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  1. Yes, have a great Christmas my friend.
  2. The prices now reflect market value. Or financial feasibility value, Sorry if you didn't join in when I said you should, Your ability to read the message board is in jeopardy --- that is the next thing to go,
  3. KC

    New Sponsor!

    I don't think so. What I have heard is that Big Tobacco is investing heavily in developing their own vaping products because they see the writing on the wall and the demise of their main products. My theory is that much of the chemicals used, especially in THC products, are sourced from China, who are poisoning us with their cheap and counterfeit products. When I was vaping, I made darn sure that every molecule was sourced in the USA. If I was still vaping, I would probably mix my own. Menthol, PG and VG that is already mixed with nicotine. Boom!
  4. KC

    New Sponsor!

    Girl, what do you do? Roll up a fat blunt? That is a funny picture in my mind. I usually do not allow links like that, but I will make an exception. If you want to smoke it, your link may be helpful. I would prefer to find some AC/DC buds that are very very low in THC. No--- I have never had diarrhea, but these health products are unregulated. I typically shoot for 50 milligrams/dose. You need to find a company that you trust and stick with them. Here are a few good ones that I have personally tried. CBDfx (our sponsor) CBDMD (very expensive) Balance CDB Also, I would stay away from vaping (anything) indefinitely. Look for "full-spectrum" CBD; otherwise, it is probably made from powdered hemp or hemp that should be fed to the pigs.
  5. KC


    Yes! Welcome to our little corner of the universe. I hope you find all that you are looking for.
  6. If everyone else can have a Black Friday sale, so can we! Our prices have been slashed so low that I am not allowed to mention them on the message board. Even the book, Forbidden Relatives, is on sale. If you do not sigh up for a membership now you will be kicking yourself all year. In January, this will all be a dream.
  7. Ahhh! I talk to you about every day!
  8. Well say something, ya big dummy! This is a forum after all!
  9. Tonight I started on our first newsletter. We had one years ago but it didn't gain traction. So, I started with Adobe's In Design. It is going to take some time to fill those pages, so I have decided to make this a quarterly newsletter. It is not just for members, but everyone who has signed up (whether or not you have paid the membership fee). If any of the mods or members want to contribute an article, feel free to submit it : [email protected] It can be about anything except the humdrum of the usual message board posts. If you are from a different culture, I would love to have an article comparing and contrasting marriage, especially cousin marriage customs. If you can answer questions such as: why are love marriages taboo and how could one possibly avoid these? These things fascinate me.
  10. KC

    New Sponsor!

    90 percent of advertisers down us down, but CBD Fx has accepted us. So then, let's support them. I LOVE CBD just ask LadyC, I have purchased a lot of products from this company, CBD Fx. It works for me, if the dosage is right. The dosage is something that you have to experiment with. For me, 50-60 mg is what it takes to chill me out. Make sure you get enough CBD that you don't run out in two days, unless you just want to try it out! I hate to be without my CBD! Some of you may be wondering, is it legal? Yes! Legal everywhere as there is little to no THC in these products.
  11. There will be a major price increase in membership fees starting the first week of January. The price will be, maybe, between 14 and 25 dollars. Don't wait for the prices to quadruple +! Get your membership today!
  12. KC

    Need help

    My God, you are SECOND cousins. You have NO increased risk of having a baby with a birth defect. Go read the information we have put up at cousincouples.com before you come in here with your drama calling people MF's and such. I'm not going to cry for you. You are a drama queen. Is it my fault that you have failed to educate yourself at all?
  13. If anyone is having any problems, please close the cc.com browser tab and clear your browser's cache. This should fix most problems. I had to do it.
  14. All done! Sorry I had to restart the server (making the website disappear for a moment). And sorry it took so long! What? An hour? I had to update several modules... tedious work! It appears that the forum is working properly. The main page has some problems but I will fix it. For you nerds, here are the specs of the new dedicated server: Intel Xeon E3-1240 V3 4x 3.30 GHz / 8 Threads32 GB RAM1 TB Enterprise SSD20 TB Monthly Transfer1Gbps Network Port I got a great deal (I think), so I can't complain. Even got them to upgrade the CPU and replace a 500 GB with 1 TB SSD! These people are like the phone company, one day late with the payment and they turn us off. 7 days they repo the server.
  15. I will be moving to a new server shortly. This will be the first website on that server, so it may require some tweaking. It may take longer than I would like. Expect the message board to be locked while the changeover occurs.
  16. Thank you for signing up! The forum software cost us $120 /yr, which $60 is now due. So, I wish 10 more people would sign up this week. Membership prices will have to double (and soon). So folks, be good to yourselves and buy yourself a membership while they are still dirt cheap. My goal with the ads and membership fees is just to break even at this point. We also have a real dedicated server that sucks money out of my pocket like a vacuum cleaner. I just want to make it clear that I am not going home each day with bulging pockets full of money. The next time you see Grammarly's ad, click on it and get yourself a subscription. You know you need it. You can't spell worth a hoot!
  17. KC

    Texas laws

    This is all very correct to the best of my knowledge. If I visited Texas with my cousin and we had sex, it would be a felony. It would take BIG MONEY and a lot of time to legally challenge the law, if a prosecutor decided to go forward with prosecution (which is a little iffy!). If in Texas, or anywhere else in the USA, keep yo mouth shut to the police. You have to identify yourself and that's it. In Tx, never admit that you are with a cousin. Refuse to answer ANY question and state: "I do not want to make any statements or wave any of my civil rights." And for goodness sake, never volunteer/agree go down to the station to answer questions, even with 10 lawyers. Just don't do it. There could be 9 murders in the city and 10 homicide detectives. There is never anything you can gain from blabbing, only a whole heck of a lot to lose.
  18. KC

    edit your last post please? i, 1 and 5??

  19. Today I received an email from a cc.com guest stating "This [sic] admin is a shriveled appendage." All I can say is that, for whatever reason, God created me with extra large hands. And also they come in handy when I want to choke someone until their eyes bulge.
  20. KC


    Starting next month, there will be a bi-monthly newsletter informing the readers of all things cousincouples. I've had fun in the past doing this, so I will try it again. I am putting this out there as a !warning! : if you do not want a newsletter sent to your email address, you must opt-out in your profile. If you want the newsletter, check your profile setting and make sure you are opted-in. To change your preferences, (in the upper right corner of the page), select Account --> Notifications. Thanks guys! I'm sure you will enjoy the newsletter,. You will get details that you will find nowhere else, like the gypsy woman who tried to claim that she was my cousin. We almost married in Vegas, but, unfortunately for her, I sobered up when the officiant, who was dressed as Elvis, mentioned marriage. Yea, stuff like this, and also true stories too
  21. I hope you never had kids. Folks, these posts don't come without sever penalties. Mark can't post again until next year!
  22. You may have to leave, get married and extricate yourself from the negative people in your life, or people who want to control you. You two are grown adults. You can do anything that you like. Often family members "come around" / begin to accept you after the marriage. And if they do not, you can still be happy with your husband. He is 34. What the heck is he waiting on? It really sounds crazy from western standards. And you! Do you want to have kids? In this lifetime? Life is not a rehearsal,
  23. 20-some years plus a few years before we came out. We were so young it's like we have been together forever. Her brother actually says that, "you guys have been together forever."
  24. No guys. My kissing cousin days as long gone. It was just a crazy, insane dream. Perhaps it's part of the loneliness of divorce.
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