage preference. So, the cousin part is certainly not any kind of problem, it was business as usual. God even instructed Jacob to go find a mate(s) from his father's side of the family. If we don't believe that God had foreknowledge of how smitten Jacob would be with his cousin, when we do not understand the God of the Bible. Nothing takes God by surprise. If we go back to the beginning, God is there. If we go to the end, God is already there waiting on us. He is omniscient and omnipresent and other big words that I am forgetting. He is not limited by mere physics because it was He who wrote E=MC2, not the other way around.
  15. KC

    Immigration help

  16. Thanks for the feedback! I started to say, This person ordered hosting from GoDaddy. This person ordered from The Boss Host LOL, I was afraid that I would be sued.
  17. Well if you don't do something soon, there will be nothing left to do. I am separated from my cousin now. Yeah forever. BUT I LOVE stories like this. Maybe I am more of a romantic than I think! There is a theory called "Assortative positive mating." It simply means that individuals typically seek out mates that are more similar to them rather then dissimilar. It makes sense. Cousins share all of these attributes that would attract a mate. So the fact that her boyfriend is a lot like you is no surprise at all. At this point she is giving you mixed messages. She is testing you for sure. The question is not whether or not she likes you, the question is what are you gonna do about it. Frankly, if you have to ask the question, I suggest that you do nothing. Leave it alone. Sure she is cute and you have a connection, not to mention a shared history. But you both have mixed feelings and that, I believe, is a sign just to let it be. Let her marry her dumb-ass boyfriend. If you can do that, then you should leave it where it is at.
  18. KC

    Legal laws

    Yeah it's a red state: https://www.cousincouples.com/state-laws/ Marry in California. If you move right back that could be a problem. You need proof that you are legal residents of Calif. Well in some states anyway. That is why you need an attorney in Oregon.
  19. I have an interesting ad running. Man would I L-O-V-E to do this! I've heard that when you fall through clouds, the clouds actually slow you down a bit. I don't know if it's true or not. I would also love to highline/slack line whatever. I may have to settle on a zip-line, but that would just get me started. Anyone seen "Free Man" on Netflix? It gave me the fever. This would also be great to do with a spouse, expecially if you wanted to get rid of him or her hehehe. Yeah baby! Hey there is always a risk. Sorry I haven't slept all night. I could just a nap.
  20. Ok, I have reduced the price to $5 for the time being. Don't giggle please. Next, the price will go wayyy up -- like the price of milk. If few people register, then each member will have to pay more to cover expenses. We are looking at $25-$50 at that point. And, again, if nobody wants to become a member, I am down with that too. Old timers, Admins and Mods are exempt from fees. If you are a student under 25, or you have been married to your cousin for less than one year, you may start a support request or send me some documentation at [email protected] and then I can move you to a membership plan for free. Please allow 72 hours for this, although it shouldn't take that long. You need to register first, and use that same email address when you contact me.
  21. Please check out thebosshost.com and let me know what you think. It looks and works best on a desktop. I did add some brand-building ads in there. There are 4 random ones --- displaying "Don't be this guy...... Be a boss." I would like to know if these are in good taste or not. Sometimes, I know it's hard to believe, but I can be over the top. Feedback please. (Press the refresh button or see them all) And feedback on everything. What do you like best and what do you like least? Please tell! Here are the images so that you don't have to refresh and refresh. I love the one where the girl is taking her balloons and going home LOL. The one with the banana is me without any cold beer in the house 😀 If you are a guest, you may use the contact us forum at the bottom, or better yet, register!
  22. Does anyone thin $15/yr is simply too expensive? We could do something like $1/mo. Or even bring the down. Since nobody is registering, there is something wrong. Feedback please.
  23. KC

    Free VPN

    If anyone wants to help me test out a new VPN, please email me for a free account. I'm looking for someone with Win10 and a cable/fiber or DSL connection. You should also know how to run a speed test (ie https://www.speedtest.net/ ). email: [email protected]
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